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How to Perform an Arizona Warrant Search

The state of Arizona has different types of warrants. The most popular ones include arrest warrants, search warrants and bench warrants. A person my get an arrest and bench warrant in Arizona if he fails to appear in court, refuses to comply with a court order, or commits a crime or violates the probation rules and requirements. A search warrant is issued in case the law enforcement units suspect any criminal activity such as drug trafficking, unlawful imprisonment or fraud. Those who are unsure whether they have warrants can find out quickly and anonymously using public record websites. The first step is to know the full name of the person you want to lookup, then enter that into the Arizona warrant search form. Once your results have propagated, you may multiple results for people with the same first and last name. If that is the case then you will need to know the person’s middle name or their age or date of birth to find the right AZ warrant record. Another benefit of using a public record website is you can search state or nationwide and also get a complete abstract of someone’s criminal history.

Arizona Warrants Are Public Record

The Freedom of Information Act make most government collected records public domain which means that anyone can research them online. All you will need to run an Arizona warrant search, background check, or public record inquiry is to have the full name of the person in question and then find a reliable online resource to research their public information. It is also important to note that not all Arizona warrants result in a criminal record. Most Arizona bench warrants do not result in criminal cases as they do not result in someone getting arrested such as in the case of an Arizona arrest warrant. Even though they are not considered criminal records until a guilty verdict is given for a crime that was committed, they still become a part of a person’s public record. Having an active AZ warrant can also lead to life complications such as lost employment opportunities, not being able to rent a house or car, not being able to travel out of state or get on a plane, to name a few. These records can complicate a person’s life quite a bit for many reasons. If you suspect you have a warrant or missed a jury duty notice then you may want to verify this and mitigate it as soon as possible. Once you’ve fulfilled your requirements of the warrant, or corresponding legal battles, it is possible have the warrant removed from your public record.

Search Arizona Warrants Through Government Websites

Another way to perform an Arizona warrant search, whether you have an outstanding warrant, is to visit the state or county website. You need to first determine the county in which the warrant may have been issued. Government websites end with .gov and have search functions for anyone with outstanding warrants. You will have to key in your full names to get accurate results. Only use the names indicated in your driving license. Governmental departments only recognize official names, not nicknames.

You can also use various online resources for an Arizona warrant search, that can also provide you with all the details about your warrant, including your criminal history. Searching online is more convenient and saves a lot of time and money. You don’t have to travel to the relevant Arizona law enforcement departments to know what is at stake.

Some sites have search functions where you type your name and see if anything comes up. Others have a link that has all the names of people with warrants in a given county.

Searching your warrant in governmental websites is the best option. This is because government websites constantly update the information they release to the public. An arrest warrant issued will reflect immediately it is made official by the law enforcement units.

Not all counties in Arizona allow people to search warrants online. Prima County, for example, requires people to go directly to the Sheriff’s office to know their warrant status.

Criminal Record Search

Arizona Warrant Search via County Offices

Another effective way to determine if you have any outstanding warrant is to contact the state, county or city offices in Arizona. This may include the country court clerk, police department or any other law enforcement division in the state. Make sure you use a smartphone and turn on the location feature. Doing this will enable the respondents to easily know where you live. They could also track the phone details to your location using its signal or any billing information linked to your phone number. You can also ask one of your friends or relatives to call on your behalf if you are busy.

Alternative Arizona Warrant Searches

There are other options to run an Arizona warrant search. However, most of them are not free. If you run a random warrant search in Google, you will see that there are third-party public record sites that have central repositories for all criminal data, include warrants. You can choose to purchase their information. Most of these websites have their own proprietary data resources so you may want to check more than one to get the information you are after. Other statistics you can get from these websites include criminal records, arrests, incarcerations, judgements and driving records.

Third-party sites are as reliable when it comes to searching a warrant. If you’re looking for an official copy of a warrant record, it’s best practice to use official government sites or calling the relevant law enforcement units in Arizona.

What Happens If You Have a Warrant in Arizona

Once you receive a warrant, you will be required to respond to the relevant government agency, or contact legal counsel to help guide you and let you know what your options are. Ignoring warrant could land you huge fines and time in jail. You can also choose to pay a bond, appear in court or surrender to law enforcement. The important thing to take away is the penalties will only get worse with time if you ignore an Arizona warrant.

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Arizona Warrant Search

Arizona Warrants FAQs

Who can lookup a warrant in Arizona?

