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Performing a Utah Warrant Search

In the state of Utah, people have multiple ways to find out whether they have warrants out under their names. The first way to run a Utah warrant search is to contact the county sheriff department or city police department if you know where to begin your search. The caveat to this type of search is you must know where the Utah warrant was issued as many of these local resources do not have publicly available statewide searches. If you want to run a statewide Utah warrant search then you can use the Utah Department of Public Safety website where you can search with a person’s first and last name. The third and most popular option for running a UT warrant search is to use a public record site, which many people prefer because your searches will be anonymous and confidential and no-one will know you are looking them up.

The Different Types of Warrants in Utah

  • Utah Arrest Warrants: These are always issued by a court appointed judge when there’s probable cause that someone has committed, or directly connected, to a crime. This court order tells law enforcement to arrest the named individual immediately. 
  • Bench Warrants: For the most part, Utah bench warrants are issued by a judge when an individual fails to appear in court, does not comply with court orders, or violates probation. This type of warrant does not usually result in the arrest of the individual, but it is possible if a person ignores or doesn’t comply with the listed court orders. 
  • Capias Warrants: These go into effect when a judge determines that a person has fled an ongoing court case where they are the defendant. Once that person is arrested, they could be held in custody until they’re brought before the court to address the issue that led to the judge issuing the capias. 
  • Search Warrants: These are also court issued and allow Utah law enforcement to search a specific place for evidence of a crime. A judge can only issue this order when there’s probable cause to believe that evidence relating to a crime can be found in that place. This is most often from a detective, or law agent, officer signing an affidavit that this evidence is located at a specific location. They are not allowed to search anywhere other than what is listed on this search order. 

Criminal Record Search

Run a Utah Warrant Check Through County Sheriff Departments

A solid option for running a Utah warrant check is through county sheriff departments. Since these county level law enforcement agencies are often tasked with executing arrest warrants in Utah, they are a commonly used resource by many. The only caveat to using a resource like this is that you will need to know what county to begin your search as these agencies are mostly focused on local and county listings of wanted person and fugitives. Some example of sheriff departments that have online criminal record resources that the public can access online are; Utah County, Garfield County, Salt Lake County, and Box Elder County. Some of the smaller counties and cities might not have online resources accessible to the public, if this is the situation then you can always call them directly to perform a search for you over the phone.

Statewide Utah Warrant Search Options

While many local sheriff departments and city police departments offer local warrant listings, they often do not have searchable resources for a Utah statewide warrant search. To run a search throughout the entire state, there are a couple of options. The first is to search through the Utah DPS website. You do not need a login and can search the entire state with the person’s first, last and middle name. This is a good way to find out if a person has an active Utah warrant for their arrest. The second option is to use a public record site which also offers statewide searches but there are some significant differences between these two resources. The DPS will just give you the warrant listing where the public record resource will also give you a breakdown of criminal charges, that person’s previous arrests and criminal records, and their complete criminal history. These tend to be much more robust and easier to use online resources as you can also check a person’s criminal history in other states as well. Both are good options but it will really depend on what specific information you are looking for. 

Utah Warrants are Public Records

Warrants and criminal records are both considered public records in Utah, but they serve different purposes and have different implications. A warrant is an active court issued document that commands the police or the person of interest to take a specific action, depending on the warrant type. Where a criminal record is a court conviction of a crime where that person is held responsible and potentially led to an incarceration. While a warrant is still filed under a person’s public criminal record, it is not a conviction. It is an allegation of a crime or a violation of a court order. That person is still technically considered innocent until proven guilty, but it can still lead to unwanted consequences since it’s also considered a criminal record. It can sound confusing at times but to put it simply, a warrant will show up on a background check that can lead to issues with employment applications, rental agreements, security clearances and travel plans. An unwanted criminal record can lead to many disruptions in a person’s life. 

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Utah Warrant Search


Utah Warrant Search FAQ

Do I Have a Utah Arrest Warrant?

You can find out if you have an existing Utah arrest warrant by checking with your county courthouse clerk, the Utah sheriff department or with the help of a criminal records website. Most non-government criminal record websites let you check the status of a Utah warrant anonymously. Utah warrants are public information that anyone can access.

Do I have a warrant in Utah?

There is an easy and anonymous way to find out. First, find a reliable public record website, enter your name into the search fields to begin. You can find out if you have any active Utah warrants, the associated criminal charges, and what county it was issued in.

Can I run a free warrant search in Utah?

Yes, if you know the county it was issued in you can typically find active warrants on the relevant sheriff department website. You can also perform a free statewide Utah warrant search using the Utah DPS website. A third option is to use a public record site to look for active warrants through the entire state of Utah. This third option is popular because public record sites often offer anonymous searching, which means nobody will know you are looking them up.

Do warrants expire in Utah?

Warrants do not expire in Utah or any other state in the US. They stay active until the warrant is executed and the person of interest is arrested. The only way they go away is after that person is arrested or a judge removes or quashed them.

What should I do if I have a warrant in Utah?

The first step is to talk to an attorney ASAP. If you ignore the warrant your situation can get much worse. If you do not get legal counsel before appealing the warrant, or surrendering yourself, you might complicate your situation. An attorney will give you the scoop on what to do next and what your rights are.

How many types of warrants are in Utah?

There are a few; arrest warrants, bench warrants, capias warrants, civil warrants ,and search warrants. They all serve different functions in the eyes of the law. Some are criminal offenses that lead to a person's arrest while others are a summons to appear in court.

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    I am trying to find out if my boyfriend John Donald fowers has any warrants could u help me please thank you

  2. says:

    Heather, we do show an active Utah arrest warrant for a Healther Woodward for a parole violation

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    Is there any utah warrants for Heather Woodwad, 7/18/1977?

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    Alfonso, we ran a Utah warrant check for you and did not find anything active however we do show an open court case related to multiple criminal charges from 2020

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    Alfonso Lee dunbar

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    We only show a Utah warrant for a Joseph Benito Garcia, not the person you mentioned

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    I would like to find our if my boyfriend has any warrants in Utah? We have to go to pay our last respects to my grandmother…..
    •Joseph Billy Doyle Garcia
    •age 29
    Thank you very much
    Mandy Lee McClees

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    We ran a Utah warrant search for an Ashlie Danielle Smith and found an arrest charge, from May 2019, for driving on a suspended license however we don’t show any associated warrants. If you missed a court appearance for your hearing then there might be a pending Utah warrant but you’ll need to verify this with the relevant Utah county traffic court.

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    Do you show any active warrants for Ashlie Danielle Smith?

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    Our Utah warrant search has revealed there is an active Utah arrest warrant for a Cuong Tan Nguyen for a parole violation or probation violation

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    A warrant arrest

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    We do show a few Utah criminal charges for Charity Ann Smith. We do not show what the exact Utah warrant is for but we do show an active Utah warrant for a misdemeanor. You can contact you local Utah Sheriff Department to inquire about the details of your wife’s warrant and if she was picked up by Utah Law Enforcement.

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    Hello… I have been trying to find out if my wife might have a warrant. She left our home Saturday, the 7th, and I have not heard from her since she left. She did mention something about some charges filed against her. I have looked at some warrant search sites, but they say that are free, and they aren’t. How can I find out if my wife has a warrant for free? The reason I ask is because I am living on disability and have to watch every penny. Thanks for any info that you can provide! Regards, Sky Olsen. BTW, my wife goes by her maiden name, Charity Ann Smith.

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