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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Search Traffic Citations Online

Most every driver in the United States has been issued a traffic citation at some point, thousands are issued every day across the country. They serve as a reminder to all drivers to maintain speed limits and traffic laws, ensuring the safety and efficiency of our roads and highways. Millions of citations issued every year, it is essential to understand the types of traffic violations, their impact on drivers, and steps being taken to address and reduce these infractions. Once a driver is cited for a traffic citation, it is their responsibility to pay the fine, or fight the citation in court if that person feels they do not deserve it. If you’ve received a traffic citation and you’d like to find out more about what you’ve been charged with or you want to lookup another person’s driver record, it’s part of a person’s public record that anyone can lookup. The first step to perform a traffic citation search online is finding a reliable public record website and having the full name, age and state of residence of the person you’d like to search. Then you’ll enter all this into the search fields and run a driving record search which will include the driver history, complete with their history of  driving violations, such as; traffic violations, points, arrests, DUIs, driver history, police records, arrests and court records. It’s also important to note that when you run this search, it’s important to verify you’ve found the right traffic citation records for the correct person. Many people have the same name so it’s recommended to use age or a middle name to verify that you’ve found the correct that person.

Getting A Copy Of Your Traffic Citation

If you need a physical copy of a traffic citation, and you haven’t received a copy by mail,  then you can contact the issuing agency that wrote the traffic citation and request a copy of your citation. It’s also possible to use their web resources to find your citation or citation number for reference. There are also other options if you’re only looking to verify a traffic citation or driving record, which is to use online third party public record websites. These resources offer people the ability to quickly lookup their traffic violations, driver history and criminal records. A great benefit of using these non-government resources is you can view anyone’s traffic records or driving records as they are all public record. You will only be able to reference your own driving record from a motor vehicle department or other government agency, without a court order.

Being able to lookup someone’s driving record can be a very useful too for many reasons. Maybe you want to verify the neighborhood parent that carpools the kids to school doesn’t have a speeding ticket or a DUI.  Perhaps there is a rideshare co-worker that you want to verify their driving history to make sure your commute to work is as safe as possible. Being able to lookup someone’s driving history and traffic citations can give a lot of insight to who a person is. If someone has a multitude of points on their driving record or a reckless driving citation then they may be a risk to get in the car with. The great part about using a public record website is the ease of access to find this information and most resources offer anonymous searches, so nobody will know you’re looking them up.

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What is A Traffic Citation

A traffic citation is also known as a traffic ticket and traffic violation. Traffic citations result in fines for failing to obey a traffic law, or unsafe driving practices. What most people don’t know is they’re also considered criminal records. The majority of traffic citations  result with an infraction, such as a speeding citation or failing to stop at a red light. Other citations can lead to misdemeanors, such as a DUI or a felony in the case of a DUI or reckless driving that results in an accident. Traffic citations can be issued for a wide range of offenses, such as speeding, running a red light or stop sign, driving without a valid driver’s license or insurance, failing to wear a seatbelt, or using a mobile device while driving. Depending on the nature of the violation and the jurisdiction, the individual may be required to pay a fine, attend a court hearing, or complete a traffic safety course. 

Receiving a traffic citation can result in various consequences, including fines, points added to the driver’s license, increased insurance premiums, and in some cases, suspension or revocation of driving privileges. The primary purpose of traffic citations is to encourage compliance with traffic laws, promote road safety, and deter unsafe driving behavior. When someone receives a driving citation for failing to obey the rules of the road, a ticket is issued with information such as the details of the violation, the time and date and location, the issuing officer, and the county and where to petition the traffic citation. Another notice will also be mailed to the offender once the issuing officer files the citation and then a notice will be sent via mail to pay the fine and where to report to court if someone wants to fight the citation. It is still the responsibility of the offender to follow up with the citation even if no further documentation was received in the mail. If there is a failure to respond or pay the fine, a penalty will be imposed and a possible bench warrant can be issued for failure to respond or show up in court.