Anyone can lookup a warrant in Arizona, it's public record. By contacting law enforcement or your local county court clerk, you can make an inquiry to check for any active warrants. There are also a multitude of public record sites that you can also search warrant records online.

What's the difference between an Arizona bench and arrest warrant?

A bench warrant in Arizona can also be an arrest warrant but not necessarily. If you've missed jury duty or a traffic citation court hearing then you might just have to make up the appointment and/or pay some fines or fees. If the bench warrant was related to a more serious criminal offense then the bench warrant might also be an arrest warrant.

Do I have a warrant in Arizona?

If you suspect you might have a warrant in Arizona you can quickly find out using a public record website. You can simply search by name and the great part about using a public record website is most searches are anonymous.

Can I run an Arizona warrant search for free?

Yes, if you know the state or county agency in Arizona that issued a warrant they might have a web portal where you can search for free. Another way to search for Arizona arrest and bench warrants is to use the services of a public record website. They often will give you a free preliminary search and then if you find what you want, you can pay a small fee for a detailed report that includes active warrants, criminal history or a comprehensive background check

Is it legal to perform an Arizona warrant search on someone else?

Yes, you can perform an Arizona warrant search on anyone anywhere in the United States. The Freedom of Information Act allows warrant records to be publicly available.

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    We show a FTA Arizona warrant issued by the Casa Grande Municipal court which means it’s a bench warrant. You can confirm this by contacting the relevant courthouse clerk and finding out what to do next.

    What is an FTA Warrant in Arizona?

    An Arizona FTA warrant is a Failure to Appear warrant which is typically a bench warrant for failure to appear for trial. The Arizona FTA warrant is issued by the judge against the defendant for failing to appear in court.

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    Do I have an active warrant? Antronette Wheeler.

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    We show multiple criminal offenses for a Shirley Patricia McDonald. If you can confirm this is the person you’re looking for to obtain warrant information, please confirm this for us first

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    I was told I have a warrant in Glendale city since 12/13/2021 but everyone I’ve called says no they don’t see anything. So now will I be penalized for time passed when I don’t even know what this is about and have never received anything in the mail?

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    Marilyn, those consequences can be very serious and possibly include some jail time. You might consider discussing this with an attorney so that you can have all the facts and know your rights

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    what happen if you have bench warrant for DUI fail to paid a fine and attend dui school. got arrested for driving under suspended license

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    Joseph, we show some drug related criminal charges from 2015 however no active AZ warrants that we can find

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    My name is Joseph Andrew DeKenipp. I would like to know if I have a warrant in Arizona?

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    James, we show multiple listings for people with criminal records and/or active AZ warrants that have your same first and last name. Can you also share your middle name and age so we can find the correct record for you?

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    Do I have a warrent

  11. says:

    Kyle Ginsburg did not show up when we ran an Arizona warrant check for this person

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    Do I have a warrant? Kyle b Ginsburg

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    We show a 2018 Arizona arrest record for a Jessica Maye Birney related to a shoplifting charge but no active AZ warrants that we can find

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    Are there any active warrants for Jessica M. Birney in arizona?

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    We found an Arizona arrest record for a Judith Sandoval Escalante, out of Maricopa count from 2019, but no active warrant that we have been able to find

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    Do I have a warrant? Judith A Sandoval Escalante

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    Brandon, we ran a check on Stephanie Kimbell and did not find any active however we do see an active AZ arrest warrant for a Stephanie Nicole Porter for a probation violation related to a burglary charge

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    what about stephanie kimbell or stephanie porter

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    We checked our Arizona warrant database and did not find anything active for a Brandon Kimbell at this time

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    do i have a warrant. brandon kimbell

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    Shawn Pinkerton does not show up in our Arizona warrant record database as having anything active at this time

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    Does Shawn W. Pinkerton have any warrants

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    There is an active Arizona warrant for a Matthew Cayce Golden for a probation violation

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    please check for Az. warrant for .. Golden, Matthew Cayce.

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    Ashley, we didn’t find anything listed under a Michael J. Van Doren

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    We can see some criminal charges, that include trespassing and burglary our of Maricopa county however we’re not seeing any warrants for this person

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    Trying to see if there is a warrant for my Fiancé Michael J. Van Doren.

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    Do i have a warrant
    Jennifer walker

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    We ran an Arizona warrant check for a Theodore Jacob Jobes and did not find anything active for this person

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    Do I have a warrant thx.
    theodore Jacob Jobes

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