Los Angeles County Warrant Search

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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Los Angeles County Warrant Search Information

The search warrants issued by the Los Angeles County in California enable the police to apprehend the person who has committed a crime. An arrest warrant is signed by the judge and becomes active. When it is signed, the suspect may be incarcerated at any given time no matter where that person is located at the moment. To begin a Los Angeles County Warrant Search, enter a first and last name into the form above.

In order to carry out a Los Angeles county warrant search, one must first visit the sheriff?s office and go through their criminal databases. This system dates back to 1988. The databases have warrants that have been issued by the law enforcement agencies of Los Angeles County. The authorities of the state and the FBI have access to this information.

Simply being arrested or having your house searched is not good enough to tell you that a criminal case has been filed against you. When you check the Los Angeles Superior Court site you will find whether there is a pending case or active warrant against you. If you find that there is one, it is probably a bench warrant issued by the court for your failure to appear.

You can conduct a proper online search via the LASD online portal where you enter the details about a person and can find information about them in the last two hours. The information presented here will have the personal details and the physical description of a detainee. You can even view the date of their arrest, their charge level, the jail where they were held, and details for the bail. If you think this information is not sufficient enough then you can always go for a wider search option through the online portal of the Correctional Department of Los Angeles.

All criminal courthouses in the Los Angeles County have capabilities to run any information for the presence of a warrant. The court clerk asks for your name and the date of birth to match the information to any pending case.

Los Angeles County Warrant Search
Los Angeles County Warrant Search

How can I find out if I have a warrant in Los Angles?

1. Contact the county courthouse where you might have a warrant 2. Inquire with the LA county sheriff department 3. Use the resources of an online public record website 4. Hire a lawyer or private investigator to run a warrant search

Do I have a bench warrant in Los Angles?

To find out if you have a bench warrant in LA you can contact your county courthouse clerk. The courts are the issuing agency for warrants and this a good starting point. You can also inquire with your local law enforcement agency or use an online public records website to lookup this information.

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Responses to “Los Angeles County Warrant Search

  1. says:

    Will you please check to see if Shane A. Medard D.O.B 06/30/1968 has any warrants. Thank You so much

  2. says:

    Please check to see if
    Aimee Lynn Wilkins D.O.B 09/27/1976 has any warrants? Thank you

  3. says:

    Need to know if I FEDERICO VALLES have any warrants in Los Angles county BOB 03/03/1993. Please help-Thank you

  4. says:

    Can You run a check please if Ivan Reyes has a warrant un the state of California ir the Los Angeles county DOB 01/23/1979 thank you

  5. says:

    Need to know if I, Norman Ray Edwards, date of birth 11-24-1947, have any warrants in Los Angles county. Please help-Thank you

  6. says:

    Hi wanted to know if I had warrant for Evelin Brizuela dob 11271996

  7. says:

    Any warrants for erica hooper5/5/85?

  8. says:

    can you please check if there are any warrants in your system for Ivan a Contreras DOB 10/01/1987.

  9. says:

    Victoria, we ran a search for you in Los Angeles and expanded the search to all of California and could not find any active warrants in our resources

  10. says:

    Hi, can you please check if there are any warrants in your system for Victoria S Schloeter DOB 9/23/1989.

  11. says:

    Keri, we ran your name through our Los Angeles county criminal record database and did not find anything listed under your name

  12. says:

    We ran a L.A. warrant search for the person in question and the only Los Angeles arrest warrant we found is for a Noel Flores Lopez

  13. says:

    Any warrants for Noel M Lopez 12/31/1986?

  14. says:

    Do I have a warrant if so what is the charge out of L.A. county

  15. says:

    Fredi, you will want to contact your county courthouse clerk about the specifics of your warrant. Since the courts issue warrants they will have more information to share about any open Los Angeles warrants under your name

  16. says:

    I want to know why I have a warrant for los Angeles County I have not received any time of mail regarding my warrant nor have I been warned from any officer iv gotten tickets my car taken away and they never mentioned anything to me until yesterday and I dont understand why y have a warrant

  17. says:

    We ran a Los Angeles warrant search and did not find anything active for a Juan Carlos Rincon

  18. says:

    I would like to know if I have any type of warrants for my arrest please md thank you.
    D.O.B: 01/04/1995

  19. says:

    Wilbert, we did not find any active Los Angeles warrants for you at this time

  20. says:

    Do I have a warrant?

  21. says:

    Thank you for the positive feedback. We only show a Lake county warrant for a Jessica Rae Williams with a DOB of 1985. We do not show any Los Angeles county warrants for the person you mentioned

  22. says:

    Hi! Your blog is very functional & I appreciate the time you will put into this matter:

    Is there an active warrant for Jessica R. Williams born 09/23/1992?

    Thank you so much!

