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Learn How to Lookup Any California License Plate Number

A California resident may have a number of reasons for requesting information on another person’s license plate. The person may want to obtain some information about a driver who performed a hit-and-run incident. The person may also have some inquiries about a vehicle’s history, VIN number information, recalls or safety notices. An online California license plate number lookup can reveal information like this and more. This is because most public information can now be found online from various databases. The beauty is you might not have to wait in line at the DMV anymore. With most any device that has internet access, you can access a license plate lookup online.

Reverse California License Plate Number Lookup

A reverse license plate number lookup is when a person wants to know another person’s license plate number. Finding out a license plate number is not as easy as finding out other information using a known license plate number is. A person can find out someone else’s license plate number by either driving past his or her home or place of employment, checking civil records or checking criminal history. The license plate number will most likely show up if the person has been involved in an accident, or the finance company filed a civil suit and repossessed the vehicle.

DMV California License Plate Number Lookup

A Califonia DMV license plate lookup can be easy if you’re looking up records on your own vehicle. Results from a DMV license plate lookup on yourself may contain:

Visit the California DMV Official Website For More Information. You will have to create a login to view any sensitive information about yourself. In order to find out information about others you will have to submit a valid reason and fill out a request form.

California License Plate Lookup


License Plate Disclaimer

California License Plate Lookup FAQs

Can I lookup the owner of a California license plate?

It is possible to lookup the owner of a California license plate number if you have a valid reason according to the DPPA regulations in California. To get more details about who can run a California license plate search you can contact your local DMV office.

How do I run a California license plate search?

You can run a California license plate search online as long as you have the entire CA license plate number. There are a multitude of online vehicle record websites where you can run a VIN check or license plate lookup without going to the DMV.

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56 responses to “California License Plate Number Lookup

  1. HELLO Dear Sir/Madam,

    13 days ago a bought a car from an Army solder in WA leakwood, when I payed the money he did not gives me the bill of sell told me I will send it to you my mail, after that he did not answer the call or text, I dont know his exact address, just I have the certificate of title it from California, I kindly request from you to help me finding the ower of the car.

    Plate Number (7MCT794)
    VIN Number (4T1BA32K34U034126)

    1. Hello Mohammad,

      Below is a free 5 day trial where you can perform a Free California license plate lookup. You must agree to the terms and conditions before obtaining any information. Owner information is not always available. If you cannot find the California license plate owner information what you want just cancel and there will no obligation.

      You can also check with the California DMV for Owner information. This might be the better route as you can explain your situation and find out the correct procedure to move forward. Below is a link to our Free DMV Finder as well as the California DMV website.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  2. Hi, is it possible to look up the registered owner of a vehicle by the last known license plate number? It’s a classic I sold 16 years ago and would love to buy back!

    1. Hello Amber,

      It is possible to lookup the registered owner of a vehicle by the license plate number. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the vehicle license plate lookup to obtain any owner information. Below is a link to our official license plate lookup where you can read and agree to the terms of the search.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  3. I want to look up a license plate this person has sat in their car across from Earl Warren Elemtary School every school day I just want to be sure if it’s innocent or not.

    1. Sara,

      We can certainly help you with a California License Plate Search but you will need to agree to our terms and conditions before proceeding. I have provided a link for you below to check out our License Plate Search Tool free for 5 days. Please reach out if there are any additional California license plate or VIN number questions we can answer for you. You might also consider contacting the California police department about this as well.

      How To Lookup California License Plate Numbers
      – Read and agree to the terms and conditions of the license plate search
      – Enter the full license plate number and state of registration and search
      – View vehicle and license plate number information online.

  4. Hello, Need to know owner of this vehicle. Parks in the disabled parking space in front of my house that i applied for.
    CA #7WLM833

    1. Typically VIN numbers will only produce vehicle information and vehicle history reports. That being said you can sometimes cross-reference the license plate information to obtain additional information such as owner information. Try our Free VIN Decoder and see what results you can find.

  5. Hey I just bought a new car and I only have the vin, is there any way I can acquire what my license plate will be before it arrives in the mail?

    1. You will have to contact the California DMV directly about that question. Only they know what your California License Plate Number will be.

      California DMV Contact Information

      Phone Number: 1 (800) 777-0133

  6. I want to search the owner name for licence plate info – see if they own a registered vehicle in California – is this possible?