Traffic Citation SearchThe Result of Guilt for a Traffic Citation

It is always important to remember traffic citations are like any penal code violations. A motorist is simply being formally accused, and the motorist is innocent until proven guilty. Usually, a motorist will not dispute the citation. There is usually no point in it. In some instances and jurisdictions, a fine is given by the law enforcement agency issuing the citation, and the fine can be paid without even going to court, unless the motorist disputes the citation. The other jurisdictions, which issue the citations, are simply issuing them as a summons to go to a special court just for traffic. Next, the traffic court judge will determine guilt. Most people can safely bet on being found guilty, and they can also expect on having a fine issued as well. Failure to the pay the fine usually results a civil suit to get the money or in a warrant of arrest for contempt of court, which will also cost more money and possibly a short stay in jail. It’s important to verify your traffic records if you’ve received a citation. Perform a traffic citation search on yourself to verify it’s accurate. The easiest way to lookup traffic violations is by name and not the license plate number of the vehicle.

Traffic Citation Codes

Traffic citation codes are important because they identify the exact violation and is a determining factor of the fines and driving record The point of having so many laws is to keep everyone as safe as possible, and often times these laws are written because of driving related fatalities. According the the California Legislation, as updated in 2022, the traffic citation code for speeding on highway is 22350. There may be additional codes if there were other violations such as reckless endangerment or being under the influence of a substance. State agencies maintain that traffic ticketing is to make people comply with relevant traffic laws and driver and passenger safety. The traffic fines are not only an incentive to not break the law but they also create billions of dollars a year in revenue, and the majority of citations come from speeding citations. Of all the tickets written, there are around 41 million speeding citations issued in 2022 according to the NHTSA. The revenue from these citations fund a number of programs that are dedicated to creating safer driving environments for a growing population of drivers and fund the government programs that enforce the traffic laws.

Traffic Citation Code Fines:

  • Speeding Citations: up to $600
  • Driving Intoxicated: $10,000 or more
  • Running a Red Light: up to $600
  • Reckless Driving: up to $5000 and license suspension
  • Driving on a Suspended License: $1000 or more
  • Driving Without Insurance: $1000 plus vehicle impound
  • Distracted Driving: $200
  • Driving Without a Seatbelt: $200

The Most Common Traffic Citations Issued In 2022

  • Speeding Citations
  • Red Light Citations
  • Running a Stop Sign
  • DUIs / DWIs
  • Driving Faster Than Road Conditions Allow
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure To Use The Turn Signals
  • Not Yielding To Pedestrians or Right Away
  • Driving With Expired Registration
  • Driving Without A Valid Driver’s License
  • Driving Without Insurance
  • No Seatbelt or Child Restraint
  • Distracted Driving

Traffic Citation Search - Questions & Answers

How Do I Find Out How Much I Owe in Traffic Tickets?

Fining out how much you owe in traffic tickets is relatively easy. Contact the county traffic courthouse in the county where your traffic tickets were issued to you and inquire with the clerk of the court. They will be able to let you know how much you owe in traffic tickets and any additional fines or fees.

What are the most common types of traffic citations?

The most common types of traffic citations are typically for speeding and running a red light. This of course depends on what state the traffic citations were issued and if it was a highway traffic citation or a city street traffic citation

Is a parking ticket considered a traffic citation?

A traffic ticket is considered a citation but not a traffic citation or moving violation. They don't usually carry the same penalties unless you illegally park in the red, in front of a fire hydrant or in a disabled parking spot without a placard

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  1. says:

    Below are some easy to follow instructions on how to resolve your out of state speeding tickets with the NYC DMV and the Mass RMV.

    How to Resolve a NYC Speeding Ticket

    To resolve or pay your NYC speeding ticket you can visit the New York DMV website and plead or pay your speeding ticket online. You can lookup your speeding ticket by your ticket number or your driver information. You can also visit a TVB office to plead your case or pay your NYC speeding ticket in person.

