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Texas Warrant Search – Find Out If You Have A Texas Warrant

An arrest warrant is something that no one ever wants to own. It has a multitude of information such as your name, charge, and court date on it, or your passed court date that you failed to make. Warrants are often issued when an arresting agency needs to investigate you for a crime, or they are issued when a defendant fails to show up for a court date. Texas warrant databases contain all of the names of those who have warrants in the state of Texas. Performing a Texas warrant search is relatively simple. You can contact you local Texas Sheriff Office, Police Station or Law Enforcement Agency, as well as online through third party public record databases.

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Texas Bench Warrant Search

Failure to appear is one of the chief causes for a Texas bench warrant to be issued. If you believe you or someone you love might have a warrant issued for their arrest, then you can turn to The Texas Department of Safety, which maintains a large database full of failure to appear warrants.

If you’ve had legal issues in the past and wonder if they’re resolved or not, a warrant database is your best way to find out. These databases contain all of the cases where a warrant has been issued and then the accompanying information for the warrant, such as county, state, name, and charge. Every database will differ and in many Texas counties, you’ll find a specific database to search for just that county but not statewide. For example, Harris County’s warrant search is one of the most extensive in the state, but they are far from the only county that maintains a database of its warrant records.

Texas Warrant SearchStatewide Texas Warrant Search

A statewide search is the best way to find out if you or someone you love has a warrant in the state of Texas. Many times, you might not even know the county where the specific warrant was issued, so statewide searches will be the most extensive and helpful in your case. Simply type in the last name and first name of the defendant you think might have a warrant. Sometimes they’ll give you the option to search by case number, birth date, or driver’s license number. The more information you have for a search such as this, the better. It will improve the accuracy of your results. Many people have the same first and last name so you’ll potentially need additional information to sort your results.

Simply type in the name and get started. If you have more information to add to that, then you can often do so in a second search. Eventually you’ll recover the information you need to know. Warrant information will contain charges, date of charges, county of the charge, and other vital pieces of information about the arrest warrant record.

These searches are enormously helpful for defendants who have let their legal matters get away from them and need the peace that comes from knowing for sure whether or not there is an arrest warrant for your person. Once you’ve got this information and confirmed it, you can go to the arresting agencies and resolve the legal matter.

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95 responses to “Texas Warrant Search

    1. Let us know if there is a Texas warrant search we can assist you with. We access the same warrant information used by Texas law enforcement. Please let us know how we can be of assistance

        1. We don’t show a Texas warrant for Charles A Hood but we do show one for a Charles Q Hood with no birth date listed. You might also want to confirm this with your local Texas county courthouse. You can contact the court clerk to inquire about any potential warrants issued recently

      1. I need to know if there is a blue warrant out for a Lora Slaten 11/23/1983 please ASAP I am a private investigator and can be reached at 469-766-9922

        1. We do show there is an active warrant in Texas for a Lora E Slaten however, we do not show whether it’s a blue warrant or not. You might consider reaching out to the Texas Parole Board to inquire about the details of Lora’s warrant.

          What is a Texas Blue Warrant?

          A Blue Warrant is issued by the Texas Parole Board where a warrant is issued for a Texas parolee for their arrest and incarceration without the possibility of being released by bond.

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience, we did a search for your name and did not find any warrants for you in Texas. I have forwarded your information to our customer support team to refund and cancel your membership.

  1. Do I have any outstanding tickets or warrants? Montgomery county and Harris county, Conroe, Houston, the woodlands, and Tomball.

    1. Good news Denise, we don’t show any active or outstanding Texas warrants for you. If you feel this is incorrect then you can also check with the sheriff department or county court clerk.

    1. Our Texas warrant records show there is an outstanding warrant for Adrian for the following charges

    1. We do not show any active warrants for Carson in Texas. You can also check with your local sheriff department to verify this Texas warrant information

    1. We do not show any active warrants for you in our Texas warrant database. Is there another name you would like us to perform a Texas warrant lookup for?

  2. My son swears that he doesn’t have an active warrant for him. However, a detective told me back in August that there was a warrant due to an on-going investigation. I have looked at the county website and nothing shows. This website is pulling in information from a different county. Does it only show after the investigation is completed? His name is Elric Eaton.

    1. We do not show an active warrant either for you son. You can also check with your local sheriff department to confirm this

    1. Please reach out to our customer support team about looking up your warrant record. Our contact information is below

      Search Quarry Phone Number:

      Search Quarry Regular Phone Hours:
      8am -12am EST (M-F)

    1. We do show an active Texas warrant for a Jarvis Lee, without a middle initial, for the charges of

  3. Don’t have a credit card but need to know if I have warrants,was told they were closed but not sure,please help

    1. We will need the full name and age of the person in question to run a Texas warrant search for you. The more information you can provide us the easier it is to locate the correct Texas warrant for the person in question.

    1. There is an active Texas warrant listed for Nathan Martin for the charges of

      1. Are there any others? I was told by the prosecuting attorney here when I was discussing an issue in process that there were 3 different warrants but I was never told what exactly they were. I know he is on bond in Texas over engaging in organized crime.. maybe a failure to appear or something linked to that?

