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How to Run a Nebraska Warrant Search Online

In the Cornhusker State, Nebraska, law enforcement and the criminal justice system manage public safety by issuing various warrants against individuals for different reasons. It can be quite unsettling to get a warrant and they can result in arrests, summons to court, or seizure of property. To run a Nebraska warrant search and find out if you or someone you know has one issued in their name, it is a simple online process. Using a public record website you can simply enter the full name of the person you want to research into the search form, select the county of residence, and then hit enter. The public record site will do the rest. Upon receiving your results, if there is an active Nebraska warrant, you will be able to see the criminal charges, previous arrests, court records, convictions and criminal history. This is all considered public information that anyone can access online. 

The Importance of a Nebraska Warrant Search

A Nebraska warrant search helps people know if a warrant has been issued for their arrest and on what charges, or a summons to go to court in the case of a Nebraska bench warrant. The warrant record might have a list of the person’s name, charges, county of issuance, date of arrest and criminal history. Finding out if you have a warrant is imperative if you want to resolve the legal issues before facing big fines and possible jail time. There are a few options when researching these public records online. First, if you know the county where one was issued, you can contact the Nebraska Judicial Branch or the relevant county courthouse clerk to make your inquiry, this is good option for both arrest and bench warrants. You can also contact your local Nebraska county sheriff department, such as the Douglas county sheriff website or Hall county sheriff website. You can also try searching the various Nebraska city police department websites, such as the Omaha police department website, to inquire about arrest warrants for someone. A third option, which is very popular because it offers statewide searches, is using the resources of a public record site. Another reason people favor this last option is you can do your research anonymously, which means no one will know you are looking them up.
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Negative Impacts of Receiving a Nebraska Warrant

Nebraska, like many other states, utilizes warrants as a means to ensure law and order. However, the implications of having a warrant extend beyond the legal consequences which can have some negative impacts on a person’s livelihood and ability to do certain things. Here are some of the detrimental side-effects of receiving a warrant:   

  • Lost Employment Opportunities: Many employers conduct background checks, and a warrant or an associated arrest record can be a red flag. Some professions might be off-limits altogether if there’s a related conviction, especially if it a misdemeanor or felony. All things being equal, a person with a warrant on their record might be passed up in the hiring process. 
  • Academic Applications Turned Down: Colleges and universities might also do background checks, and a criminal record can adversely affect one’s chance of getting admitted or securing scholarships. While not all warrants end in criminal convictions, they are still listed on a person’s criminal background. 
  • Travel Plans Thwarted: Warrants can prevent you from obtaining or renewing a passport. International travel can become difficult as some countries deny entry to individuals with specific convictions. You can also be arrested on the spot in airport security. It is not recommended to travel with any type of warrant as you can be arrested, detained and extradited back to the state of issuance. 
  • Strained Relationships: Personal relationships can be strained due to the mistrust and stigma attached to warrants and associated criminal records. Since they are publicly available records, anyone can do a quick search online and view this information. 

Steps You Can Take If a Nebraska Warrant is Issued For Your Arrest

Arrest warrants are very serious and should be addressed immediately before the situation gets worse for you. There are some important steps you can take if you find out you have one, and have not been arrested yet.

  1. Run a Nebraska arrest warrant search on yourself though a public record website to find out the details listed on the warrant, such as the charges, what county it was issued in and the date it was issued. These are important pieces of information that can help you understand the seriousness of your situation
  2. Find a criminal defense attorney that can help you understand your rights, the criminal charges against you and what your best course of action is. You may need to surrender yourself to the courts but your attorney can potentially help bond you out of jail until your court hearing.
  3. Surrendering yourself is usually the best option, your attorney will let you know if there are any other options. By turning yourself into the authorities, it will show the judge and the court that you are complying with the court order and you are attempting to resolve the issue. The alternative is you may be arrested at an inconvenience and embarrassing time, such as at home, work or on the road if you get pulled over. By surrendering yourself to the courts, you show you are not a flight risk and you stand a good chance of being able to get bail and stay out of jail until your criminal court hearing.
  4. Plan your court case carefully with your attorney. Depending on what the charges are and if you are guilty or not, making the right plea can help reduce any potential jail or prison sentence. This of course depends on the nature of your criminal charges and if you can make a plea bargain with the courts or the prosecution.
  5. Stay calm and respectful in court when you have your day in front of the judge, or jury. Do not speak out of turn and refer to your attorney in court for direction. Spend as much time preparing as possible with your criminal defense so that you are well rehearsed. Finally, make sure to show up to court well groomed and respectfully dressed, this can only benefit you.

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Nebraska Warrant Search

What happens after I'm arrested on a Nebraska warrant?

After you are arrest for a Nebraska warrant, you'll be booked into a detention facility, or jail, and will likely have an arraignment where the charges will be read and bail can be addressed.

Can a private citizen access my Nebraska warrant details?

Since warrants are public records, private citizens and the general public can generally access warrant details, your criminal charges and your criminal history.

How can I fix a Nebraska bench warrant?

Bench warrants are often issued for missed court appearances, not following court orders, or unpaid court fees. You can sometimes fix this easily by setting a new court date, paying off your court fees and following through with a court order.

Are arrest warrants and bench warrants the only types of warrants in Nebraska?

No, there are other types like search warrants, but arrest and bench warrants specifically deal with apprehending individuals or ordering them back to court. Other Nebraska warrants are capias warrants, tax warrants, fugitive warrants and civil warrants.

Can I run a free Nebraska warrant search?

Yes, if you know the county it was issued in then you can contact the sheriff department, the county courthouse clerk, or the city police department for a free warrant check. If you do not know the specific county where a warrant was issued, a public record website is a great resource to find active Nebraska warrants.

How long do Nebraska warrants last?

They don't go away on their own. They can last indefinitely until the person of interest is apprehended or the warrant is removed or quashed by a judge.

What should I do if there's a warrant for my arrest in Nebraska?

You may consider hiring a criminal defense attorney immediately, before you get arrested if possible. They can guide you on the best course of action, which may include turning yourself in.

Are warrants in Nebraska public records?

Yes, warrants in Nebraska are considered public records and can be viewed online by anyone.

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