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Do You Have a Warrant in Maine?

When you commit a crime, or are suspected to be involved in one, an arrest warrant may be issued in your name. This is issued by the judge to whom the police present the case.

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The judge himself/herself may issue a warrant in your name for failing to attend a court hearing. If you commit an act that falls under contempt of court, he may do the same. Notably, in all of the above scenarios, one thing is quite likely. You might not be aware of a warrant issued in your name and, one day, the police enter your house and arrest you.

That makes it imperative for one to be aware of their own warrant so it can be dealt with as soon as possible. The longer a warrant is not served the harsher the punishment might be given for it by the judge.

Maine Warrant Records

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Maine active warrant searches enable one to find data with a few simple clicks. You can find about any warrants that are active and issued under your name. This is a database that fetches an offender?s record from the list uploaded in its database by the state. Warrants are public records and so it is not barred from public access. Using your name and date of birth, you can run a search to look up any warrants that are issued in your name. It will reveal your bio details. Along with it, details of the offense you have been charged with and the penalties that you incurred by the state of Maine will also occur.

Different counties issue warrants and can have an offender extradited from one county to another. Maine warrant searches are also available online.

Maine Warrant Records are Available to the Public

There is an important aspect of making records as such available to the public. It allows for citizens to be aware of criminals living near them or being unknowingly involved in their circle. Employers and common citizens can make use of these search facilities to advantage. They can find out about persons wanted by the law. The details made available help citizens in tipping off authorities about criminals in hiding.

Third Party Websites Provide an Easy Option for Warrant Searches

There are many third party websites that allow for public warrant records to be searched that can be of use to citizens. The main problem with these domains is ensuring accuracy. Most free public record websites carry large volumes of information. These data are borrowed from official sources. Because the unofficial websites are slow to update, using them may result in an inaccurate finding.

Check for Warrants by County With the Police, Sheriff, and Courts

Of course, the strongest sources are the county police, the county sheriff or the county courthouse clerk?s offices. These agencies can help you find out about any active warrants in your name or someone else you could identify. However, these searches can be very time consuming, and of course you need to know the county of the warrant, otherwise you will have to check with all of the counties in Maine.

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