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How to Perform a Warrant Search in Mississippi

Mississippi, like all U.S. states, takes the legal process very seriously, especially when it concerns warrants. These court ordered documents are only issued when someone has been charged with a crime, has fled law enforcement, missed a court appearance, or has an outstanding tax debt or unpaid court fines or fees. They are a mechanism for accountability of citizens of the state. To run a Mississippi warrant search, all you need is a name to look up this information as it is publicly available to anyone. You can start your search with most any public record website as long as they offer access to criminal records. Once you’ve found your resource, input the name into the search field and go. You can not only find a person’s active Mississippi warrant, but you can also find their criminal history, previous arrests, incarcerations and most any run-in with the law.  

These legal documents are issued by a judge or magistrate, giving law enforcement the authority to arrest an individual, search a premises, or carry out some other legal action. Understanding the types of warrants in Mississippi, how to look them up, and their implications are crucial for every resident of the state. 

Mississippi Warrant Types

There are several different types of warrants in Mississippi, including: 

  • Mississippi Arrest Warrants are given out for arresting suspected criminals. These are signed off by a judge who was presented with enough evidence that a person has committed a crime in the state of Mississippi.  
  • Mississippi Search Warrants are issued when the police demonstrate to a judge they have probable cause to believe evidence of a crime will be found in the place specified. There can be either a sworn affidavit or a lot of evidence to support this theory. The police will then be allowed to search the specified area where they are likely to find that evidence. 
  • Mississippi Bench Warrants are sent out to those that miss a court date, jury duty date, or did not follow a court order. These do not represent a criminal allegation or criminal activity, rather they are a notice to show back to court for some unfinished business. 
  • Mississippi Capias Warrants are similar to bench warrants as they are not directly correlated to a crime but when a person fails to make their court appearance for an ongoing court case, or when someone disobeys an important court order. These will lead to a person’s arrest and detainment. 
  • Mississippi Child Support Warrants are issued to people that perpetually fail to pay child support, as instructed by the court. This type of warrant can be a summons to re-appear in court or can also lead to a person’s eventual arrest. 

Criminal Record Search

Looking Up Mississippi Warrants Through State Websites

Mississippi warrants are considered public records which means the general public has a right to access this information. You don’t just have to be a resident of the state to perform this type of search, anyone in the United States has the ability to access anyone else’s public record. Here’s how you can look up a warrant in Mississippi through some of the state’s run resources: 

  • Local Law Enforcement Websites: Many MS county sheriff’s departments and police departments in Mississippi have their own websites where they post a list of active warrants. By visiting these sites, you can easily check for outstanding warrants. 
  • Mississippi Department of Public Safety: The Mississippi Department of Public Safety has an online system where you can search for warrants using a person’s name, date of birth, or other identifying details. 

Mississippi Warrants as Public Records and Criminal Records

Being public records, active Mississippi warrants are accessible to anyone who wants to view them. This transparency ensures accountability and keeps the public informed, which is at the heart of what information is deemed public. This summarizes what the Mississippi Freedom of Information Act is all about. 

A warrant is not only a public record but considered a criminal record, which is an initial step in the criminal process. Once a person is arrested based on a warrant, and if they’re subsequently convicted, this forms a part of their criminal record. While the warrant itself is just an order, the criminal court proceedings that follow, and their convictions and sentencings, get recorded in an individual’s criminal history. Even though a warrant itself is not a conviction of being guilty, it is still recorded under a person’s criminal record which can be seen on any person’s background check. 

Steps to Take When Served with a Mississippi Arrest Warrant

Mississippi warrants play a significant part of the state’s justice system. Understanding this and what steps to take for anyone served with a Mississippi arrest warrant is crucial. Here are some simple steps to follow if you find yourself being arrested and detained. 

  1. Stay calm, collected, and remember your rights. You do not have to say anything to law enforcement. You have the right to be told what you are being arrested for and the right to a phone call. 
  2. Your first phone call after being detained for a Mississippi arrest warrant should be to call a defense attorney, or a loved one that can do this on your behalf. 
  3. Go through the discovery process with your attorney and find out how serious the charges are against you and if you can bond out of jail until your court hearing. 
  4. Prepare your criminal defense and plan for any eventual outcome. Get your life in order in case you need to do some jail time and be prepared for your day in court. 
  5. Make sure to be respectful in court and show that you are being compliant, this can only help you out. Make sure to look presentable and follow your attorney’s lead. There is a system for this process, and being respectful can earn you points with a judge or jury. With the help of some legal guidance, you may be able to reduce your potential sentence if found guilty. 

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Mississippi Warrant Search

Mississippi Warrant Search FAQ

How do I find out if I have a Mississippi warrant?

Finding out if you have a Mississippi warrant can be performed anonymously using an online public record database, such as SearchQuarry.com. All you need is the full name and state of residence of the person you want to lookup warrants for.

Can anyone run a Mississippi warrant search?

Yes, since Mississippi warrant records are public information, anyone can lookup Mississippi warrants. A good place to search for these are your local law enforcement agency or county court clerk.

Do Mississippi arrest warrants ever expire?

They do not go away unless there unless the warrant has been executed by law enforcement or the judge removes them. You can quickly find out what the details of any warrant are in Mississippi by running an anonymous arrest warrant search through a public record website.

What leads to a child support warrant in Mississippi?

If someone fails to pay their court-ordered child support for a long period of time, a warrant can be issued for their arrest.

How long do warrants last in Mississippi?

There isn't a specific expiration date for most warrants, they usually do not expire. They remain active until the person is arrested or the warrant is recalled or quashed by the issuing judge.

Can I be arrested outside of Mississippi for a warrant issued in the state?

You sure can. Many warrants have what is called "extradition" attached, which means you can be arrested in another state and brought back to Mississippi. This is typical for arrest warrants in the state but not necessarily bench warrants.

Can I be arrested for a Mississippi bench warrant?

You can but most of these types of warrants are not offense where you will be arrested. The majority of bench warrants are for missed court appearances, or unpaid court fees which can be corrected relatively easily. On the other hand, if you ignore these for too long they can potentially lead to your arrest and detainment until you can go in front of a judge.

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    What Does A Failed U/A Mean In Mississippi?

    A failed U/A in Mississippi means that person has refused or failed to comply with drug testing. This is a common test for people that are on probation or parole, and a failed U/A test can land that person in jail or court as it is likely a violation of their court orders.

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