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People Phone License Plate VIN
People Phone License Plate VIN

Learn How to Lookup Any California License Plate Number

A California resident may have a number of reasons for requesting information on another person’s license plate. The person may want to obtain some information about a driver who performed a hit-and-run incident. The person may also have some inquiries about a vehicle’s history, VIN number information, recalls or safety notices. An online California license plate number lookup can reveal information like this and more. This is because most public information can now be found online , such as which has over 2 billion records that can be accessed with a simple search. With any device that has internet access, you can access a license plate lookup online. You can also find car owner information as long as you have a valid reason to obtain this information. You can also cross reference the information you find against other searches that are available in our member’s area such as criminal records, DUIs / DWIs, traffic citations, arrest records and much more. This California license plate lookup tool is not offered by any dept. of motor vehicles and is intended for unofficial online verification uses.

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Reverse California License Plate Number Lookup

A reverse license plate number lookup is when a person wants to know more about the driver and vehicle of another person’s license plate number. It’s a term that is interchangeable with a California license plate lookup and can be resources from websites like These searches are intended for people looking for specific information that is made available via the FOIA and allowed by the state and federal rules as long as the search abides by the privacy laws set out by each entity. When you go through the form above, you’ll be asked to read through the terms of the search and then determine if you’re search follows those privacy laws and select an appropriate reason for running the search. If you fulfill the criteria then you’ll be able to access all the vehicle information that is available with your California reverse license plate search. If you have any questions or concerns then you can reach out to our customer support via phone or submit an email or a request through our blog at the bottom of this page. Please use this resource responsibly as it is not legal to harass or intimidate any persons with the information you find.

What You Can Find With a California License Plate Search

  • Owner Information For That Car
  • A Complete Vehicle History Report
  • Vehicle Options and Manufacturer Specifications
  • Vehicle Title Verification
  • Salvage and Junk Records
  • Vital Statistics of The Vehicle
  • Accident and Damages Records

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California License Plate Lookup


California License Plate Lookup FAQs

Can I lookup the owner of a California license plate?

It is possible to lookup the owner of a California license plate number if you have a valid reason according to the DPPA regulations in California. To get more details about who can run a California license plate search you can contact your local DMV office.

How do I run a California license plate search?

You can run a California license plate search online as long as you have the entire CA license plate number. There are a multitude of online vehicle record websites where you can run a VIN check or license plate lookup without going to the DMV.

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Responses to “California License Plate Number Lookup

  1. Someone hit my car last night and I have the license plate # bit need to know who owns the car to contact. The plate # is California 7MOX397. Please help!

    1. I got robber the other night and here is the license plate number. I need to know some Information so I can tell the police if his car was the robber of my place.

      1. Jade, this is a police matter, unfortunately we cannot assist you with your license plate search inquiry. Please read the privacy laws that apply to California, there are restrictions to this type of information.

    2. If you’ve experienced a hit and run situation your best option is to contact the police or CHP and file a report, then contact your auto insurance company after you file the police report. This will be the best course of action to getting your vehicle fixed ASAP.

      How To File a Hit And Run in California

      1. Call the police or highway patrol
      2. File a hit and run report
      3. Contact your auto insurance company
      4. Give the insurance company your report
      5. The police will contact the other driver
      6. Get your vehicle fixed

  2. I have a complete set of California license plate starting with the letters PT they are from 1929 to 1938 can you tell me what they were used for ?
    I Was told that PT meant pneumatic tire??
    They were all nailed on the inside of an old barn in Shafter California

  3. I’m trying to pay a toll road fee from out of state and don’t know my car tag number. How can I get it to avoid the fines?
    Linda Fry

  4. Hey I just bought a new car and I only have the vin, is there any way I can acquire what my license plate will be before it arrives in the mail?

  5. I am selling a collection of old license plates for a friend and i would like to know if they are still in the DMV system. That’s all…no other information. I just want to know if they are “DMV clear”. Can i find that information here?

  6. Someone dog bit my dog. And gave me a wrong phone number. I have her plate( im pretty sure it is) and i have the plate of the person ghat was with her (this pne for sure) This was yesterday at tuna canyon topanga. 10, 1030am. The dog that attacked was a black large poodle . Owner gave me wrong phone number. I need to reach her. So she can take care of dog’s vet bill.
    Owner’s dog: CB68J32 may/22
    Palisades white new car

    Please help. How can i get their info with license plates?
    Thank you.

    1. Maria, before obtaining any information from our vehicle record resources, you must first go through our terms of service as well as the privacy laws associated with the state you live in. California has very specific conditions when running a CA license plate number. You can also file a police report and have the DMV lookup this person’s contact information.

