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The Importance Of A New Mexico Warrant Search 

How do you know if the state of New Mexico has a warrant out for your arrest or someone you know? What if you missed a court appearance of did not show up to jury duty, or have overdue court fees? There a multitude of reasons a person might want to perform a New Mexico warrant search. The process is simple, all you need is to know the first and last name of the person you want to lookup and simply enter it into the search fields of a public record website. There you will be able to find all active New Mexico warrants, criminal charges, criminal court records, criminal history, convictions and jail and prison records. These are all considered public record which means that anyone in the United States can access this information. A benefit of using a public record site is all your searches are anonymous and confidential, so nobody will know you are looking them up. 

New Mexico Arrest Warrants 

New Mexico arrest warrants are issued by a judge who does not have any conflicts of interest in the case. For a judge to issue a warrant, the law enforcement agency has to prove there is probable cause for the individual to be suspected of the crime in question. The law enforcement agency swears under the penalty of the law that the information contained in the warrant is true to the best of their knowledge. 

Failing to take care of an arrest warrant can result a variety of legal consequences. Even if you are not immediately arrested, you may be unable to obtain a passport, leave the country, or renew your driver’s license if there is an active warrant out under your name. If you’re unsure of any of your legal rights, the best advice is to consult a qualified attorney. You can perform a New Mexico warrant search with your local New Mexico sheriff department, city police, or using an online public record resource. 

New Mexico Bench Warrants 

In the case of a New Mexico bench warrant, a judge orders a person to appear before the court for a hearing, or for a missed court appearance, or a court order that was not followed. Bench warrants are issued for a number of reasons, but often have to do with appearing in court. If you suspect you have one of these issued in your name it’s best to find out. There are a couple of ways to run a New Mexico bench warrant search, the first way is to contact the clerk of the court where you believe there might be one issued in your name. A second option is to use a public record site where you can search anonymously. With a simple name search, you can find out if you have anything outstanding statewide and avoid the long hold times by calling the courthouse directly. 

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Search New Mexico Arrest Warrants Through Government Agencies 

One way you can always find out if there are any New Mexico warrants out for your arrest, or for someone else, is to visit various law enforcement websites. Since the police and NM sheriff departments typically serve arrest warrants they are a good place to start. The only caveat to using law enforcement resources like this is your searches may not be anonymous and if you have a warrant issued in your name, you may want to proceed with caution as you may be arrested on the spot. You will also need to know what county to search in by accessing sheriff and police website resources. Another option to search for NM warrants statewide is to use the New Mexico Department of Public Safety background check resources. You will need to register for an account to perform this search online, or call them directly to run a search for you for a small fee.  

If you are attempting to run a New Mexico bench warrant search, there are also a few options. You can run a search using the NM Human Services Department, they have a downloadable list that is updated regularly where you can check if your name or someone else’s is on the list. A second option is to visit the county courthouse website where you may have a bench warrant and inquire with the clerk of the court. These are good resources to use if you have missed a court appearance or jury duty. They will be able to help you with your inquiry as well as set a new court date or take payments from you over the phone. 

What Should I Do If I Have a New Mexico Arrest Warrant?

 This is one of the most commonly questions asked regarding New Mexico warrants. If you suspect you may have one but don’t want to be arrested finding out, you can search anonymously using a public record website. If you do indeed have one there are some easy to follow steps to help guide you though dealing with one. 

  1. Find out what the NM arrest warrant says, what the criminal charges are, what county is was issued in and when it was issued. This preliminary step will give you all the information you need to consult with an attorney.
  2. Hire a criminal defense attorney, or at least get on on retainer, to help guide your next steps which might be surrendering yourself to the authorities, or petitioning the validity of the warrant to the courts.
  3. Surrendering yourself is often the only thing you can do with most arrest warrants. The benefit to doing this instead of being arrested is that you can get your affairs in order first, and potentially bond out of jail before your arraignment. This will also look favorably upon your case as it shows you are addressing the situation and complying with the court orders.
  4. Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, use your time wisely to plan your court defense with your attorney so that you are well prepared before you go to court.
  5. Show up to court well dressed and groomed, it will show the judge that you are respecting the court and that you are well prepared. Make sure to have all your affairs in order in case you are found guilty and need to do some jail time.

