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How to Search For Maine Active Warrants

Warrants are an integral part of the Main criminal justice system’s means of enforcing the law. These are criminal offenses that are issued by the court for a failed court order or a notice to arrest someone for a criminal allegation. A Maine warrant search can be performed online by anyone with internet access, as these are all public records. To begin, you can enter the person you want to research into a public record website and let them do the rest. The process only take a few moments to get results however, you may need some additional information if there are multiple listings. In the state of Maine there are many people with common names which means you might have different people, with active Maine warrants, that have the same first and last name. If this happens, it is simple to discern the correct record with a middle name, date of birth, or their county or city of residence. If you do not find any results then there might not be anything active at this time but it would be a good idea to check back frequently as warrant records are updated daily.

Do You Have a Warrant in Maine?

When you commit a crime, or are suspected to be involved in one, an arrest warrant maybe issued in your name. You can also receive a bench warrant for failing to show up in court, or not paying a past due court fee. There are some different options on how to search if you have a warrant in Maine, though the county sheriff department, Maine state police, county courthouse websites, or public record websites. Depending on the nature of the warrant will determine where you should begin your research. Law enforcement agencies will typically only allow you to run Maine arrest warrant searches, where a courthouse website is where you should search Maine bench warrants. The most popular way to search for both types is to use a public record site where you can search statewide, and all your searches will be anonymous. This mean that no-one will know you are looking up their records, or your own if that is your intent.

Maine Warrant Records are Available to the Public

There is an important aspect of making records as such available to the public. These are public record via the Freedom of Information act which, gives transparency to what information the government collects on it’s citizen’s. It also allows the general public the ability to search these records, and be aware of criminals living near them or being unknowingly involved in their circle. This means that if you have a criminal past, anyone including employers, fiends, family and acquaintances can find out with a quick search online. A person’s public record is a part of their identity that stays with them indefinitely. If you have had a run in with the Maine criminal justice system, it is considered a good idea to verify what is in your criminal history by running a background check on yourself. It is a good way to stay on top of what other people can see, and it allows you to see if you have any outstanding warrants.

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Types of Warrants in Maine

There are a few different warrant types in Maine, not all are public records which we will discuss in more detail. The term ‘warrant’ can often be broad sweeping and have multiple utilities in the Maine criminal justice system. We will go into that in more detail below.

  • Maine Arrest Warrants: These are issued to arrest somebody when there is strong evidence that suggests that they committed a crime and are wanted to account for this in court. 
  • Maine Bench Warrants: These are issued for summoning someone to court for a missed appearance or a non-compliant court order, which can include paying court fees. 
  • Maine Capias Warrants: While like bench warrants, they are not a criminal allegation. A capias warrant is issued for are offenses that lead to someone’s arrest. They are issued when someone defies a more serious court order or fails to appear in an ongoing court proceeding. 
  • Maine Search Warrants: These are issued for searching a specific location for evidence of a crime or criminal activity. It allows the relevant law enforcement agencies access to a person’s home, vehicle or place of work, depending on what location is listed on the search warrant. 
  • Maine Tax Warrants: This is a claim that state government tax agencies make on a person’s assets or property for non-payment of taxes. Tax warrants can also apply to businesses and result in a business losing its permit to operate. These are serious tax delinquencies that result in steep penalties. 


The state of Maine, just like every state in the U.S., uses warrants as a means of enforcing the legal, tax-revenue, and criminal justice system. They ensure that the law is upheld and enforced and bring people to justice if necessary. Any type of warrant should be taken seriously, and it is important to understand the differences and implications of the different types. If you find yourself with one in your name, stay calm, do your homework, and seek legal assistance if necessary.

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Maine Warrant Search

Maine Warrant Search FAQ

Do I have a warrant in Maine?

You can find out for sure if you do this. First, find a reliable public record website. Enter your full name into the search form. Then verify the results match, by your age, listed relatives, or address. Then you can see all your active warrants, your criminal history and entire public record profile.

Are Maine warrants public record?

Yes, warrants in Maine are generally considered public record, they can be accessed by anyone.

What should I do if I have an an arrest warrant in Maine?

Consult with an attorney immediately and consider surrendering yourself or have your attorney negotiate for you. Ignoring one will only make things worse for you and lead to longer incarceration times and fines.

Can a Maine bench warrant result in jail time?

It is possible but most bench warrants are summons to re-appear in court or to comply with a court order. Some more serious bench warrants can lead to arrest and jail time.

How long does a warrant stay active in Maine?

Most arrest warrants remain active until the person is arrested, or returns to court for a missed appearance, if the judge removes it.

Can I dispute a warrant in Maine?

Yes, with the help of an attorney, you can challenge a warrant but it really depends on the circumstances of your offense.

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