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Texas Warrant Search – Find Out If You Have A Texas Warrant

An arrest warrant is something that no one ever wants to own. It has a multitude of information such as your name, charge, and court date on it, or your passed court date that you failed to make. Warrants are often issued when an arresting agency needs to investigate you for a crime, or they are issued when a defendant fails to show up for a court date. Texas warrant databases contain all of the names of those who have warrants in the state of Texas. Performing a Texas warrant search is relatively simple. You can contact you local Texas Sheriff Office, Police Station or Law Enforcement Agency, as well as online through third party public record databases. The most popular option to run a Texas warrant search is through public record websites where searches can be performed anonymously from the convenience of home or on the go with any device that gets internet access. There are a few simple steps that will allow you to see your active TX warrants, or those of anyone else. First, enter the name of the person you want to research in to the search form. Then, if you know the county or city of that individual, enter that as well, if not it’s ok. You can search statewide with this online resource. Once you find your results, make sure to verify the name matches the person you are looking up. Occasionally there are multiple warrants for different people with the same first and last name. You can use a middle name, age, or county of residence to verify the correct record. Once you’ve verified you have the correct record, you can not only view their warrants but also the associated criminal charges, prior convictions, incarcerations and a full criminal record abstract. These are all public records in Texas that anyone can find online.

Criminal Record Search

Texas Bench Warrant Search

Failure to appear in court, or a court order that was not followed, are some of the chief causes for a Texas bench warrant to be issued. If you believe you or someone you love might have a warrant issued to appear in court, then you can turn to county courthouse website, sheriff departments or public record websites to run this type of search.  You can also make your inquiry with the Texas Judicial Branch if you need to search statewide. If you know the county where one was potentially issued, then the county courthouse is a good place to start. For the smaller, or rural Texas counties, you may need to call the clerk of the courts directly to run a Texas bench warrant search for you.

Texas Arrest Warrant Search

If you’ve had legal issues in the past and wonder if they’re resolved or not, a warrant database is your best way to find out. These databases contain all of the cases where a warrant has been issued and then the accompanying information for the warrant, such as county, state, name, and charge. Every database will differ and in many Texas counties, you’ll find a specific database to search for just that county but not statewide. For example, Harris County’s warrant search is one of the most extensive in the state, but they are far from the only county that maintains a database of its warrant records. The Austin Police Department is also a great resource for this large metropolitan area. Most counties maintain lists of active warrants, fugitives and most wanted that you can access online. For the smaller counties and cities, you may have to call the sheriff or police department directly to make your inquiry.

Texas Statewide Warrant Search

A statewide search is the best way to find out if you or someone you love has a warrant in the state of Texas. Many times, you might not even know the county where one was issued, so statewide searches will be the most extensive and helpful in your case. You can use the Texas DPS website to lookup criminal records and active TX warrant listings. You will need to sign up with online access which means your searches will not be anonymous. Then after you setup your login access, you can fill out the request form by entering the person of interest as well as their birth date. The more information you have for a search such as this, the better. It will improve the accuracy of your results. Many people have the same first and last name so you’ll potentially need additional information to sort your results. If you do not have enough information to enter into the form, you may need to call them directly to make your request for criminal records.

Another option for running a statewide Texas warrant search is to use the services of a public record site where you do not need to wait for your results. These online resources offer quick access to a multitude of criminal records and public records for all residence of Texas and other states. The search is simple and only takes a few moments and the results are impressive. You can find out about a person’s complete criminal history and their entire public record profile. This is all publicly available information that is often times more convenient to access through a third party website instead of a slow moving government agency. Plus your searches will be anonymous and confidential which can be helpful for people not wanting others to know their looking up their information.

What To Do If You Have a Texas Warrant

  • Consult an Attorney: While you can always handle the situation yourself, it is advisable to get the advise of a qualified defense attorney. They can guide you on the best course of action, which might include turning yourself in or contesting the warrant. If you have any doubt of how to proceed then this is a good first step.
  • Stay Calm and Co-operative: If approached by law enforcement, it’s crucial not to resist arrest. Resisting can lead to additional charges. You can most likely bond out of jail on bail as long as you are not at flight risk. Then you can approach an attorney to help you through the rest of the criminal court process and arraignment. 
  • Know Your Rights: Remember, you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Use these rights wisely. Make sure that you do not divulge anything that might hurt you, by staying silent in this stressful situation you can do less damage to your court case than giving out any information that can be used against you.
  • Plan Your Court Case: Use your time wisely and prepare your defense. Make sure that when you go to court, you look the part and dress appropriately. Make sure that you respect all the court’s rules and follow the guidance of your attorney.

