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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Who Can Enforce a Delaware Warrant?

All matters of subpoenas in criminal cases and issuance of warrants in Delaware fall under the jurisprudence of the Delaware Criminal Code. Any law enforcement agency or justice of the peace with the requisite authority to oversee criminal cases can issue a warrant. Even if a warrant is issued in just one county, it will remain enforceable across the whole state. A warrant that has been issued can be executed anywhere in Delaware. All police officers have the power to hold a suspect in custody or physically restrain him until the right time when such a person is arraigned before a court of law. However, a bench warrant is a directive from the bench that orders for the search and capture of individuals and fugitives who have violated orders from the courts.Check the official Delaware website for warrant searches. See below on how to perform a Delaware Warrant Search.

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Delaware Warrant Search

What Information Do You Need for a Delaware Warrant Search?

If you are searching for an active warrant in Delaware, you need to be equipped with the following details about your search:

  • The first and the last name of the person whose warrant you are search You must be very particular about the information you put into your query because criminals are experts at using aliases and fake names.
  • Make sure you specify the type of warrant you are searching for, i.e. is it a federal, state or a county arrest.
  • Do not forget to mention the reason for the warrant, the date on which the warrant was issued, and the location.

If You Have a Delaware Warrant, Then People Are Looking for You

In Delaware, the warrant provides all the information about the type of crime the individual is being sought for and a copy of the complaint and the charges being brought is always attached to it. All warrants from Delaware are directed at law enforcers and other agencies from within the county from where the warrant is released. But in particular circumstances where the type of crime might be heinous, the accused person can be detained on sight from any part of the country by the power of the order or warrant. To enable the execution of the judicial directive, the civilians, sheriff’s office and other law enforcement personnel can be requested to assist the peace officers.

Delaware Warrant Search Online

There are online facilities where you can search for the warrant you need. You can visit the website, enter a first and last name, and click on the state of Delaware to perform a Delaware Warrant Search online. There are several agencies that give a list of all wanted persons, but some are always classified as “most wanted?. The lists exist at county, state or federal levels, and they range from the local sheriff’s department to the FBI. Many agencies post the lists of the wanted persons online which include details about their crimes, identification characteristics and photos. When you are searching for a warrant you can do so by name only, but it is highly advised that you provide as many details as possible in your search. You can even search Delaware’s most wanted criminals.

Confirming Your Delaware Warrant Search Results Are Accurate

You can visit the site containing the photos and listings of the most wanted persons in Delaware through the Drug Enforcement Administration or any other third party website. The information you have should correspond to the details about the person you are looking for that are contained in the records of a sheriff’s office.

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