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Nebraska Court Records Search

Nebraska Court Records are publicly accessed in many ways, and what you might find when you look for one depends. What it is you?re looking for plays a significant role in what you?ll find when you search for court records in Nebraska. Each time a person is tried or involved in a case of any sort in Nebraska, the courthouse where the issue takes place records the case. When the case is complete, the paperwork from it is then filed into their systems. It can be anything from marriage to divorce, and Nebraska court records also include the following information listed below.

Nebraska Court Records Include

– Divorce Court Records
– Custody Agreements
– Civil Court Trials
– Traffic Court Citations
– Misdemeanor Court Cases
– Felony Court Cases

This is not the only Nebraska court record information available in the Nebraska courthouse system. There are many other items you can find if you need them, and many people find they do need these records for various reasons. You might require them to check to see if a job applicant has a questionable background. You might check to see if the babysitter you?d like to hire for your children is trustworthy. You might just want to find out of the new person you?re seeing is really divorced or if his marriage is still intact or if they have a criminal past. You won?t be able to obtain certified copies of any court records in Nebraska unless you are the person listed on the record, an immediate family member of that person, or you are the legal representative of that person.

Official Nebraska Court Records

If you do need to find any court records in Nebraska, you have options. The easiest way to search records by far is to utilize the internet. By visiting the clerk of court?s website in the county where a person resides or where their court case was heard, you can search without a fee and in only moments. There is an option to search court records. You?ll need the name of the person whose records you want, and you might want the date to narrow down your search but it?s not required. Once you enter the name of the person in question, you?ll find all their personal information listed regarding any court records.

You can also head to the courthouse to ask in person. Some courthouses charge a fee for this because you?re making a person who is at work do the job for you when it?s easily done online free of charge. However, not all courts charge a fee. If you cannot find the information you desire, it?s helpful to go to the state level. State courthouse house all the court records from every county, which might make your search a bit easier if you?re not certain of the county in which someone was arrested or engaged in any hearing. This always requires a small fee, and it might take more than one business day depending on the time of day you appear in person to request this information.

Nebraska Court Records

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  1. Antoinette Provencher says:

    I am trying to get a pardon or a commutation of a burglary. It was back in 1977.. I was 24. I took the blame to try to save my brother and his two friends from having a record. I know.. stupid. I had no lawyer. Didn’t know it was a felony. I was 24. My question is. Am I able to get or have a copy of all my brothers arrests here that are complete up to this date? Him and his friends back then were juveniles. Anyway, I plead guilty. Got 1 yr probation. Didn’t know until I was in my 40’s that I had a felony. smh. I am 67 now. I am seeking someway to legally own a Bauer pistol my father gave me before he passed away. I have had it for over 20 years now. Just want to be okay with owning it and the case it’s in. Legally.

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Tonja, thanks for question on our Nebraska court record blog. In order to find out your next court date you will need to contact the relevant Omaha courthouse clerk and inquire about your court date. Since this is an upcoming or ongoing court case, that information is not public record and we don’t have access to such information. It should only take you a few minutes to verify your court date and time over the phone.

  3. Tonja M Rockwell, says:

    I need to find out when my next court date,Omaha Neb

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    How can we be of assistance with a Nebraska court record lookup? Are you trying to find out if you have any pending court cases or criminal records that might inhibit you getting your green card? We can assist you with US public records however, if you’re looking for a court or criminal record from another country then we unfortunately cannot assist you.

  5. Haeryong choi says:

    Iam going to interview for green card.

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