Utah Warrant Search

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Performing A Utah Warrant Search

In the state of Utah, people have several ways to find out whether they have warrants out under their names. One way is to walk into the nearest Utah police station with one?s valid identification and have the law enforcement agency run a warrant search for you. Although the public is not able to run warrant searches on other people, one can run a warrant search on one?s own name. On the positive side, this will bring up any outstanding federal, state, county, or local warrants that have been issued in your name. On the negative side, this will also cause you to be arrested on the spot if there are any warrants out for your arrest.

You may not be ready to take your search to a law enforcement agency. Perhaps you want to talk to a lawyer and be informed of all your legal rights and responsibilities before you take action with regards to your warrant. In this case, it might be more suitable to search for warrant information online. You can do this using a number of third-party websites, some of which are free and others of which charge a fee, or you can search for warrant data on law enforcement websites that are specific to certain Utah jurisdictions. In most cases, arrest warrant data is public information and can be accessed for free by anyone.

Utah Warrant Search

Another type of warrant is the bench warrant, which a judge issues to cause someone to appear in court for a hearing. Bench warrants may be issued for people who are out on parole or probation, or in the case of a person who is not suspected in a crime, they may be a call to testify as a witness. Not every bench warrant is made public, but some government websites allow visitors to search this information.

The State of Utah has its own statewide warrant search portal at Utah.gov. You can also search for warrants related to suspected drug crimes at the website of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) at DEA.gov. The DEA maintains a Most Wanted list, and the state of Utah falls under the DEA?s Denver division, so a Utah search pulls up the Denver Most Wanted list.

Utah Warrant Search By County

A few counties in Utah have their own warrant search websites. These include:

Iron County: The Iron County Sheriff?s website allows users to search for a warrant anywhere in Utah, not only in Iron County.
Utah County: Most Wanted list
Washington County: Most Wanted list

Utah Warrant Search By City

A couple of cities in Utah also allow visitors to their websites to do warrant searches online:

Layton City: The city of Layton?s governmental website has a search feature that allows individuals and businesses to search police records. This is not a free service but costs the person requesting the record a $5 fee.
Salt Lake City: This local police department maintains a Most Wanted list.

If you have a warrant out that orders you to appear in court, it is a crime to miss your appointed court date. Should you miss a court date, you may have to pay bail in order for the court to grant you a new court date and then attend the court date before the warrant can be dismissed. Consulting with a qualified attorney is the best way to learn your legal rights and responsibilities in this situation.

Do I Have a Utah Arrest Warrant?

You can find out if you have an existing Utah arrest warrant by checking with your county courthouse clerk, the Utah sheriff department or with the help of a criminal records website. Most non-government criminal record websites let you check the status of a Utah warrant anonymously. Utah warrants are public information that anyone can access.

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Responses to “Utah Warrant Search

  1. Misty Hampton says:

    I am trying to find out if my boyfriend John Donald fowers has any warrants could u help me please thank you

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Heather, we do show an active Utah arrest warrant for a Healther Woodward for a parole violation

  3. Heather Woodward says:

    Is there any utah warrants for Heather Woodwad, 7/18/1977?

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    Alfonso, we ran a Utah warrant check for you and did not find anything active however we do show an open court case related to multiple criminal charges from 2020

  5. Alfonso lee dunbar says:

    Alfonso Lee dunbar

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    We only show a Utah warrant for a Joseph Benito Garcia, not the person you mentioned

  7. Mandy Lee McClees says:

    I would like to find our if my boyfriend has any warrants in Utah? We have to go to pay our last respects to my grandmother…..
    •Joseph Billy Doyle Garcia
    •age 29
    Thank you very much
    Mandy Lee McClees

  8. squarryadministrator says:

    We ran a Utah warrant search for an Ashlie Danielle Smith and found an arrest charge, from May 2019, for driving on a suspended license however we don’t show any associated warrants. If you missed a court appearance for your hearing then there might be a pending Utah warrant but you’ll need to verify this with the relevant Utah county traffic court.

  9. Ashlie Smith says:

    Do you show any active warrants for Ashlie Danielle Smith?

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    Our Utah warrant search has revealed there is an active Utah arrest warrant for a Cuong Tan Nguyen for a parole violation or probation violation

  11. Cuong Nguyen says:

    A warrant arrest

  12. squarryadministrator says:

    We do show a few Utah criminal charges for Charity Ann Smith. We do not show what the exact Utah warrant is for but we do show an active Utah warrant for a misdemeanor. You can contact you local Utah Sheriff Department to inquire about the details of your wife’s warrant and if she was picked up by Utah Law Enforcement.

  13. Sky Olsen says:

    Hello… I have been trying to find out if my wife might have a warrant. She left our home Saturday, the 7th, and I have not heard from her since she left. She did mention something about some charges filed against her. I have looked at some warrant search sites, but they say that are free, and they aren’t. How can I find out if my wife has a warrant for free? The reason I ask is because I am living on disability and have to watch every penny. Thanks for any info that you can provide! Regards, Sky Olsen. BTW, my wife goes by her maiden name, Charity Ann Smith.

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