    1. Unfortunately we do not offer that type of public record search. We can certainly assist you with a vehicle record search but we do not have the ability to locate a California license plate number from a people search.

    1. In order to obtain a duplicate title for your vehicle from the state of California you will need to visit the California DMV in person. Make sure to bring in your previous registration and your driver’s license and you will need to fill out a Statement of Facts Form (REG-256) as well as a Duplicate Title Form ( REG-227) to obtain a Duplicate California Car Title. You can also submit this application for a duplicate title by mail. If you choose to process this application for a duplicate California car title by mail your form must be notarized and processing will take longer.

      How To Get a Duplicate California Car Title

      1. Visit a California DMV office
      2. Fill out the Statement of Facts Form (REG-256)
      3. Complete the Duplicate Title Form (REG-227)
      4. Pay the fee and receive a Duplicate Title by mail

  7. This lady backed into me in a parking lot, I was in a hurry so I just got minimal info from her, eg. Name and Phone# and I jotted down the plate. The phone number she gave me isn’t correct, which leaves me wondering about the name even. So I got a plate number basically. I don’t want to have to call the police, and would like to maybe give her a chance cause she seemed like a nice lady and maybe just made a mistake. Can I look up her info from her plate number?

    1. Unfortunately this does not fall under the terms and conditions of our California license plate lookup. Your best option is to file a police report and if it’s an honest mistake then that lady should be alright. You might also providing your auto insurance company with this accident report if the lady fails to respond to the police inquiry.

  8. I’m trying to pay a toll road fee from out of state and don’t know my car tag number. How can I get it to avoid the fines?
    Linda Fry

    1. Thank you for reaching out about our California license plate number lookup. In order to find your California Tag number , AKA. California License Plate Number , you can find this on your registration, from the California DMV or from performing a VIN search online.

      How To Find My Car Tag Number

      1. Lookup the tag number on your registration
      2. Visit the Motor Vehicle Department
      3. Perform a VIN number search online

    1. If there was a hit and run incident involving a vehicle then you will want to report this to the police and give them the California license plate number and vehicle description and a description of who was driving the vehicle if you know all that information. We unfortunately do not have an affiliation with the California law enforcement so you will need to reach out to them directly.

    1. We are happy to assist you with a California license plate lookup however, your best option to finding out about a vehicle’s history is running a vehicle history report. A California vehicle history report will give you a lot more information when purchasing a used vehicle than a CA license plate lookup.

  9. I was hit by a black or dark blue Ford f150 crew cab, it had California license plates I was only able to get the first four digits of the plate it was a late model truck, believed to be 2008 or so

    1. First, make sure everyone is safe and unharmed. Second, you should contact the California police and your insurance company and file a California police report and let your insurance company know what happened. They will also want a copy of the police report. Make sure you detail as much information, including pictures of the damage to your vehicle.

      Aside from that we cannot assist you. Our California license plate number lookup resources need a full license plate number to reference.

    1. Kevin, is there a specific question we can answer for you about our California license plate lookup or VIN check resources? We also have a multitude of public records we can assist you with.

  10. Hello, I sold my car to an agency that takes junk cars. I need to complete the Release of Liability form for CA dmv. I have all the information needed except I don’t know what my license plate was. How do I get it? I can’t find any paperwork.

    1. You can typically use the California license plate number or the VIN to file a release of liability form to submit to the California DMV. The other option if the California DMV wont take just your VIN to file your release of liability is to visit a CA DMV office in person and file the the release of liability and show your driver’s license as proof of identification.

  11. Hi
    Vehicle is no longer registered in CA but I have VIN and last license plate numbers
    I want to find out number of CA owners and mileage history

    I’m looking to purchase the vehicle

    1. We do offer a vehicle history report that you can access a vehicle history report by VIN, but not license plate number. First, perform the VIN check and then follow up by choosing what type of vehicle history report you would like when prompted. Performing a vehicle history report when buying a used vehicle is always a good idea, it can uncover issues you might not be aware of.

