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How to Run a California Warrant Search

Because of the Freedom of Information Act, all warrants in California are deemed public record which means anyone can look them up. The first step in performing a California warrant search is to have the full name of the person of interest, find a reliable public record website where you can research warrants statewide. Then you’ll enter the full name, and county if you know it, into the search form. Once your warrant record results have populated you may have to sort through multiple records as many people in the state have the same first and last name. If you know the person’s middle name, age or address, this will be helpful in finding the correct record for the right person. Then once you’ve selected the person of interest’s California warrant record, you can see what charges the charges are, previous criminal activity, arrests and incarcerations. This is all public record so anyone can do this research legally. One of the benefits of using a public record website is that your California warrant search will be anonymous and confidential, so nobody will know you’re looking up their public record.

California Warrant Search Information

All California warrants are signed by judges, and they can give police the authority to arrest you on the spot with an arrest warrant. Bench warrants are a bid different in that most of these do not result an an arrest. These most common types of warrants in California and are issued if a person fails to show up for a court date, doesn’t comply with a court order, or fails to pay their court fines. There are both searchable types of warrant records that anyone can perform with a simple name search online. There is also a ‘search warrant’ however this is not a warrant that is public record. A search warrant is a court ordered document that gives law enforcement the authority to search a specific location such s a house, place of business, vehicle, etc..

California Sheriff Department Warrant Search

  • Contact the Relevant Law Enforcement Offices
  • Request a California Warrant Search By Name Online, In Person or By Phone
  • Provide the Full Name, DOB and Any Identifiable Information of The Person in Question
  • View California Active Warrants & Verify The Personal Information is Correct

A simple way to find out if you have a warrant is to contact the relevant county sheriff department or courthouse in the county where it may have been issued. You can sometimes do this through their web portal but occasionally you will have to call the clerk directly to inquire. You can also visit the courthouse physically, although this might result in your arrest if you have a California arrest warrant in your name. Alternatively, you can call the Sherriff’s department and ask them if you have a warrant. If you are not comfortable doing the search yourself, you can ask your lawyer to do it on your behalf.

California County Courthouse Warrant Search

In California, outstanding warrant can be found the online through the relevant county courthouse websites.. Warrants are public records so anyone can search them. The only caveat to looking up a warrant this way is you will have to know which county courthouse to search with since often times their websites will only search within their own county. You can also call up the clerk of the court to inquire about any warrants you might have. A third option is to go to the courthouse in person however if you try to run a California arrest warrant search you might be arrested on the spot. Bench warrants are usually not offense which will result in your arrest. They are often times from a missed court appearance that you can reschedule online or in person.

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What To Do If You Have a California Arrest Warrant

If you get arrested for an outstanding California warrant, the first thing you should do is to call your lawyer and explain the situation. You might consider not talking to the authorities since this could land you in more trouble. As per the Fifth Amendment, you have the right to stay silent in the event of an arrest It is also important to stay calm if you are approached by the police with a California arrest warrant. Resisting arrest can make the police take action and can make your arrest more difficult and you can also face additional charges. It is also important to note that some California arrest warrants can result in being extradited from another state back to California if you are arrested in another state. A good course of action to help mitigate being arrested for an outstanding warrant is to run periodic background checks on yourself to see what information is current, especially if you’ve recently had a run in with the police or were previously arrested and you are out on probation or parole.


California warrants can be intimidating, however finding out if you have one doesn’t have to be. With online public record websites, anyone can run a California arrest warrant search or California bench warrant search anonymously. If you find you have a warrant in your name, you might want to consult with legal counsel to find out what your rights are and what is the best course of action to surrender yourself or possibly just reschedule a court appearance. It is also important to remember that a warrant is not a conviction. It is the beginning of a legal process, and with the right help, it can be handled effectively and sometimes mitigated with proper guidance. 

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California Warrant Search

California Warrant Search FAQ

How do I search for warrants in California?

There are a few ways to lookup a warrant in California. First you can contact your county sheriff department or the clerk of the county courthouse. Another way to lookup California warrants is to use a non-government public record website where you can run a CA warrant search anonymously.