Implications of Receiving a Texas Warrant

  • Employment Opportunities: Many employers conduct background checks. A warrant can make you appear unreliable or a potential liability, affecting your chances of getting a job. All things equal in the job application process, they may take someone without a criminal record over a person that has a checkered past. 
  • Academic Applications: Universities and colleges might also run background checks. A warrant could influence admission decisions, especially for courses that require high moral standards, like law or medicine. It can also affect your chances in a saturated application process where there are more applicants than spots available for admission. 
  • Travel Plans: An outstanding warrant can prevent you from obtaining a visa to certain countries. Even domestic travel can be affected; you can be arrested if identified at a checkpoint or TSA at an airport. 
  • Relationships: Trust is often the foundation of friendships and relationships. Finding out that someone has a warrant might lead friends, family, or partners to question your integrity or trustworthiness. Since criminal records are publicly available, it is easy for other people to view this information online by running a background check. 

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Texas Warrant Search

Texas Warrant Search - FAQs

How do I find out if someone has a Texas warrant?

Since Texas warrants are public record you can use a multitude of online resources, like SearchQuarry.com, to anonymously lookup if someone has a warrant in Texas.

Is a Texas warrant public record?

Yes, Texas warrants and criminal background checks are public record that anyone can view. There are many online public record websites where you can run a warrant search or criminal background check from the convenience of your home

How do I run a free Texas warrant search?

If you know what county to run the search in, you can contact the relevant sheriff department or police department. You can also use the services of the Texas DPS to run a warrant search statewide. Another option is to use the services of a public record website where you can run your search anonymously.

Can I be arrested for a bench warrant in Texas?

It is possible but most bench warrants do not result in arrest charges. They are mostly issued for missed court appearances, failed court orders, or past due court fines or fees. You can often fix these types of warrants by contacting the clerk of the courts and making a new court appointment, paying your fines, or following up with your court orders.

What is a Texas capias warrant?

These are issued for someone's arrest who have failed to make their court appearance for an ongoing court case. These are more serious than bench warrants but are not allegations of a crime. They are mostly issued for those that intentionally do not show up to their court hearing, or have fled.

How do I check for active warrants in Texas?

The most popular way to check for warrants in Texas is to use a public record website. While there are many options to run this type of search online, a public record site offers quick access to active warrants and most of these sites offer anonymous and confidential warrant checks.

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Responses to “Texas Warrant Search

  1. says:

    We show a long list of criminal records for a Clarence Brandon Hayes however we don’t see an active warrant. If he had a missed court appearance then it’s best practice to reach out to the clerk of that courthouse and reschedule to avoid any possible bench warrants.

    How to Reschedule a Missed Court Date in Texas

    Rescheduling a missed court date in Texas can be relatively easy depending on the nature of your court case. You can contact the clerk of the court at the courthouse where your court appearance was to take place and request a new date.

  2. says:

    Do you have a warrant for Clarence Hayes he is on bail from Lubbock Texas he is about 60ish I think he had a court date in oct and missed it ( black man about 5\’4 )

  3. says:

    Daniel Lyle Vandoozer does not have any active warrants in Texas but we do show multiple criminal records. Unfortunately we cannot run the Texas SID number, or State Identification Number, through our system. You can reach out to the Texas Department of Corrections to inquire using Daniels’ SID number.

    What is a Texas SID Number?

    An SID in Texas is the state identification number that is attached to a prisoner once they are jailed and incarcerated. A Texas SID number is unique and each inmate receives a different SID. It’s a way for the state of Texas to track people incarcerated within the state.

  4. says:

    We do show there is an active warrant that was issued in Garland Texas for a Stephanie Marie Jonaitis

    Do I have a warrant in Garland Texas?

    To lookup warrants in Garland Texas you can contact the Garland county courthouse clerk. They will have a record of Garland warrants since the courts issue warrants. Another option is to contact the Garland sheriff department or use a 3rd party public record website, which typically costs a few bucks to access this information.

  5. says:

    Search for Daniel L Vandoozer
    Sid number is 716562

  6. says:

    We don’t show anything in El Paso Texas for the name you mentioned.

    How Do I Find Out If I Have a Texas Warrant?

    To find out if your have an active Texas warrant you can contact your county courthouse clerk, as the courts issue Texas warrants. You can also contact your county sheriff department and inquire with them. A third option is to use the resources of a public records website, warrants are public information that can be found online.