  23. says:

    Amy, we ran a Los Angeles warrant check for an Amy Pinkerton and could not find any recent warrants for you

  24. says:

    Do I have a warrant? Amy M Pinkerton 2/18/84

  25. says:

    Reggie, unfortunately we are only able to see active warrants. You might be able to reach out to the issuing Los Angeles courthouse clerk and inquire if they keep records of warrants that are over 40 years old but this is not typical for public record repositories like SearchQuarry.com

  26. says:

    Is it possible to find out if there is an outstanding warrant from the 1975 era?

  27. says:

    Oscar, this is a common phone scam that many people have fallen victim to. You will not receive a phone call stating you have an active warrant. You can contact the LA county courthouse clerk and make an inquiry with them since the courts are the ones that issue the warrants. We are also happy to run an LA warrant search for you if you provide us with your full name, including middle name, and age

  28. says:

    i had got a call saying i got a arrest warren under my name for social fraud how do i know its real?

  29. says:

    Victoria, we only show an active Los Angeles arrest warrant for a Marco Antonio Monroy that was born in 1982

  30. says:

    Can you please check if Marco Edyn Deleon Monroy has an active bench warrant? DOB: 07/05/95

  31. says:

    Our Los Angeles warrant search didn’t find anything for a Daren Jay Fisher however we do see an incarceration record from last year

  32. says:

    the police came by my home looking for me. How do I know if I have a warrant? Darren J Fisher 7/27/1984

  33. says:

    We cannot find any Los Angeles county warrants for a Christopher R Baker but like you mentioned there are a few other people in the LA county with your same first and last name but different middle name and DOB

  34. says:

    Hi. I keep having issues because of a man with a similar name to mine.

    Can you do a warrant search for Christopher Baker in Los Angeles County? Middle initial “R”. Date of birth: 9/19/69.

    Thank you!

  35. says:

    We do show an active California arrest warrant that was issued out of Washington Ridge, California

  36. says:

    Hi my name is Gerardo Nieto-Ponce , I am 30yrs old I would want to know if I have a warrant for my arrest,

  37. says:

    Monica, we checked your name against our Los Angles warrant record database and did not find anything active for you

  38. says:

    Di i have a warrent

  39. says:

    Roman, we are showing a misdemeanor charge from Los Angles county however we’re not showing any active LA warrants in our system

  40. says:

    the police came by my home the other day amd have been driving by alot I\’m wondering what I might have a warrant for?

  41. says:

    We show some Los Angeles criminal charges from 2019 however we’re not showing an active LA warrant for you in our system Elizabeth

  42. says:

    im planning on leaving the country to mexico for my bday…but before i do i would lie to know if i have a warrent..elizabeth colon 03/19/1978

  43. says:

    We are showing LA warrant records for a James Anthony Valencia and a James Daniel Valencia but no listings with the middle name “William” that we can find. It’s possible there is a bench warrant or one pending if he has missed court appearances or violated his probation. You can also check with the Los Angeles clerk of the courts to find out about any additional warrant information.

  44. says:

    Hi so my boyfriend just recently went to jail for a felony warrant how do I get him help if he refuses to show up to probation or even follow up with probation due to drug addiction
    Can you please check if he has a warrant active his name is

    Name: James William Valencia
    DOB : December 17, 1991

  45. says:

    Hello Kali, we are happy to assist you with a free Los Angeles county warrant search but we’ll need your boyfriend’s full name and age to run this for you. As far as the court records go, unfortunately we cannot lookup ongoing cases as they are not public record yet. You will need to reach out to the Los Angles clerk of the court in the city his ongoing court case is in.

  46. says:

    Hello,my name is Kali and I am trying to find out my boyfriends court dates and find out if he has any warrants. Its really important that I find any information I can acquire regarding his upcoming court dates as well as ones he possibly have already missed.
    Id really appreciate it if someone,anyone can contact me on here or via email: killa.kali.l0ve.420@gmail.com
    (The \”0\” in the word \”l0ve\” is the number 0\”,NOT THE LETTER \”O\”)
    ANY HELP will be really appreciated.
    Thank you&have a nice day ☺✌

  47. says:

    We ran an Los Angeles county warrant search for your sister and found a felony criminal charge from 2006 but no active warrants that we can find.

  48. says:

    I\’m trying to find out if my sister has a warrant out of los angeles county? And what is it for. Her name is Michellei Cephus

  49. says:

    We ran our LA warrant search for a Khang N. Le and nothing comes up in our database. We do however show a felony arrest record for a Khang Quoc Le from the Napa County

  50. says:

    Wondering if their is a warrant of any kind for a khang n. Le 04-15-1976

  51. says:

    We show an active LA arrest warrant for a misdemeanor criminal charge for an Ericka Marlene Garcia. The warrant record we show was issued by the San Mateo sheriff department. You can find out more information about this record in our member’s area

  52. says:

    I\’m trying to find out about a warrant on an Ericka Garcia D.O.B 07/31/1984. Im no where near LA County so it\’s hard for me to go in person.