Do I have a California arrest warrant?

If you think you have a California warrant for your arrest there is a good way to find out anonymously. You can use a reliable public record website and run a quick name search to find out if your name comes up with any warrant records. If you find out you have a California arrest warrant then you may want to talk to a lawyer to discus your options and how to peacefully surrender yourself to the appropriate law enforcement agency. This will make matters much easier on you, potentially resulting in better terms for your court case and reduced penalties or fines.

Can I clear a California arrest warrant without being arrested?

This is possible in some cases. This typically requires the assistance of an attorney and involves appearing before the court that issued the warrant. The judge can then cancel the warrant, but this is at their discretion.

Are arrest warrants public record in California?

Yes, arrest warrants in California are considered public records. They can be researched through county sheriff's office, police departments, or public record websites. However, some warrant information may be withheld for certain sensitive ongoing criminal cases.

How does law enforcement get an arrest warrant in California?

California aw enforcement typically gets an arrest warrant by submitting a sworn affidavit to a judge or court magistrate. The affidavit details the evidence and reasons for believing the individual named has committed a crime and that there is probable cause to arrest someone for that crime.

Can I run a free California arrest warrant search?

Yes, if you know the county in California the arrest warrant was issued you can sometimes find this by going to the relevant county courthouse website and searching. If you do not know what county to begin your search then using a public record website is a good option because you can typically search statewide and even nationwide, depending on the resource you are using.

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    Samantha, we ran a CA warrant search for you and did not find anything with your name in the criminal records database

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    I’d like to see if I have any warrants in California that are Active in CA.

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    LéRoy, we did not locate anything active under your name with our CA warrant search however we did find an active CA warrant for a LeRoy Edward Thomas

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    I need to know if I have any active warrants on California whether arrest or bench

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    We are happy to help Eric. We’ll need your date of birth to run this California warrant search for you

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    We found an incarceration record for a Robert Daniel Wray from 2018 but we’re not able to locate any active CA warrants for this person

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    Checking to see if i have any warrants

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    Rochelle, you may want to consult with legal counsel about your rights in this matter. We cannot weigh in on those questions unfortunately

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    Thank you for the information. I went to courthouse and got a copy of the RETURN. All pages except 22,23, and 24 were included. These pages are confidential under a “Hobbs” order. They contain the reason for why the warrant was issued as the sealed pages are sealed because “if revealed, the confidential informants life would be in danger and/or it would reveal investigative techniques not known to the general public”. How is the informant life in danger? I’ve never been arrested in my life! Can they really not tell you why they are searching your house like that? Dont I have the right to face my accuser? Deputy Probation Officer Marcel Bonardd wrote the request for search warrant affidavit in Sacramento, CA for SSD Report# 19-447476. How do I get these missing pages?

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    We ran the name Kenneth Ban through our California criminal database and did not find anything out of Los Angeles or San Bernardino county

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    Hello checking to see if my husband Kenneth Bon has any warrants out his birthday is 07/14/1997 I’m concerned because he joined the military and we’re in japan but apparently his license has been suspended. It would be for Los Angeles county or San Bernardino county.

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    Christina, we did not find anything active in California for you in our criminal record search

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    In order to process your request we will need to know the age and full name of the person in question. This is a fairly common name in California

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    Kings and Tulare county can you please check for me my birthday is 05-03-1989

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    John, can you also verify your middle name so we can verify if we are looking at the correct CA warrant record? there are multiple people listed in California with your first and last name and none say junior

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    i would like to know if i have a warrant in sf ca
    john phillips jr

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    I would like to know if I have an active warrant from 6 yrs ago?? My DOB:4/23/1965. All other info listed below. I wont have any money to pay until the 1st of the month.

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    Rhonda, thank you for sharing your story on our California warrant search blog. We searched our California criminal records database for you and did not find any active California warrants. If you want to be certain you are in the clear, and there are no pending cases or outstanding fines or fees that need to be paid, you might want contact the County Courthouse Clerk, like you mentioned. This will give you a definitive answer so you can proceed in filing for divorce.