  7. says:

    any warrants in Texas for Stephanie Marie Jonaitis, DOB 03/13/1976

  8. says:

    I need to know if there are any active arrest warrants for larry c barnum in el paso tx. Thank you.

  9. says:

    Do you show a blue warrant for Philip Blakely 10/03/1965?

  10. says:

    The only active TX warrant record we show is for an Anthony Lee Mendieta and the birth dates don’t match either. You can also confirm warrant information with your local Texas sheriff office or county courthouse, where warrants are typically issued from.

    Texas Court Ordered Warrants

    Texas municipal courts can issue arrest warrants and bench warrants depending on the nature of the criminal charges, court orders or judgments filed against them

  11. says:

    Can you please run a warrant search for Anthony Diego Mendieta 04/30/1998….If he does have a warrant and they are from different counties how does that get handled?

  12. says:

    Antonio, we do show there is a Texas bench warrant for you but we are uncertain if this has dropped off your criminal record. Your best option would be to contact your Texas parole officer or the Texas county courthouse clerk where your case was tried and your probation was initiated from. You can also contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to inquire about your Texas parole status.

    How to Check on My Texas Parole Status

    1. Call the Texas Noard of Pardons and Paroles
    2. Inquire about the parole status of a person
    3. Provide their Texas TDCJ Number
    4. If the person is under parole you can find their status
    5. If you have any additional questions email Div@TDCJ.Texas.gov

    Texas Department of Corrections Phone Number

    Texas TDCJ Phone Number: 936-295-6371

  13. says:

    I was supposed to discharge Parole may 28 2018 just checking for any warrants that might stop that

  14. says:

    We do show there is an active warrant in Texas for a Lora E Slaten however, we do not show whether it’s a blue warrant or not. You might consider reaching out to the Texas Parole Board to inquire about the details of Lora’s warrant.

    What is a Texas Blue Warrant?

    A Blue Warrant is issued by the Texas Parole Board where a warrant is issued for a Texas parolee for their arrest and incarceration without the possibility of being released by bond.

  15. says:

    There is an active Texas warrant with the charges listed as

      ‘B’ THEFT

    That being said you will want to contact the county courthouse clerk where the warrant was issued to clarify if your warrant was issued that revokes your probation.

    What Does a Revoked Probation Mean?

    A revoked probation means your probation is either extended, additional fines imposed, jail time or require a substance treatment program or counseling. A revoked probation doesn’t always mean you’re going to jail

  16. says:

    I don’t have any money but was told I had a warrant for motion to revoke my probation.. need to know if it’s true or not
    Virginia M Fales
    Taylor county

  17. says:

    Lawrence, we did find a arrest record for a Samuel Martin Onwiler from Aransas county Texas but no active Corpus Christ arrest warrants from what we can see

  18. says:

    Does Samuel onwiler Corpus Christi texas have a warrent for his arrest.

  19. says:

    Inquiring as to a Blue Warrant for Rhonda Coates, Black Female out of Bell county

  20. says:

    Can you check if Joe Luis Rodriguez has a warrant in Parmer County in Texas DOB 04/28/2981

  21. says:

    I need to know if a Blue Warrant has been issued for Angel Breckenridge, 01/18/1986

  22. says:

    We ran the name Daniel Jacobs through our Texas criminal record database search and found a disorderly conduct violation for a Daniel Soren Jacob but there are no Tx warrants that we can find currently

  23. says:

    could you check and see if my brother has a warrant his name is Daniel Jacobs date of birth 11:14 1985 from Shreveport Louisiana

  24. says:

    Marla, we were able to locate previous criminal history with the information you provided us however, we did not find any active TX warrants for you in our database resources

  25. says:

    Can someone please check if I have a warrant. Marla Gustafson, dob 6-11-65, live in San Antonio

    Thank you, Marla Gustafson

  26. says:

    Paula, we checked our Texas database resources but did not find anything under your last name Wihite

  27. says:

    Do you see any open warrants for me? Possibly Harris, Montgomery and Liberty counties?

  28. says:

    Does Thomas Edward Blankenship have an active blue warrant out of hood county?

  29. says:

    Is there a warrant for Trent J.Johnson in Tarrant county.. just curious i have no funds at this time I’d appreciate it.. thanks

  30. says:

    Many people in the United States have the same first and last name, sometimes hundreds of people have this in common. Unless your birth date matches the TX warrant record then it’s most likely not you


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