  53. says:

    To mitigate and resolve a warrant in Los Angeles you might want to consult with a lawyer in LA and inquire what is need to resolve it. There are many factors in getting a warrant removed such as; what the charges are, how long the warrant has been issued, are there any past due fees or fines, etc.. Consulting with a lawyer will be a good first step in mitigating the LA warrant.

  54. says:

    Hello,my father has been in federal prison since 1996. We are in the process of trying to get elderly early release to home confinement, but his case worker told him today he has a misdemeanor warrant in LA county California. If so, what should be done to try and resolve it? His name is Charles Randall Harrison, he is 64yo, lived most of his life in Alabama

  55. says:

    We ran a Los Angeles warrant search for Ricardo Antonio Romero and did not find any active Los Angeles warrants for him. There are a multitude of other people with the same first and last name that have active California warrant however the middle name and DOB do not match.

    That being said Shirley, if you feel there is a pending Los Angeles bench warrant for a non appearance in court for a traffic citation then you might want to reach out to the relevant Los Angeles county traffic courthouse clerk and inquire for more details about Ricardo.

  56. says:

    I worked like to know if a Ricardo Antonio Romero had a warrent for his arrest please. Thank you

  57. says:

    George, we don’t show an active California warrant for you however we do show a North Carolina criminal charge of Driving While License Revoked. It doesn’t look like this there is a warrant attached to that North Carolina driving infraction.

    How to Clear a Los Angeles Warrant

    In order to clear a Los Angeles warrant you will want to contact the relevant LA courthouse and inquire with the court clerk if it’s possible to setup a hearing to clear your active Los Angeles warrant. If this was related to a traffic citation it’s more likely to resolve this warrant than a more serious crime

  58. says:

    Hi. I lived in Los Angeles County and believe I have an arrest warrant? Been in North Carolina the last 20 years. Now at 63 years old, was wondering if it was still active, then figure out how to get it taken care of. George R. Malley 01/13/1956

  59. says:

    Thank you for reaching out about our Los Angeles County Warrant blog April, unfortunately we don’t show any information on the warrant you mentioned. If there is a pending case that hasn’t been filed yet you will need to contact the relevant law enforcement agency and see if it’s possible to have your case transferred. Another option would be to contact legal counsel on this matter, it’s possible there is a precedence for this but we cannot weigh in on any legal advise. We are merely a public records website repository and don’t have any affiliation with any legal entity or have connections to the LA Sheriff Department

  60. says:

    I believe I have a warrant in LA county. I have resided in San Diego county all my life. My name is April Hopwood my date of birth is 11-29-1982. I am currently seeking treatment at the VOA southwest in San Diego Ca on completion of this program all my current charges will be dropped. I have called the LA county sheriffs department and my case had not been filed. Up until my last arrest I learned about my warrant. Is there any way I can get it transferred down here to San Diego? Or is there any advise or direction you can lead me in? I would appreciate it. Respectfully April Hopwood.

  61. says:

    We show a couple of California warrants for Edwin Ortega but both listings we show have a different middle name. You can also check with the relevant LA County Courthouse, depending on where the court case took place, as well as check with the LA Sheriff Department.

  62. says:

    Does Edwin Mar Ortega 5-5-1992 have warrants?

  63. says:

    Our LA warrant search shows there is an active warrant for a Hector Sandoval related to a California charge of Possession of a Controlled SubstanceCalifornia charge of Possession of a Controlled SubstanceCalifornia charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance

  64. says:

    Saber si tengo una orden de arresto

  65. says:

    How to Lookup a Warrant For Someone With a Common Name

    You will need as much identifiable information as possible. This can include their age, previous address, relatives, social media accounts and physical characteristics.

    How to Lookup Someone by Their CDC Number

    Visit the California Inmate Locator website where you can lookup and inmate by their CDC Number

  66. says:

    Hello, I am searching for information on someone who was arrested and tried in L.A. County in the late 1990s. He was incarcerated in CDCR beginning in in 1999 and apparently was in L.A. County jail starting around 1997 or 1998. I want to know exactly what he was charged with. Unfortunately he has a common first and last name but no middle name. Would it be possible to get this information? I have info such as his current location and CDC # too.

  67. says:


    Our resources can locate warrant records by name however we don’t have an exact number for you regarding the number of outstanding warrants in Los Angeles county. Many counties, including LA, are notorious for having delayed reporting of warrant information to public record databases. It is our recommendation that you contact the Los Angels County Sheriff’s Office to inquire about this information. They will have a more accurate count of outstanding warrants for your research project.

  68. says:

    Hi, I’m currently working on a research project regarding CA SB10 (bail reform), which is awaiting a vote in the State Assembly. Do you have the statistics for exactly how many outstanding warrants there are in L.A. County? Thank you.

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