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How to Perform a Florida Warrant Search Online 

The state of Florida considers warrants as public records which means that anyone can run a Florida warrant search. The most popular way to do this is through a public record website. To begin your Florida warrant search, you will need to know the full name of the person you want to lookup, including their middle name or initial if possible. Then you will enter the name into the search field and search. Once you get results, it is important to review the person of interest as sometimes there are multiple warrant results for people with the same first and last name. A middle name, county of residence, or date of birth is a good way to filter the results you get. Finally, once you are certain you have the correct person, you will be able to see their active Florida warrants, criminal history, arrests, court records and incarcerations. These are all public record that anyone can research in Florida. 

Florida Bench Warrant Search

A bench warrant is a form of arrest warrant issued by a Florida judge for violation of court order, a missed court appearance, delinquent court fees, or missing jury duty. The most common of the reasons for a Florida bench warrant is for missing a court date, which is not typically an offense where a person is arrested. The exception to this is if a bench warrant is ignored or if the court order was serious enough that the judge feels that the person of interest should be arrested and brought to court by law enforcement. A Florida bench warrant search can be run through a public record website anonymously, which is one of the most common ways to research them. One of benefits of using such a resource to perform your search is that public record sites typically offer anonymous searching and you can search statewide. If you know the county where the you missed a court appearance you can sometimes search through the county courthouse website where it was issued but sometimes you need to call in to find out this information. Once you have determined you have a bench warrant, you can sometimes have it removed by rescheduling your court appearance or paying any past due court fees.

Florida Arrest Warrant Search

A Florida arrest warrant is issued by a judge only when there is probable cause and sufficient evidence presented by law enforcement or a prosecutor. The judge then issues the warrant for that person’s arrest to be apprehended and detained until they have their day in court. An Florida arrest warrant doesn’t necessarily mean a criminal conviction but it does become part of someone’s criminal record until it is lifted. To run a Florida arrest warrant search you will want to have the full name of the person and it’s helpful if you also know the county where it was issued, but this isn’t necessary to run your search with an online public record resource. If you find yourself with multiple results with your inquiry you will want to identify the correct person with a middle name, zip code or county, or their age. Once you find the correct Florida warrant record, you will be able see their charges, the date of issuance, plus a full criminal abstract of all their previous encounters with the law.

Do I Have a Warrant in Florida?

Many people ask this very question, ‘Do I have a warrant in Florida?’, and it is a simple question to answer. If you suspect you have a bench warrant, capias warrant, or arrest warrant there is a simple way to find out. If you find a reliable public record website, you can quickly research yourself and get results in moments. Another option is to search through the Florida county websites, such as the county sheriff department or county courthouse websites. They sometimes offer online search solutions where they allow the general public to search for active warrants through their website. If you want to be certain then it is a good idea to search multiple resources to confirm your suspicions. You may even want to run a full background check on yourself to make sure that there are no pending issues that are concerning. While a comprehensive Florida background check will cost a few bucks, it is sometimes worth the peace of mind to do this and make sure you are in the clear.

Criminal Record Search

Search Active Florida Warrants Through The State

One can search for active Florida arrest warrants online in the Florida Crime Information Center public database. All information in this database was submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement by law enforcement agencies throughout the state. The FDLE warns that the information cannot be used as probable cause for arrest or for confirmation that a certain warrant is active. The site advises against taking individual action based on reports found in the database. Users can search the FDLE records by entering the wanted person’s full name, sex, race, and age or date of birth.

Florida Sheriff Department Warrant Search

Florida county law enforcement websites such as those of Lee County and Okaloosa County allow users to access databases of county-specific arrest warrant information. Another resource is the Central Florida Crimeline website, which is hosted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, has a warrant database searchable by name, sex, criminal offense and address. The search engine allows users to see only results that are updated daily if. Crimeline also offers rewards for information leading to someone’s arrest. If you know what county an arrest warrant was issued in then this is an option however, there is a caveat to using resources like this as they are not always anonymous. You may be required to enter your information in order to search though their web portal, where by using a public record website you can run your Florida arrest warrant search confidentially.

Florida Fugitive Warrant Search

The Florida Department of Corrections also offers a searchable online database of corrections fugitives and incarcerated offenders in the state of Florida. One can search the database by entering the offender’s full name and zip code, selecting his/her criminal offense, and/or selecting his/her current location and county of supervision. Optionally, users can enter the offender’s DC number, a five-digit identification code commonly used by law enforcement. The database provides public records and photographs of wanted fugitives, and felony offenders sentenced to Florida state prison or state supervision. You can perform a Florida fugitive warrant search with just a first and last name however the more information you have the better your results will be.

Nationwide Search For Warrants

Florida Warrant Search

Florida Warrant FAQs

Is there an arrest warrant for me in Florida?

To find out if you have a warrant in Florida you can contact your county courthouse clerk and make an inquiry, you can also contact your local sheriff department to run a warrant search for you. A third option is to use an online public record website where you can run a Florida warrant search anonymously.

Are Florida warrants public record?

Yes, Florida warrants are public record. This means that anyone can lookup someone's Florida warrant record as well as their criminal record and any public record made available by the FOIA.

