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New Jersey Criminal Records Lookup

The State of New Jersey keeps criminal records on file for eternity. These records are public, and they?re used by numerous people and entities to protect the general public. Businesses are permitted to use criminal records to determine whether someone is hirable. For instance, a bank keeps important financial and personal information on hand for all its customers, and the bank isn?t going to hire someone and grant them access to this information if they have a criminal history of identity theft or fraud. A school isn?t going to hire a person convicted of a sex crime to work with kids. A limo company won?t hire a driver with a long criminal history of tickets, citations, and other traffic infractions. For an unofficial New Jersey criminal records search, for reference only, follow the link below.

Criminal background information is imperative for many people and business entities, which is why the State of New Jersey keeps this information on hand and available for the public at all costs. Some searches are free and immediate, but a more in-depth search requires more time and money to perform. If you want to find out if someone has a criminal record, you can easily do so in any manner. Find out how.

Simple New Jersey Criminal Records Searches

Anyone looking for generic New Jersey criminal information on a person might consider doing it from home in a matter of minutes. You can log onto any New Jersey county court website to perform this search. There is an option on each site for public record database searches. On here, you?ll find basic information such as whether a person was arrested or issued any traffic citations in the county. You can search any county, as many counties, and as often as you like.

The local New Jersey police department also contains criminal history and information. If someone was arrested in an area in New Jersey, that police station entered criminal records into their system that become available to any agency in the state. You can ask for this information and receive very basic information, such as what the arrest was for, the date, and other basic information.

Detailed New Jersey Criminal Records Searches

If you?ve got reason to believe someone is dealing with a more complex criminal history, you?ll want to search their criminal background history in another manner. This involves searching with an authorization form. These are available online or in any police department. This form must be filled out and signed by the person whose criminal history you want checked. You then submit the form and the type of criminal check you?d like performed to the state.

You can have the person?s criminal history checked by name or by using their fingerprints. The choice is entirely yours, and it?s personal. The information will be provided to you quickly and accurately, and it will include any arrests and records from across the country rather than located to the confines of only New Jersey arrests or convictions.

This information is important for various reasons, and anyone can look it up. Don?t hire anyone or do business with someone if you?re unsure of their criminal past. It?s legal to forgo a working relationship with a new employee if they have a criminal history that might put your customers or job at risk.

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