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The Importance Of A New Mexico Warrant Search

How do you know if the state of New Mexico has a warrant out for your arrest or someone you know? How about a county in New Mexico, or one of the cities there? What about a bench warrant to appear in court? There a multitude of reasons a person might want to perform a New Mexico warrant search.
New Mexico Warrant Search

New Mexico Arrest Warrants

New Mexico arrest warrants are issued by a judge who does not have any conflicts of interest in the case. For a judge to issue a warrant, the law enforcement agency has to prove there is probably cause for the individual to be suspected of the crime in question. The law enforcement agency swears under the penalty of the law that the information contained in the warrant is true to the best of their knowledge.

Failing to serve an arrest warrant can result a variety of legal consequences. Even if you are not immediately arrested, you may be unable to obtain a passport, leave the country, or renew your driver’s license if there is an active warrant out under your name. If you’re unsure of any of your legal rights, the best advice is to consult a qualified attorney. You can perform a New Mexico warrant search with your local New Mexico sheriff department.

New Mexico Bench Warrants

The “bench” in this case refers to a court or a judge. In the case of a bench warrant, a judge orders a person to appear before the court for a hearing. Bench warrants are issued for a number of reasons, but often have to do with parole or probation hearings. In some cases, a judge issues a bench warrant for a witness to a crime to appear in court; in this case, the witness himself/herself is not suspected of the crime.

How To Perform A New Mexico Warrant Search

If you’re searching for any of the above information about the state of New Mexico, you should be aware that there are a few different ways to search for warrant information. One way you can always find out if there are any warrants out for your arrest or for you to appear before a judge is to have a law enforcement agency perform a warrant search on your behalf.

To do this, you may appear at the relevant law enforcement agency including; police department, sheriff’s office, or New Mexico state police department. Bring a valid form of identification with you and the law enforcement official who performs the search will be able to tell you if you have any warrants out under your name. The drawback to do this is that if any currently active warrants for your arrest are in effect, you will be arrested right then and there.

Another way to find out if there are any warrants out under your name in New Mexico is to do an Internet search. Some third party websites will perform this search for you, either for free or for a fee. Warrant information is usually public information, which means you should be able to access it yourself for free. You can try the New Mexico Corrections Department website, which maintains a list of its most wanted fugitives.

Bernalillo County Warrant Search

Some states have many county sheriff’s offices that provide search information or maintain most wanted lists of fugitives on their websites; New Mexico has relatively few. In New Mexico, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department maintains a Web page that allows visitors to search for outstanding warrants. The sheriff’s office website also has a Spanish-language version of the warrant search.

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108 responses to “New Mexico Warrant Search

    1. If you can provide us with your son’s full name, age and county of residency we can certainly help you lookup any New Mexico warrants

    1. We do show an outstanding New Mexico warrant for a Phillip Silva, with no middle name mentioned, for the charges of

    1. We do show a couple outstanding New Mexico warrants for a David Turner without a middle name or initial. If you can also provide us with your age we can make sure we’re looking at the correct New Mexico warrant.

    1. Michael, we do show there is an active warrant for you in New Mexico but we do not show what the charges are for. You might consider contacting a New Mexico county courthouse clerk to inquire about the details of your warrant and how you can take care of it.

      Free New Mexico Courthouse Finder

  1. was there any warrants issued for edward e flemings here in 2018 age 51 born 1967 in roswell n.m 88203

    1. Edward Flemings does not have any active New Mexico warrants listed in our New Mexico criminal record database

    1. You are very welcome. Please reach out if there are any additional New Mexico warrant searches, New Mexico criminal record searches or public record searches we can assist you with.

    1. Josie, we do show an outstanding New Mexico warrant for you but we don’t show the charges or whether it’s a bench or arrest warrant. You can contact the issuing county courthouse clerk or New Mexico sheriff department for more information.

  2. I just recently found out that my brother has an outstanding warrant in Los Alamos. His name is John Turner. Where can I confirm this? He’s currently in California.

