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Los Angeles County Warrant Search Information

The search warrants issued by the Los Angeles County in California enable the police to apprehend the person who has committed a crime. An arrest warrant is signed by the judge and becomes active. When it is signed, the suspect may be incarcerated at any given time no matter where that person is located at the moment. To begin a Los Angeles County Warrant Search, enter a first and last name into the form above.

In order to carry out a Los Angeles county warrant search, one must first visit the sheriff’s office and go through their criminal databases. This system dates back to 1988. The databases have warrants that have been issued by the law enforcement agencies of Los Angeles County. The authorities of the state and the FBI have access to this information.

Simply being arrested or having your house searched is not good enough to tell you that a criminal case has been filed against you. When you check the Los Angeles Superior Court site you will find whether there is a pending case or active warrant against you. If you find that there is one, it is probably a bench warrant issued by the court for your failure to appear.

You can conduct a proper online search via the LASD online portal where you enter the details about a person and can find information about them in the last two hours. The information presented here will have the personal details and the physical description of a detainee. You can even view the date of their arrest, their charge level, the jail where they were held, and details for the bail. If you think this information is not sufficient enough then you can always go for a wider search option through the online portal of the Correctional Department of Los Angeles.

All criminal courthouses in the Los Angeles County have capabilities to run any information for the presence of a warrant. The court clerk asks for your name and the date of birth to match the information to any pending case.

Los Angeles County Warrant Search
Los Angeles County Warrant Search

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6 responses to “Los Angeles County Warrant Search

  1. Hi, I’m currently working on a research project regarding CA SB10 (bail reform), which is awaiting a vote in the State Assembly. Do you have the statistics for exactly how many outstanding warrants there are in L.A. County? Thank you.

    1. Gregory,

      Our resources can locate warrant records by name however we don’t have an exact number for you regarding the number of outstanding warrants in Los Angeles county. Many counties, including LA, are notorious for having delayed reporting of warrant information to public record databases. It is our recommendation that you contact the Los Angels County Sheriff’s Office to inquire about this information. They will have a more accurate count of outstanding warrants for your research project.

  2. Hello, I am searching for information on someone who was arrested and tried in L.A. County in the late 1990s. He was incarcerated in CDCR beginning in in 1999 and apparently was in L.A. County jail starting around 1997 or 1998. I want to know exactly what he was charged with. Unfortunately he has a common first and last name but no middle name. Would it be possible to get this information? I have info such as his current location and CDC # too.

    1. How to Lookup a Warrant For Someone With a Common Name

      You will need as much identifiable information as possible. This can include their age, previous address, relatives, social media accounts and physical characteristics.

      How to Lookup Someone by Their CDC Number

      Visit the California Inmate Locator website where you can lookup and inmate by their CDC Number

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