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    I believe all of my fines are paid in full, however I think I was supposed to attend some classes, also, which I did not. I reunited with my high school sweetheart, then packed up and moved, 5hrs away. Moving and starting over felt much like the closing of a bad chapter in my book; one I couldn\’t bring myself to reopen. Hard to imagine that was 5yrs ago, effective this June, 2020. While I haven\’t had any interaction with the law in this time, I also haven\’t tied up those loose ends, either. I know you cannot say definitively, but in your opinion, what do you think the chances are I have a warrant, as result? I just wanted to get some feedback from you, in effort to prepare myself prior to making that call! I have to call the County Courthouse Clerk or the Sheriff\’s Office, as per your web info. Here\’s some further, for lack of a better word, \”interesting\” info. Ready? Here comes the kicker! My ex worked @Sheriff\’s Office-Dispatch (911)…as did I for awhile- -in the same office, but I did restraining order data entry. We were not together when he was charged with and ultimately fired for child molestation: My then, age 17, son- -his step-son- -and my son\’s longtime friend. EVERYBODY, myself included, was completely shocked! Whether I have to call the Sheriff\’s Office or the Courthouse (re:warrant) they knew/know him; chances are: me,too. If not,they definitely know the name! Ugh! To make matters worse, if you can even believe there is such: we\’re still legally married! For shame, I know! 1st things first: Learn about warrant. Fast 2nd: Filing for divorce! I\’m unsure where he even lives now: Illinois…Arizona. I just need to handle matters–both of them– so I can go forward with my life. Thanks in advance for anything you\’re able to share and/or help me with.☺

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    Maricela, we are happy to run a California warrant search for you. We’ll need your full name and age as well as the county where you suspect you have an active CA warrant.

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    Rochelle, you can contact the issuing Sacramento county courthouse as they would have signed off on a search warrant. It also seems very suspicious that your rights we’re not properly observed by the law enforcement agency that searched your home. It might be prudent to contact a lawyer to discuss the details of this suspicious search warrant. In any case, you have the right to get a full copy of the search warrant that was issued to search your home and property.

    California Search Warrant Requirements

    1. If property was stolen
    2. If property is needed as evidence for a criminal investigation
    3. If there is known contraband that is relevant
    4. If there is also an arrest warrant for a person
    5. If there is a firearm from a crime on the premises
    6. If a person is under a restraining order
    7. If a known felon has possession of a firearm

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    A search warrant was executed on my home. I asked for a copy 3 times during the search and they kept telling me later. After search was over, they put a copy of pages 1-6 of the warrant on my counter and left before i was allowed to access the counter. The warrant had 22 pages according to page numbers. How do i get copies of pages 7-22? This is sacramento county. there is no warrant number on the pages.

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    Thomas, please let us know how we can be of assistance. We are happy to provide you with one Free California Warrant Search. We’ll need your full name and age to continue.

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    Just trying 2 do next right thing.

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    We apologize for any inconvenience in your California warrant search, your login information should have been mailed to you. That being said, if you can’t find the email, you can contact customer support for assistance during our normal operating hours, listed below for your convenience. We can also issue you a refund if you still cannot access the member’s area. Customer Support Phone Number

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    I paided for 5 day service and now i cant access your site period they wanna bill me.

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    Gina, that really depends on the nature of your California warrant and what the judge says. You should contact the relevant California courthouse clerk and inquire about more details or if you can avoid doing any jail time for your California warrant.

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    I know I have a warrant in FRESNO Co. I guess I didn\’t do as the judge had ordered me to do it was a drug comb. How many days am I going to do in the Co. Jail

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    In order to take care of a warrant in California you will want to contact your local California Sheriff Department and contact them about getting taken care of. Depending on the nature of the warrant you might be able to take care of it over the phone or online.

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    Hello my name is Timothy Mahnke and I was interested in information on or an arrest warrant for myself if there was I would like to get it taken care of as soon as possible if you can message me back with information on how and where to get it taken care of that will be grateful

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