    1. There are a lot of warrant results for John Turner in New Mexico. This is a very common name so we will need additional information to verify which New Mexico warrant record is for him. Please provide us with his middle name, age and previous New Mexico address if possible. Another option is to contact New Mexico law enforcement to inquire about the status of your brother’s potential warrant

    1. Michael Ellingsworth does not have an active warrants in our New Mexico warrant database. You can also verify this with New Mexico law enforcement or the relevant count court clerk.

  3. I don\’t have any credit cards to use the site. Just wanted to know if there is any warrants for a Kenny Thornton age 39 in new mexico.

  4. Richard Medina dob 7-18-83 lives with his father @6800 San Francisco ne, jade mobil home Park. Has 2 outstanding warrants on him for 3 years now. Won’t leave his dads house, afraid he might get stopped for a traffic violation. When he lived on hallmark ave. Also in jade park when the cops showed up he would run out the back door and hop over the fence. He needs to turn himself in but won’t, his wife had to serve 21 months in grants and springer. It’s his turn now. You could have someone go late @ night, but have someone at the rear of the Mobil home in the backyard. They do have 1 dog. There should be a truck and a bronco in the driveway. Very easy to accomplish.

    1. You might have confused us with a law enforcement agency. We are a public record website only and don’t have an affiliation with any New Mexico law enforcement agency. You should contact them about this directly. That being said, we can assist you with a New Mexico warrant search or a New Mexico criminal record search.

    1. Our New Mexico warrant check did not find anything active for Michal Browder. We also ran a New Mexico criminal record search and did not find any charges that might lead to a warrant for Michal

    1. The New Mexico warrant search we ran for Cecilia did not come up with having any active warrants in Sierra County or the entire state of New Mexico. If you can tell us what the nature of this warrant you are interested in we can further assist you and run a New Mexico criminal background check and see if there is any information that might be of use for you.

    1. If you feel that your son is being held for a ticket that he did not obtain, which is strange because unless it was a DUI or reckless driving there are not many reasons that law enforcement will take this type of action. You might want to reach out to the courthouse clerk in your county to verify this New Mexico warrant and possibly consult with legal counsel if this is an issue of wrongful imprisonment.

  5. good day, I’m trying to find out if I have an active warrant out of Tucumcari, N.M. under either Peter Deiana or Pete Deiana. Thank you

    1. We processed a New Mexico warrant check for you Peter and found an active NM warrant however, we don’t show what this warrant is for or if it’s an open bench warrant or an arrest warrant. You might consider contacting your local New Mexico law enforcement or the relevant New Mexico courts that processed this warrant under your name. Please reach out if there are any additional New Mexico public records we can assist you with.

    1. Our New Mexico criminal record database does not indicate there are any active NM warrants for Christy Gallegos. It’s possible that if there is a pending warrant for unpaid court fines these can be taken care of by contacting the relevant NM court clerk and inquiring about how to go about paying for these outstanding fees and/or fines.

  6. I would like to know if my friend. Has a warrent out of new Mexico? I found a piece of paper with a warrent number on it #5134907. Thank you

    1. We do show a couple active warrants for a Shelby Franklin in New Mexico. Can you provide your middle name so we can verify the correct record for you?

  7. Hello my name is patricia Archuleta is thier a way to turn myself in for my warrants and not have to go to jail?

    1. Patricia, There are definitely ways to turn yourself in for a warrant without going to jail but it really depends on the nature of your New Mexico warrant. If this is just a bench warrant then you can probably reschedule your missed court appointment or pay any fines or fees and possibly not do any jail time. You’ll probably want to discuss your options with the relevant NM court clerk. If this is another type of open NM warrant then you might want to seek legal counsel about your situation. Please reach out if we can further assist you with any public record searches.

