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Different Types of Warrants in Illinois

There are two common types of warrants in Illinois. There is the arrest warrant and bench warrant. A bench warrant is issued when someone fails to comply with a court order. This may include failing to honor court hearings, disobeying a subpoena, refusing to pay court-ordered child support or violating probation rules and requirements. An arrest warrant is issued in case someone is suspected to have engaged in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, burglary, fraud, unlawful imprisonment, arson and many others.

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Illinois Warrant Records

Checking to See if You Have a Warrant in Illinois

Many people struggle when it comes to knowing whether they have outstanding warrants in Illinois. This is quite unfortunate because of the potential penalties that usually arise when someone ignores a warrant. These penalties include jail-term, heavy fines or even probation. It is thus important you know how to search for any active warrants against you or your loved one to avoid a penalty. Here is what we recommend.

Simply Ask a Local Police Officer

There are so many police officers on the streets in your neighborhood. You can approach one of them and ask him to run a warranty search on you. However, if the answer is yes then you may be arrested.

Search Online on an Illinois State or County Website

Many counties in Illinois have fully functional online platforms that allow them to interact with the public effectively. Counties such as Boone, Calhoun and DeWitt have websites that contain information about people’s criminal records, including pending warrants. You simply key in your full names or the name of your loved one and the results will pop up. Make sure you use the names indicated in your driver’s license, not nicknames.

Not all counties provide online warrant searches. Consult with your local county through the sheriff’s office for more information. You can also visit the Illinois State Police website and search for your name in the list of the wanted persons. Click on the “Crime” button and a drop down menu will appear. Click the “Wanted Persons” button and see if your name is among those indicated in the list.

Third Party Online Illinois Warrant Searches

There are some third-party websites that provide useful information about warrants and other criminal records. These sites will provide you with all the details of the warrant. This includes when the warrant was issued, where it was filed, description of the offense committed and any related fines. Most online third-party vendors do not charge for their services. Others charge a small fee to help them maintain the database. To perform your search, you have to provide your full names, and a state.

Call the Illinois County Court Clerk or Police Department

Another effective way to search for outstanding warrants is to call the police department or county court clerk to see if your name is among those wanted.

What to Do If You Have a Warrant in Illinois

The State of Illinois has an arrest warrant task force under a mandate to identify, catch and prosecute those with outstanding warrants. You don’t have to wait for this task force to come for you if you have a warrant. You can contact the court to appear for arraignment instead of surrendering to the police. You should also contact a qualified lawyer to represent you and take care of your interests in the case.

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26 responses to “Illinois Warrant Search

    1. There are not any active Illinois warrants found for you William. Please reach out if we can assist you with any additional Illinois public record searches

    1. Our Illinois warrant search shows there is an active warrant for a Robert Harris that is 40 years old and from Cook County, but no middle name is listed on this Cook County Warrant. Our records show that this Illinois warrant is for the charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance. You can also verify this Cook County warrant with your local law enforcement or Cook County courthouse clerk.

  1. please take my name off of there it says I have a warrant and I’ve never done anything wrong in my life so you’re charging people acting like they have a warrant and it’s misleading so remove it l.

    1. There is an active Illinois warrant according to our Illinois warrant search results however, we don’t show the criminal charges associated with this warrant. You might want to reach out to the Elgin County Courthouse Clerk for more information since the courts typically issue these.

    1. We ran a Illinois warrant check in our criminal record database and found there is an active Illinois warrant for Apiphany Vance however, we don’t show what the associated charges are

    1. We ran an Illinois warrant search for Laura and our Illinois criminal record database shows there is an active warrant for the charges of Theft

    1. We ran an Illinois warrant search and did not find any active warrants in our Illinois criminal record database. If you think you may have a bench warrant for not showing up for court or delinquent fines or fees, your best option would be to contact the Illinois court clerk to resolve these issues. Bench warrants can sometimes be handled over the phone or online if you take care of rescheduling or payoff any past due balances.

    1. We have several listings for Illinois warrants under the name Leon Cooper but none that match that age or middle initial. Many of our Illinois warrants are listed without a middle name. If you can provide us with any additional information it might help us refine the multiple results and locate the Illinois criminal record you’re looking for

  2. Im looking for a warrant under my name I paid $2.95 then another $14 but didnt receive nothing. My name is Jeremy D Mckinney Cook County Chicago Il

    1. Jeremy, sorry for the inconvenience. We will gladly refund you the amount you paid as we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Please allow a few days for this to be reflected on your bank statement

      That being said, we don’t see any active Cook County warrants for you and nothing recent in our Cook County criminal record database.

    1. Juan, we don’t show any active Illinois warrants when we ran an open warrant search. Unfortunately there are a large number of listings nationwide so we’ll need to refine this search by giving us your age and potential states where you think you have pending criminal charges

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