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How to Run a Vermont Warrant Search 

The state of Vermont, while it is home to one of the smallest populations in the US, issues it’s fair share of warrants each year. To find out if you or someone you know has an active Vermont warrant and want to run a Vermont warrant search, the process is very simple. The most popular way to accomplish this is through a public record website, where all your searches will be anonymous. The first step is entering the full name of the person you would like to research, and then hit the ‘search’ button. If you know the city or county where to search, that will be helpful. The more information you know about that person, the more accurate the results will be. Next, once your results have been displayed, make sure to verify that the Vermont warrant record matches the person you are looking up. Once you’ve confirmed you have the correct record for the correct person, you can view their criminal charges, criminal history, prior convictions, court records and incarcerations. All of this is publicly available information that you can access from any device that has an internet connection. 

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The Importance Of A Vermont Warrant Search 

A lot of people search for bench warrants and  arrest warrants in Vermont. The system is pretty open and accessible to most everyone, and with online public record resources, it is very easy to perform online. There are of course a number of different reasons why one might want to access such valuable information. Employers are doing so more and more often as they want to scope out potential candidates for jobs and see if they would be a good fit. The first bit of information they likely need to determine is if the candidate has a criminal history or any pending criminal charges. That of course would be a giant red flag. Academic institutions might also run a background check on their candidates before admitting them. Traveling can be difficult with a warrant, as you can potentially be arrested and extradited back to the state and county where one was issued in your name. There are many other reasons for running a Vermont warrant check, if you have any doubt you can run a quick background check on yourself to make sure everything looks copasetic.  

Vermont Warrant Search Via The Sheriff Department 

Other people who might access these public records are those who are going out on a date with someone for the first time, those who are considering hiring a babysitter, or those who just want to check on their own status within the legal system. Any of these individuals could contact the relevant Vermont Sheriff Department to see if there are any warrants out against them in the state of Vermont. Some of the state’s Sheriff Departments show live listings of warrants and fugitives, such as Windham County, however many of the smaller counties do not have these services online. You may need to contact them via phone or in person to make your inquiry.  

If you do not know what county to begin your search in and would like to run a statewide search in Vermont then you can use the Vermont DPS website to do this. The only caveat to using this service is your searches are not anonymous and you must download the request form and submit it with your information to get active Vermont warrant listings. Another option for running a statewide search is to contact the Vermont state police. You can run a criminal record search, which includes active VT warrants, for a fee. You can use their online submission for to do this. Again, this search will not be anonymous and you will need to submit your information to make this request. A third option for running a statewide search is to use a public records site, where you can search statewide and your searches will be confidential. 

Vermont Warrants and Their Relation to Criminal Records

An active VT warrant will appear on a person’s criminal record. Even after the warrant has been served and the person arrested, the warrant remains a part of that individual’s criminal history. A future employer, landlord, or any entity conducting a background check can potentially see this. Even though warrants don’t mean a criminal conviction until that person has their day in court, it is still recorded as such. 


In conclusion, Vermont warrants are an important part in the justice system, making sure that individuals are held accountable for their actions. While the public nature of being able to view and access warrant records serves transparency, it can also have lasting repercussions on an individual’s life. It is important to address them appropriately, and not ignore them, and understand how they can factor into a person’s life and future opportunities. They can have very negative effects that can last for many years. 

Vermont Warrant Search

Vermont Warrant Search FAQ

Can I run a free Vermont warrant search?

Yes, some online resources offer free searches however, you may need to pay a few bucks for detailed warrant records. Most online state resources will give you a warrant listing with the name of the individual and their criminal charges for free. You can also try researching warrants through public record sites, they often have more publicly available resources that you can search for free.

Is it legal to run a warrant search in Vermont?

Absolutely, since warrants are public record, anyone can look them up online. Try using a public record site to do this research, you can typically get a lot of information and your searches are anonymous.

Are Vermont warrants considered public record?

Yes, they are considered public records as well as a person's criminal records. All you need to search this information is their first and last name.

Can I be arrested for a Vermont bench warrant?

Not usually but in some cases, yes. It really depends on the nature of the bench warrant. That said, if a person ignores a bench warrant, which is a court order, they can eventually be arrested for non-compliance.

Do I have a warrant in Vermont?

If you want to find out if you have an active Vermont warrant, you can anonymously search through a public record website. This way if you do have one, you can get in front of it before you are arrested.

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    Judith, we ran a Vermont warrant search and did not find anything active for you however we did see a misdemeanor DUI charge from 2016

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    We are happy to assist you with a Vermont warrant search. We’ll need your full name, age and the Vermont county you suspect you have a warrant from. Our Vermont warrant records are updated daily.

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