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The Importance Of An Oklahoma Warrant Search

How do you know if you have a warrant out for your arrest in Oklahoma? In most cases, law enforcement officials make this information public and will put it on the Internet where you can search for it for free. A few cases are not released to the general public for sensitive criminal and federal cases however, most all active Oklahoma warrants are publicly available. Being in the know about a possible Oklahoma warrant can save you a lot of grief.  The process is simple using an online public record. The first step to run an Oklahoma warrant search is to enter the full name of the individual you want to lookup into the search form. Then select a county or city, if you know it, but it is not necessary as you can search statewide. Then once your results are made available, make sure to confirm the record matches the person of interest. Once you’ve completed those simple steps you can view that person’s criminal history, arrests, criminal charges, court records, prior convictions, and incarceration records. Once of the benefits of using an online public record site is your searches are anonymous an confidentials, so no-one will know you are looking them up.

Different Types of Warrants in Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma Arrest Warrants: These legal documents are issued when a judge believes there is enough corroborating evidence to arrest an individual for a crime. It is a direct order for the arrest of the named person which commands law enforcement to arrest the person of interest. These are considered criminal records even though they are not a conviction of a crime. 
  • Oklahoma Search Warrants: Authorizes law enforcement to search a specified place for evidence of a crime. This could be a residence, a business, or even a vehicle. These are not considered public records as they are not attached to a person’s criminal record. However, they can lead to a person’s arrest eventually if the evidence that is collected shows there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. 
  • Oklahoma Bench Warrants: Typically issued when an individual fails to appear in court as required, whether for a hearing, trial, or other legal proceeding. These are mostly summons, by the judge (aka the bench), to show up in court, not the same as arrest warrants as they are not an allegation of a crime. That said, if a person ignores one of these court orders, it can eventually lead to their arrest and detainment until their court date. 
  • Oklahoma Execution Warrants: Less common but extremely serious, this warrant allows for the execution of a death-row inmate. These are issued for a capital crime where the defendant is found guilty, and the judge makes the sentence to end their life. 
  • Oklahoma Tax Warrants: While these are issued by a judge, they are different from other warrants. These are summons by the court to pay unpaid taxes by an individual or business. They can result in seizure of assets, bank account funds, garnished wages and in some serious cases can lead to a person’s arrest if there is fraud suspected. Another form of this type of warrant is called a tax lien, while similar to a tax warrant, they are different legal instruments for the government to collect unpaid taxes. 
  • Oklahoma Capias Warrants:  A capias warrants for someone’s arrest who has fled or evaded an ongoing court case where they are a key witness, or defendant. These are fairly uncommon as they are not criminal allegations of a crime but a summons to return to court where law enforcement is directed to arrest that person and bring them back to court. 

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Law Enforcement Oklahoma Warrant Search

One way to see if you have a warrant out under your name in Oklahoma is to visit an Oklahoma law enforcement agency with a valid piece of identification and have the agency perform a warrant search for you. However, if you do this and it is found that you do have a warrant out for your arrest, you risk being arrested right then and there. You may want to seek legal counsel before being arrested, which makes an online search the more attractive option. Many Oklahoma sheriff departments and city police departments have online access to active OK warrants and most wanted fugitives, such as the Oklahoma County Sheriff Office and Oklahoma City Police Department . If you do not know the county or city where to begin your search, you may be better off using an online public record website where you can search statewide.

Oklahoma Warrants, Criminal Records, and Public Perception

Having an active warrant in Oklahoma, or elsewhere, can significantly affect a person’s life. Warrants, especially arrest warrants, often lead to criminal convictions and incarcerations which can haunt a person for a long time. 

Criminal records in Oklahoma, like the warrants preceding them, are also public records. This means employers, landlords, and other entities can access them. While it may not lead to denying someone a job solely based on a criminal record, unless it’s relevant to the job, the reality is that bias exists and they can be passed up for many opportunities. It’s not uncommon for employers to view a criminal record unfavorably. It can also lead to traveling issues, as having an arrest warrant can make leaving the state risky and getting on a flight almost impossible. Since warrants do not go away, it is best to deal with it head on and try to resolve the situation before it gets worse. Hiring an attorney to help guide you through the process of dealing with a warrant is always a good call. 

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Oklahoma Warrant Search

Oklahoma Warrant Search - FAQ

Do I have a warrant in Oklahoma?

If you think you might have an active Oklahoma warrant there is an easy way to check. You can run the name of the person you want to lookup through a public record website. The benefit doing it this way is your searches are anonymous and nobody will know you're searching.

Can an Oklahoma warrant be removed from my record?

Under certain circumstances and after the warrant has been resolved, it might be possible to have it expunged or sealed with legal assistance.

How accurate are Oklahoma warrant searches?

Some resources are definitely more reliable than others however, nothing is infallible. If you want to be certain of the accuracy of the warrant, you can always contact the issuing courthouse clerk to inquire.

Is there a fee for running an Oklahoma warrant search?

There are many free online resources to research Oklahoma active warrants however, some online resources might charge a fee for a comprehensive warrant search and background check. If you just want to verify if there is an active warrant in Oklahoma, you can typically do this for free.

Can I resolve an Oklahoma bench warrant without being arrested?

In some cases it is possible such as rescheduling a missed court date or paying an overdue court fine. You may need to consult with an attorney can help you navigate the best approach, which might involve appearing before the judge and making your appeal.

Do Oklahoma warrants show up on background checks?

Yes, since warrants are considered public record they will show up on a background check and can be seen by anyone who runs an online warrant search.

Is it legal for the public to search for Oklahoma warrants?

Yes, warrants are public records in Oklahoma, meaning anyone can search and view them.

How long does an arrest warrant last in Oklahoma?

They last indefinitely, arrest warrants in Oklahoma do not expire. They remain valid until the person named is arrested or the warrant is otherwise cleared by a judge.

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