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Nebraska Criminal Records Lookup

Nebraska criminal records are public. No one?s criminal past is kept secret or hidden from the public. The Nebraska public has a right to know what kind of person someone is, even if that makes it difficult for people to get others to believe they?ve changed. Businesses have a right to know if a potential new employee is guilty of stealing money or personal information from others, or if someone who will be working closely with kids has ever been accused of a sex crime against another person. The same goes for parents hiring sitters or nannies to watch their kids; they have a right to know if the person spending quality time alone with their kids has ever been accused, convicted, or tried for a sex crime. To obtain an official Nebraska criminal records background check on someone for screening or employment make sure you’re accessing an FCRA certified service. The link below is for viewing criminal records online for reference only.

Businesses, personal families, and anyone in between looking into hiring someone or even check out someone who is spending more time with their kids can look up anyone else?s background and criminal history in Nebraska. The information is public, and it?s easier to find than you might imagine.

Nebraska Public Criminal Records Search

Public records are available online all the time. They?re available on the Nebraska county court clerk or courthouse website in which the arrest or record was made. This information might not be all-encompassing if a person was arrested or lived in a different county or state at any point in their past, but it?s where you?ll find information. You can search one county, or you can search for a person in as many counties as you?d like. It?s free, simple, and it requires no more than just the person?s legal name to find criminal records and criminal information from any point in their history.

It?s also information you can obtain at any local police station. If a person was arrested anywhere in Nebraska, this information will be available for you at the police station you visit. It?s limited, and you won?t receive any details of the crimes. You?ll get the basic information, which is the type of crime for which a person was arrested, the date of any trials, and other pertinent dates and information.

Nebraska Criminal Background Checks

Anyone looking for an in-depth record of someone?s criminal history can ask the state to perform a criminal background check using fingerprints on anyone. To do this, you need to have the person in question sign an authorization form and submit their fingerprints. There is a fee for this, but it varies based on the information you?re looking for and how deep you prefer their criminal background check to go.

If your primary goal is to find out whether someone is a registered sex offender, you may check their name and personal information on the State Sex Offender Registry. This is always free, and all sex offenders are placed into this system immediately upon their release from jail so the public knows they are walking free through their communities.

Finding criminal background information is simple, but you have to know where to look. Once you find this information, you?re free to do with it what you please. It?s not discrimination to deny someone with a criminal past a job, which is a concern shared by many.

Nebraska Criminal Records
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