Who can lookup a Florida warrant?

Most anyone can lookup a Florida warrant since they are public domain. You can request a Florida warrant search from law enforcement, clerk of the courts or a public records website.

What types of Florida warrants are there?

The main types of warrants in Florida are; arrest warrants, bench warrants, capias warrants, search warrants and fugitive warrants. They all have some similarities except that a Florida search warrant differs in that it is not public record and it pertains to law enforcement search a specific location for evidence for a suspected crime.

What if I have an active Florida arrest warrant?

If you find out there is an active Florida warrant for your arrest, it might be a good idea to consult with a criminal defense attorney. They can help guide you on the best course of action and represent you in court if needed.

Can a Florida warrant be removed?

Yes, in certain situations, you may be able to contest a warrant and have it lifted but the judge will need to sign off on this first. The best way to do this is to take care of anything outstanding on the warrant, or present evidence that you are not responsible for the criminal allegations.

How long do Florida arrest warrant last?

Indefinitely, which means they do not go away on their own. They usually stay intact until a judge removes them, you are arrested and brought to court, or you can offer up new evidence that negates the criminal allegations listed on the warrant.

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  1. says:

    Theresa, we show multiple listings in Florida for criminal records with different people that have the same first and last name. Can you also provide us with your middle name as well as your age so we can figure out if any of these Florida warrant records are for you?

    Searching For Florida Warrants

    If you’re searching for Florida warrants you will want to know the full name of the person in question, including middle name, as well as their age or date of birth. Many people have the same or similar names in the United State so it’s important to have all this information so you can run an accurate Florida warrant search.

  2. says:

    Is there a warrant out for my arrest in either Santa Rosa, Okaloosa or aEscambia counties in Florida?

  3. says:

    I found her and the warrent from bay county.

  4. says:

    Is there a warrant for marcel q downing in escambia co

  5. says:

    I was wondering if I had a warrant in Lake County.

  6. says:

    Our Florida warrant search for a Justin Laurenti came up empty however, we did find a drug related criminal charge and arrest record for this person but no active warrants that we can find

  7. says:

    Is there a Florida warrant for Justin Ray Laurenti DOB 2/18/1988

  8. says:

    Dee, our team ran a Florida warrant check for a Stefani Raymond and did not find anything active for her. Please reach out if we can be of any further assistance with a Florida public record search

  9. says:

    Is there a warrant out for Stefani L. Raymond ? DOB 11/30/1981. Orange County Florida.

  10. says:

    We ran a Florida warrant search and found there is an active Florida bench warrant for a Matthew Kyle Cool as well as a pending court case which is related to a felony charge of using fraudulent tags on a vehicle. There are a multitude of other criminal charges however this is the most recent Florida criminal charge that we can find

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    Iwould like to know of i have an active warrant in Pinellas co fl…my name is Matthew Cool

  12. says:

    Dawn, we are only showing a Florida warrant for a Dawn L. Dixon related to a an unspecified fraudulent activities charge. We don’t show anything listed for a Dawn Christine Dixon related to an active Florida warrant. Please reach out if we can assist you with any other warrant record searches.

  13. says:

    Hi, I hope you will help me. Thirty years ago I violated my probation from a grand theft auto charge in Marion County, FL. I have lived in fear ever since. I won’t even get a driver’s license. My name at the time was Dawn Christine Dixon, 06/13/1967. Thank you for your time.

  14. says:

    Leslie, we will need your complete name and age to properly identify any active Florida warrants for you

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    Is there an arrest warrant for me in polk county?

  16. says:

    We ran a Florida warrant check for an Irvin Day and did not find anything active for this person

  17. says:

    I was told I have a warrant for Irvin day I\’m trying to see what\’s going on

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    Our Florida warrant check found an arrest record and criminal battery charges for a Robert Glen Livengood but no active warrants that we could find at this time

  19. says:

    Does Robert G. Livengood have a warrant in Tampa Florida?

  20. says:

    We show a contempt of court charge related to a DUI case however there are not active Florida arrest warrants that we can find

  21. says:

    Is there a warrant out for David Taylor Bass? DOB 10/19/1987

  22. says:

    Adrian, we are not showing any Florida warrants for a David James Cooper however we do show an active bench warrant for a Robert Yauger for failure to appear to a Florida court appearance related to a burglary charge

  23. says:

    Want to know if u can tell me if these two individuals have any warrants out of the state of Fl
    David James Cooper 12-3-63
    Robert Ray Yauger 10-13-58

  24. says:

    Happy to help Jeremy. Can you provide us with your full name and age so we can run a Florida warrant search for you?

  25. says:

    Is there a warrant out for me in lake county fl

  26. says:

    Alvin Jacks or Alvin Jajacks does not come up in our Florida criminal record database as having anything active at the moment

  27. says:

    Do I have a warrant in Orlando Florida

  28. says:

    Candice Camp does not show up in our records as having any Florida arrest warrants

  29. says:

    I’m trying to see if there is any warrants for me in florida

  30. says:

    We’re happy to run a Florida warrant check for you Tabitha but we’ll also need your last name and age if you can provide us with that information.


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