    How to Resolve a Massachusetts Speeding Ticket

    Visit the website and you can pay your speeding ticket online withing the first 20 days of issuance. After that your driver’s license may be suspended and you will need to call the Mass RMV to find out how to proceed. The Mass RMV phone number is 800-858-3926

  2. says:

    I’m from Rhode Island I got tickets in nyc and a speeding ticket in mass I don’t have the tickets so don’t know who to go to resolve this issue my lic in Rhode Island is suspended because of it

  3. says:

    Lawrence, we can certainly assist you with a Traffic citation search. We will need your full name, state of residence and age to properly lookup your traffic violations. See below for some of the common traffic citations we have in our driving records database.

    Common Traffic Citations

    • Speeding citations
    • Red Light citations
    • Not signaling
    • Talking on the phone
    • Not wearing a seatbelt
    • Expired registration
    • Carpool violations
    • Not yielding to pedestrians
    • Driving under the influence
    • Passing vehicles illegally

  4. says:

    Do i have citation ?

  5. says:

    How To Get a Copy of a Traffic Citation

    If you have a lost traffic citation you will typically need to contact the state or county agency that issued you the traffic citation. You will need to provide them with your full name and driver’s license number to find your lost traffic citation.

  6. says:

    I got a speeding ticket and some how i lost the ticket..well I’ve missed my court date and now my licenses are suspended bit im going today to pay fines and get licenses straight but they are saying i was in a school zone and i know i wasn’t i wished i had my ticket the trooper wrote me that night how would i go about getting a copy of thst ticket

  7. says:

    Kenneth, we can certainly help you lookup your traffic citations and see if there is anything that stands out as to why your driver’s license might be suspended. We will need your full name, state of residency and age to run this search for you

  8. says:

    I would like to know if any traffic violations are the reason that a hold is on my driver license

  9. says:

    Silas, since Zoom is a privately run company you’ll need to make that traffic citation information request to them directly or to the moderator of the Zoom call if that is possible

  10. says:

    How do I find out the name of the judge, clerk of the court and attorney and officer on each zoom session at my traffic court?

  11. says:

    Nora, we will need your full name and date of birth to track down a traffic citation from that long ago. Please let us know if you’d like us to proceed

  12. says:

    I need to find the date when I was issued a citation for driving a red light in California more than 30 years ago. I tried the California DMV site but it doesn’t let me proceed without my California driver license number, which I no longer have. How can I find the date?

  13. says:

    Delores, you’ll need to contact the issuing agency to determine how much and who to send the traffic citation payment to

  14. says:

    Would like to know how much is my traffic tickets in total and how much would I have to pay to apply for my driver’s license

  15. says:

    How can I find out how much I owe on traffic tickets in liberty county texas without having to go to court just pay them and be done with it already.

  16. says:

    Anthony, we do not have a direct affiliation with the NY DMV or any issuing traffic citation law enforcement agency. You will need to reach out to one, or both of these independently. You may also want to consult with legal counsel to inquire about your rights in this situation where you were falsely identified as the driver for this New York traffic violation

  17. says:

    i have a situation until where someone used my name and got a traffic ticket in NY. whick has caused my drivers license to be suspended. can you please tell me how much is that traffic ticket? so, i can get it taking care of and get my license back

  18. says:

    My friend Pamela Ann Mood recently moved in reno Nevada and had a parking ticket and also a speeding ticket and lost copies of both. How do we obtain copies? And then pay the two tickets?

  19. says:

    Just trying to find out how to get and handle my tickets without going to court

  20. says:


  21. says:

    How to pay a traffic citation in New Mexico

    You can pay you New Mexico traffic citation by visiting a New Mexico MVD express location. You can schedule an appointment or visit a branch in person. You will need to have you payment available and your driver’s license. You can also call the MVD directly @ 505-226-9333 for more information

  22. says:

    My license was suspended and I only have the citation number with no idea of what state it was issued in or when. How can I resolve this? I contacted the New Mexico mvd where I live and they could only give me the citation number.