    1. Our NM warrant check shows a possible NM open warrant related to a New Mexico traffic offenseNew Mexico traffic offenseNew Mexico traffic offense of DUTY UPON STRIKING AN UNATTENDED VEHICLE. We are uncertain if this is bench warrant or an arrest warrant. You may want to reach out to the relevant NM traffic courthouse and inquire with the court clerk about additional information.

  8. I was told I have a Warrant in New Mexico but cant find it anywhere online. I am in the ARMY and stationed in Colorado. Im 34

    1. Our New Mexico public records don’t show any NM warrants for a Frank M Espinosa but there are a few listings without the middle name listed but the ages don’t match. Do you happen to know what this warrant might be related to so we can do some more investigating for you Frank?

    1. We ran a New Mexico warrant search and nothing active came up for us. Do you know what criminal offense this may be related to so we can further assist you in your search?

  9. ive trying to find out if i have a warrant in my name from thirty years ago. if i do have one what can i do to clear it up because i live in another state. please i need to get this cleared up asap.

    1. We do show a bench warrant, related to a traffic citation, for a Gary Sandoval but there is no middle name or age listed on this NM warrant record

  10. Is there any federal, and/or ,state/county warrants listed for a Larry Woolridge, a William Horton, and a Rosella A. Ortega.

    1. Larry Woodridge comes up as having an open NM warrant but we don’t have the specifics of what type or the circumstances surrounding it

      William Horton is a very common name so we’ll need additional information about William to process your request on him

      Rosella Alysia is listed as having an open NM bench warrant for a Failure to Appear in New Mexico CourtFailure to Appear in New Mexico CourtFailure to Appear in New Mexico Court

  11. I’m trying to see if my brother has a warrant in curry county, Clovis New Mexico. His name is Edward Villa jr

    1. We do show a New Mexico criminal record for an Edward Villa from 2017 however, there is no “jr” listed on this criminal record. That being said, we don’t show that there is a NM warrant for this person

    1. William, you might consider contacting the police about these issues and perhaps file a police report to document this. That being said, is there a specific question you have about this person?

    1. No New Mexico warrants show up for this name however we do show a traffic offense on record but that is it. If this was suspected because of a failure to appear in court for a traffic violation there might be a pending bench warrant. To verify if there is one then contact the relevant county traffic courthouse clerk for the inquiry. Sometimes it’s possible to reschedule to pay your fines and fees to avoid any additional complications.

    1. We checked our New Mexico criminal records and found there is an active NM arrest warrant for a Jacob a Montoya for a failure to appear in court. We also show a multitude of criminal records for this person

    1. Berdie, to find out what your warrant fees are from a missed court appearance you will need to contact the clerk of the New Mexico county courthouse that issued the warrant. There may be additional fines and fees attached depending on how delinquent you are in taking care of this.

      What are My New Mexico warrant fees?

      You can find out what your New Mexico warrant fees are by contacting the NM county courthouse that issued the warrant and inquire with the clerk of the court. Depending on the nature and type of NM warrant, this can possibly be handled online or over the phone.

    1. Bryan, nothing came up with our NM warrant search. We do however show an active Ohio warrant for a Bryan Dillard that is 43 however we don’t have a middle name listed on this record.

    1. We are not showing anything active in our New Mexico criminal record database however we do show some criminal charges from 2018

    1. We don’t show anything active for a Devin Sparkman in our New Mexico database resources. In response to your other blog inquiry, we don’t show anything active for an Amesha Swisher either.

    1. Law enforcement in any county and state in the US will pickup wanted fugitives if they’re are discovered. Was there a specific NM warrant inquiry we can assist you with?

  12. Im wanting to find out if I have warrants and how many and what for but I dont have debit or credit card can u help

  13. Im wanting to find out if I have warrants and how many and what for but I dont have debit or credit card can u help
    Vanessa P Montoya
    Eddy county

    1. Melissa Redfearn did not come up with our NM warrant search. Please let us know if there are any additional inquiries about New Mexico public records

  14. Hello I would like to know if I have a warrant in Roswell n.m my name is chrystina Gonzales 2/11/94 can you please email me

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