  7. I would like to be able to contact the owner of this license plate since she has my name on her plates and we seem to have thing in common. Chela is not a common name that is why I think she would like to meet or at least talk on phone

  8. This car is abandoned on a property I intend to purchase, I need to contact the owner to remove, so I need the registered owner to contact.
    The plate is California

    1. Lola, to take care of an abandoned vehicle in California, there is a process.

      How to report an abandoned vehicle in California

      First you will want to call the police and report the abandoned vehicle. They will followup with trying to contact the owner of the vehicle. Then if there is no response you can have the abandoned vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. Another option is you can visit your local DMV to report the abandoned vehicle and they will in turn coordinate with the police to locate the abandoned vehicle owner

  9. My sons RV was stolen.
    I’m a bit confused cuz when I look up the license plate nothing shows license plate being California 783 uot

    1. Justine, you might want to file a police report and let them handle tracking down the RV. Our license plate title search resources are not intended for tracking purposes. The only way to track a vehicle is if there is LowJack or Onstar installed and activated on the vehicle itself.

    1. Timothy, this sounds like a police matter. You might consider calling the police and reporting this with the CA license plate number and VIN that you have

  10. Hi, a tourist hit my car and he did not speak English. It looked like he was borrowing the car from a friend. Can you help to locate the car owner?

    1. Jami, in order to use our California license plate and vehicle record resources you must go through and read the terms and conditions for our service plus the California privacy rules

    1. Said, you will want to contact the police about this incident and file a hit and run report. They will be able to follow up on the information you have and take the necessary measures to locate the vehicle in question. You will also want this report so that you can file it with your auto insurance company.

    1. Sheri, we hope everyone is ok. If you have an emergency please call 911. Next, if everyone is ok, you should contact the police and file a hit and run report. They will be able to follow up on the situation and then you can file an auto insurance claim.

    1. Lamar, you will want to reach out to your insurance company directly to report this and they have the ability to lookup this information. You may want to also file a police report if this was a hit and run situation.

  11. I need to find the owners name of a recreational vehicle that has been abandoned on my property but there is no license plate on or on the vehicle. I do however have the Vin #. How can I obtain this information?

    1. Angela, unfortunately we only have California license plate information on highway legal vehicles. If you have an issue with an abandoned vehicle you can file a police report and have the vehicle towed off your property at the owners expense.

  12. I was the victim of a hit and run yesterday afternoon, I was able to get the license plate and filed a report with the CHP. Can I find out the owner’s name/address of the car who hit me?

    1. Liela, unfortunately we cannot disclose any personal information on our blog and the reason you submitted is not an acceptable reason to find the information you are interested in via the CPPA or DPPA regulations. You can go through our process and read the acceptable reasons to run a California license plate lookup.

  13. I am looking at a motorhome for sale that made its way from California to Ontario Canada if I have the California plate number how can I find out if there is any liens on said vehicle thank you

  14. I have a CA temp permit number, I’m trying to locate the owner. Are you able to help me.


    Thank you

    1. David, there are only very specific reasons you can run a California license plate lookup. Please go through our process and read the DPPA requirements to run a California license plate search and see if your reasons are supported for this query.

  15. I have the plate number on a Blue CA license plate on a vehicle I am trying to purchase. When I input the plate number, it comes up plate not found. What does this mean? Plate is 5D31437 on a 1978 Ford F100.

    1. Arlene, since this is an older vehicle we may not have the vehicle information in our California license plate record database. If you have the VIN number you can also try searching as well as use the free government resource This government resources offers vehicle history reports for used vehicle that can be very useful when purchasing a used car in California.

  16. A White BMW M4, roughly model year 2014 body style, with license plate “CHUN JAI” (in the black California special plate with yellow writing) is driving insane on the 10East. While i was getting off on the 10E exit from the 405, this car drove into my lane, then swerved back into the lane towards the 10E. Luckily i had two hands on the wheel and noticed this cars speed. I slammed on the breaks and swerved and came ***within 2-3inches*** of the cement wall. Thank god for the technology in my car because it saved my life. I called 911 and left a report that the car was driving toward downtown. I looked up the plates and they’re registered to a 1996 Mazda. This person capped off and didn’t stop. I got a glimpse of the driver, he was an older Asian male. I’m guessing his name is CHUN JAI. oh—- the license plate had korean or Chinese characters around it on the black license plate frame. I have two pictures if needed. Please get this person off the street before someone’s innocent life is taken away by this lunatic. I’m so lucky I’m not in an ambulance or dead right now.

    1. Alex, thank you for sharing your story about this reckless driver. You did the right thing to report this person to the police immediately, hopefully they follow up with this guy since you got his California license plate number. We will post your comment on our website so that others can share in your story and hopefully make them more aware when driving on the freeway.

  17. I have a reason to believe that I have spotted my vehicle that is currently reported stolen and currently it has a different license plate. I took a picture of the license and will like to find out if the license plate match a stolen vehicle or license plate.

    1. This sounds like a police matter and unfortunately we cannot give out any information without you reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions as well as the DPPA regulations for California

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