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Police and Sheriff Department finder – Select a State to Begin

Police and Sheriff Department Finder

Our Police and Sheriff Department Finder is free to use and no membership is required. You can find any police department or sheriff department in the United States in just a few clicks. With this free tool you can find police and sheriff department offices, addresses, phone numbers and websites. Start by selecting the state you live in and then select the county and city you’re looking for and you’ll find all relevant information about the police and sheriff departments near you.

Our Free Police and Sheriff Department Finder is mobile friendly so check it out on any device. We also have this on our app at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box ) or for Apple iPhone and Tablets ( Search Quarry Tool Box )

Difference Between Police and Sheriff Departments

The main difference between police and sheriff departments is the jurisdictional area they each represent. A sheriff department provides law enforcement and jail services for a county or other divisions of a state. ( ie. Los Angeles County ). A police department provides law enforcement for a specific town, city or municipality. There is some overlap in areas that both police and sheriff departments provide law enforcement services. This may vary from state to state. Additionally a sheriff is voted into office and is usually the highest law enforcement agency in a county.  A sheriff’s term in office is usually 2 years unless re-elected. Police officers are not elected and are usually only have jurisdiction over a specific city or town. Police chiefs are typically appointed by the mayor of a city or town.

Additional Police and Sheriff’s Department Information

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