        1. Your best bet to find out the different warrants in Texas, associated with the person you mentioned, is to contact the local Texas sheriff department for more information. Unfortunately we don’t list 3 different warrants, just that there is an outstanding warrant and several criminal charges.

    1. We have a hit in our Texas warrant database for an outstanding warrant for a Richard Wayne Blake for the following charges

    1. We show there is an active Texas warrant for Amy Nichol Wells for

    1. We show there is an active Texas warrant for a Phyllis Elaine Glenn for

    1. Our Texas warrant search revealed there is an active Texas warrant for Ginger Barnes for

    1. We show an active warrant for Cody Lee Patterson for Theft. There are also some other warrants listed in Texas without a middle name and different age. If you can confirm your middle name and age we can offer you additional Texas warrant information

  4. I don’t have any money and I was wanting to know if you can help me…I wanted to know if I had a warrant …tony jr Hernandez 4/5/1976

  5. I don’t have any money but was told I had a warrant for motion to revoke my probation.. need to know if it’s true or not
    Virginia M Fales
    Taylor county

    1. There is an active Texas warrant with the charges listed as

        ‘B’ THEFT

      That being said you will want to contact the county courthouse clerk where the warrant was issued to clarify if your warrant was issued that revokes your probation.

      What Does a Revoked Probation Mean?

      A revoked probation means your probation is either extended, additional fines imposed, jail time or require a substance treatment program or counseling. A revoked probation doesn’t always mean you’re going to jail

    1. Jennifer, we don’t show any outstanding warrants in Texas for you. It’s possible if this is a recently issued warrant that it’s not available for public consumption yet. You can also contact your local county courthouse to verify this information

    1. There is an a San Antonio warrant listed for a Rodolfo Vega Alvarado with the charges originating from

    1. We don’t show any recent Texas warrants for you Misty. You can also contact a Texas county sheriff department or the relevant Texas county courthouse, that may have issued the warrant, to inquire about anything recent.

    1. There were no active warrants listed for Antoinette Steele in our Texas warrant record database

    1. Our Texas criminal records database shows there is an active Bowie county warrant for a Heather Lee Humes with the charges of Aggravated Assault on a Family Member

    1. That was the only Texas warrant listing for Heather Humes, there was nothing listed with the middle name Laine

    1. Our Texas records show there’s an active warrant for Vanessa Duran for DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED BAC >=0.15

      There were no active listings for Anairis White in our Texas database records

  6. I was supposed to discharge Parole may 28 2018 just checking for any warrants that might stop that

    1. Antonio, we do show there is a Texas bench warrant for you but we are uncertain if this has dropped off your criminal record. Your best option would be to contact your Texas parole officer or the Texas county courthouse clerk where your case was tried and your probation was initiated from. You can also contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to inquire about your Texas parole status.

      How to Check on My Texas Parole Status

      1. Call the Texas Noard of Pardons and Paroles
      2. Inquire about the parole status of a person
      3. Provide their Texas TDCJ Number
      4. If the person is under parole you can find their status
      5. If you have any additional questions email Div@TDCJ.Texas.gov

      Texas Department of Corrections Phone Number

      Texas TDCJ Phone Number: 936-295-6371

  7. I am trying to find out if there is a warrant issued for David Quintero. He is 35. It should be issued in Elsa.

    1. There is a Texas bench warrant for a David Quintero for the charges of SPEEDING 10% OVER POSTED LIMIT

    1. There sure is Tyler. The Texas warrant for Krista is for the criminal charges DEL/MAN CS-4-200G-PG1. Translated, this Texas warrant charge typically means; Intent to Manufacture or Deliver a Controlled Substance in The State of Texas. You can find out more information by discussing the specifics with the sheriff department or the issuing Texas county courthouse clerk.

  8. Indigent but can u plz tell me if there are and warrants for virginia lisa courtney. D.o.b is 4/30/1976..

    1. We do show a Texas warrant for a Virginia King Courtney but no TX warrants are listed for a Virginia Lisa King

    1. Our Texas warrant search came up with no active warrants for Erika Johns. You might also check with your local county courthouse to verify that there is not a bench or arrest warrant depending on the nature of the criminal record it’s associated with.

    1. There is an outstanding warrant in Texas for a Jennifer Spears for Theft for over $500. You can find out more information by talking to Texas law enforcement.

    1. Our Texas warrant search did not show any results for you Ian. If this is a recent warrant you might consider reaching out the county court clerk or local law enforcement

    1. There is a possible Texas Bench Warrant for a Speeding Ticket listed in our Texas warrant records. If you have already taken care of this speeding citation then you might want to contact the relevant courthouse clerk to inquire about the details of this warrant

    1. Our records show there is an active warrant in Texas for Cassandra Ann Thompson. We don’t show the associated Texas criminal records but we do show it is a felony arrest warrant.

    1. We don’t show an active Texas warrant for the name you mentioned but we do show 2 other Texas warrants for a Robin Anderson with a different middle name


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