  23. says:

    Gloria, you will need to contact the traffic citation issuing agency in the state you received a red light ticket in. You can typically pay your fine online and request a copy of a traffic citation if you’ve lost yours. In California you can visit the California court website to pay a traffic fine and fees associated with late payments

  24. says:

    I got a red light ticket photo I miss placed it and can\’t find it can you help I just got through with radiation and chemo treatments please help I got it in commerce

  25. says:

    Flor, you will need to contact the issuing traffic citation agency or your local DMV for more information about your traffic fines

  26. says:

    I Would like to know how much I traffic ticket is

  27. says:

    Katrina, you will need to contact the courthouse clerk where your DUI case was processed and find out from them what is needed to get that DUI off your driving record.

  28. says:

    I have a very old dui. How do I take care of it?

  29. says:

    Paul, unfortunately we cannot lookup traffic citations by license plate number. If you provide us with your full name, age and state of residency we can search for your traffic citations that way.

  30. says:

    need to find out trffic citation for aug 31 2016 for commercial truck plate NOt82248

  31. says:

    Albert, you will need to contact the issuing law enforcement agency or the toll road company that issued the traffic citation. We are happy to help you lookup a traffic citation however we do not have the ability to see if a traffic citation was paid or not

  32. says:

    Please check violation A8EMFME was paid

  33. says:

    Anel, to find out if your parking payment has been received you will need to contact the parking authority or relevant police department about that. We are happy to run a traffic citation search for you as we are a public record website however we do not have any affiliation with any government agency or parking authority.

  34. says:

    hello, i am trying to see if my parking tickets payment was received, and if so how can i check?

  35. says:

    Melody, if you give us your full name and age and state of residence we are happy to help you lookup your traffic citation records

  36. says:

    Trying to get my old tickets

  37. says:

    Damian, if you can provide us with your full name and the state of incidence, where you received your traffic citation we can look this up however we can only provide you with the traffic citation information and you will need to contact the DMV to fix this issue. It’s unclear what has happened but we can certainly help you run a traffic citation search

  38. says:

    Trying to get my lincense back, paid my ticket but need the correct cr 2013 number to be faxed, how do I get the correct full number to be faxed to dmv

  39. says:

    Thad, we can certainly help you out with a traffic citation search but we’ll need to know what state you live in and your full name and age to continue

  40. says:

    I want to look up any speeding ticket violations that was issued this year.

  41. says:

    Joseph, you will want to reach out to the New Jersey Municipal Ticket website and/or call the phone number on the notice you received. There are errors that occur with their automated system from time to time. If this was a red-light or toll-road violation there should be a picture associated with the traffic citation as well. Unfortunately we cannot directly assist you with your NJ traffic citation as we are a public record website that is not associated with the state of New Jersey.

  42. says:

    I recieved a notice that my driving privilege will be suspended 05/03/2020. i live in new jersey and have not been in north carolina in twenty years. the violation date is 2019-11-14 i have a copy of my time clock from my employer Cape may county board of elections i can fax or email to prove i was not in your state any help that can be supplied would be greatly appreciated

    citation numbers
    customer number

  43. says:

    Ronald, the best way to find out how much you owe in traffic citations, and any additional fines or fees, is to contact the county traffic courthouse where your traffic citations were issued to you and inquire with the clerk of the court.

  44. says:

    I like to know how much I owe in citation tickets

  45. says:

    To report a reckless driver you will want to contact your local police or highway patrol. If you can let us know what city and state you live in we can assist you with the correct law enforcement agency near you.

  46. says:

    I need to report a black Escalade ehn 767 for erratic driving, all over the highway.

  47. says:

    We are happy to run a Free Traffic Citation Search for you. Please provide us with your full name and state of residency and we’ll gladly run your driving record to see what traffic citations you have. Below is a link to our 5 Day Free Trial for your convenience.

    Click Here to Try our Free 5 Day Trial where you can perform unlimited traffic citation searches

  48. says:

    How is this “Free” when you want 3-30$?

  49. says:

    Your best bet is to contact the law enforcement agency that issued you the traffic citation. If you cannot remember then you should contact the county traffic courthouse in the county you were given the traffic ticket

  50. says:

    I received a Traffic Ticket but I didn’t have a id so I didn’t give him no id # and now I lost the actual ticket and I’m trying 2 find it 2 pay it online but can’t cuz my options r 2 enter my Id or ticket #?! I need help!?

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