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Our U.S. County Court Finder Tool is free to use and no signup is necessary. Lookup county court addresses, phone numbers, websites and relevant court information with just a couple clicks.  Simply click on the state you’re looking for courts in and then select from the list of courts by county and city. All the relevant court information will instantly be displayed and you can click on the address for directions or on the  website link for more information. If you’re on a mobile device our Court Finder will allow you to call by just clicking on the number.

Our Free County Court Finder is mobile friendly so check it out on any device. We also have this on our app at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box ).

Additional County Court Finder Information

County courts, which are state courts, mostly handle disputes and civil and criminal cases that are not of a federal matter. State county courts handle the civil and criminal courts with the oversight of the state and federal government.  Many of the county courts represent multiple cities since many cities lay withing a specific county. Many of the larger metropolitan areas will also have city courts and special trial courts as well. In state and county courts, most cases start at a trial court where civil suits and criminal cases are heard. Many times theses cases are sorted out before they go to a court of appeals or state supreme court.  If the court case involves violations of the US Constitution or federal law then the case is tried in a federal court. The federal court system might also be involved if there is a dispute between people of different states that exceed $75,000. See for more information about state specific courts.


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