    1. That sounds like a very sweet Specialized California license plate number, and these are not free and it’s for everyone to see. Thank you for sharing Alms

  12. I’m interested in buying a car that was originally sold in California in 1956 but later it was registered in another state.
    Is it possible to obtain the original California license plate number?
    My question is because if i buy it, I would love to re/register in California with vanity plates bearing the original number.
    This is the VIN number: P6FH 202195
    Thank you

    1. That is a good question however you will need to contact the DMV about obtaining this California vanity license plate number. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to lookup what license plate numbers are available. You can visit the California DMV in person or contact them @ 800-777-0133

    1. Since the abandoned camper you are trying to purchase probably doesn’t have a title but you know the California license plate number and VIN, you can go to the DMV and inquire about purchasing this abandoned vehicle and tracking down the owner. In California the registered owner will be notified by the DMV as well as a notice sent to the sheriff department. This is done to prevent people from taking ownership of a vehicle that was not in fact abandoned or salvaged. This should allow you to legally purchase this abandoned trailer and get the vehicle title put in your name.

      How to Get a Title for an Abandoned Vehicle in California

      1. Contact the DMV about purchasing an abandoned vehicle
      2. The DMV will attempt to reach out to the owner via mail
      3. If there is no reply then you can file to purchase the vehicle
      4. Fill out the bill of sale and request for a duplicate title
      5. You may be asked to sign an affidavit to purchase the vehicle
      6. Pay the required transfer fee and get a new title in your name

  13. I have a complete set of California license plate starting with the letters PT they are from 1929 to 1938 can you tell me what they were used for ?
    I Was told that PT meant pneumatic tire??
    They were all nailed on the inside of an old barn in Shafter California

    1. That is a good question Phil and you are correct. The license plate letters PT on older California vehicles means Pneumatic Commercial. These older license plate numbers were used from 1929-1939.On newer California license plate number, the PT means it’s a permanent license plate that typically belongs to a government vehicle.

      The PT on California license plates | Used 1929-1939

      If you find an old California license plate with the letter’s PT it refers to Pneumatic Commercial, which means the vehicle had pneumatic tires and was used commercially. Modern California license plate that have a PT have a different meaning. The PT represents a permanent license plate which is typically used by certain government vehicles.

  14. I have a reason to believe that I have spotted my vehicle that is currently reported stolen and currently it has a different license plate. I took a picture of the license and will like to find out if the license plate match a stolen vehicle or license plate.

    1. This sounds like a police matter and unfortunately we cannot give out any information without you reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions as well as the DPPA regulations for California

  15. A White BMW M4, roughly model year 2014 body style, with license plate “CHUN JAI” (in the black California special plate with yellow writing) is driving insane on the 10East. While i was getting off on the 10E exit from the 405, this car drove into my lane, then swerved back into the lane towards the 10E. Luckily i had two hands on the wheel and noticed this cars speed. I slammed on the breaks and swerved and came ***within 2-3inches*** of the cement wall. Thank god for the technology in my car because it saved my life. I called 911 and left a report that the car was driving toward downtown. I looked up the plates and they’re registered to a 1996 Mazda. This person capped off and didn’t stop. I got a glimpse of the driver, he was an older Asian male. I’m guessing his name is CHUN JAI. oh—- the license plate had korean or Chinese characters around it on the black license plate frame. I have two pictures if needed. Please get this person off the street before someone’s innocent life is taken away by this lunatic. I’m so lucky I’m not in an ambulance or dead right now.

    1. Alex, thank you for sharing your story about this reckless driver. You did the right thing to report this person to the police immediately, hopefully they follow up with this guy since you got his California license plate number. We will post your comment on our website so that others can share in your story and hopefully make them more aware when driving on the freeway.

  16. Someone hit my car last night and I have the license plate # bit need to know who owns the car to contact. The plate # is California 7MOX397. Please help!

    1. If you’ve experienced a hit and run situation your best option is to contact the police or CHP and file a report, then contact your auto insurance company after you file the police report. This will be the best course of action to getting your vehicle fixed ASAP.

      How To File a Hit And Run in California

      1. Call the police or highway patrol
      2. File a hit and run report
      3. Contact your auto insurance company
      4. Give the insurance company your report
      5. The police will contact the other driver
      6. Get your vehicle fixed

  17. I have the plate number on a Blue CA license plate on a vehicle I am trying to purchase. When I input the plate number, it comes up plate not found. What does this mean? Plate is 5D31437 on a 1978 Ford F100.

    1. Arlene, since this is an older vehicle we may not have the vehicle information in our California license plate record database. If you have the VIN number you can also try searching as well as use the free government resource This government resources offers vehicle history reports for used vehicle that can be very useful when purchasing a used car in California.

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