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New Mexico Warrant Search

New Mexico Warrants - FAQs

How can I find out if I have a New Mexico warrant?

There are a couple of options to find out if you have an active New Mexico warrant. First, you can use an online resource, like, to lookup this public record. Second, you can make your warrant inquiry with the clerk of the courts in the NM county you suspect you might have a warrant in

Are warrants in New Mexico public record?

Yes, all arrest and bench warrants in New Mexico are public record that anyone can view online.

Can I be arrested for a bench warrant in New Mexico?

It is possible but most bench warrants do not result in a person's arrest unless the court orders are ignored. Most bench warrants are issued from missed court appearances or overdue court fees that need to be paid.

What's the difference between a New Mexico arrest warrant and a court summons?

An arrest warrant orders someone's arrest, while a summons is an official notice ordering someone to appear in court at a specific date and time.

How is bail determined for a New Mexico arrest warrant?

Bail amounts are usually predetermined on the warrant when the judge signs them, or they might be set at a bail hearing shortly after the arrest.

What happens after an arrest on a New Mexico warrant?

The arrested individual will be taken into custody, booked, and then scheduled for their court arraignment. Often times there will be a bail option for someone to bond out of jail until their court appearance.

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    Berdie, to find out what your warrant fees are from a missed court appearance you will need to contact the clerk of the New Mexico county courthouse that issued the warrant. There may be additional fines and fees attached depending on how delinquent you are in taking care of this.

    What are My New Mexico warrant fees?

    You can find out what your New Mexico warrant fees are by contacting the NM county courthouse that issued the warrant and inquire with the clerk of the court. Depending on the nature and type of NM warrant, this can possibly be handled online or over the phone.

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    How much my warrant fees.I didn\’t know about the never had one.

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    Ashley, the BWE usually refers to a Bench Warrant Enforcement. These can lead to a person’s arrest for failing to comply with a court order. The “validation complete” is part of the validation process to ensure it’s validity

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    What does BWE. warrent validation complete mean

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    Guuye, we checked our NM criminal record database for you and did not find anything active for the person Amy Nicole Bullock

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    My friend Amy Nicole Bullock 4/19/1978 was wondering if she has any active warrants in nm

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    Yvonne, we checked out NM criminal record database for you and did not find anything listed for a Misty Martin

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    Is there any warrants for a Misty Martin out of Alamogordo NM

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    Tracie, it’s unclear what that means exactly. It sounds like there was a motion to reject the warrant however you will want to contact the clerk of the courts in your NM county to verify this information

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    Judith, we ran your name through our New Mexico warrant search as well as our federal warrant resources and could not find anything with your name attached to it at this time

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    I would like to know if i have a warrant maybe federal

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    We checked for a Tracie Poore in New Mexico and did not find anything active at this time

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    Is there a warrant for Tracie Jenaye Poore

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    We ran a New Mexico warrant search and did not find anything for a Sandra Sedillo

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    I would like to find out if I have any warrants in New mexico

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    We are showing a larceny charge from 2017 out of Bernalillo county, New Mexico for an Evan Lee Reed but there are no warrants that show up with our search

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    I don’t have a credit card but i would like to know if i have any warrants?

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    Our New Mexico criminal record database does not show anything active for a Crystal E Lara

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    Want to know if I have a warrant

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    We checked our NM records and did not find anything active for a Chrystina Gonzales

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    Hello I would like to know if I have a warrant in Roswell n.m my name is chrystina Gonzales 2/11/94 can you please email me

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    Melissa Redfearn did not come up with our NM warrant search. Please let us know if there are any additional inquiries about New Mexico public records

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    Can you do a warrant check for Melissa Anne Redfearn out of Farmington nm 1986

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    There is a Georgia arrest warrant for a Gilbert Maurice Harrell however there is nothing listed in New Mexico attached to your name Gilbert

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    no credit card can you check Gilbert L Harrell 33

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    Charles Luevano does not come up in our Texas warrant records as having anything active

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    Is there a warrant out for Charles Luevano from el paso tx

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    Our New Mexico warrant search did not show any results however we do show a Texas criminal record for a Karen Ramirez Altop from Odessa County.

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    Is there a bench warrent issued for K aren Altop

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