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License plates are the unique numbers used to identify different vehicles. Every state in US has various types of plates for its vehicles. When you buy a new car, you have to register it and that is when you will be given a license plate number. License plates can be registered to anybody or any organization. When registering a license plate in Texas, you have to provide specific information like your address and what kind of insurance you have for your vehicle. To begin your Texas license plate lookup, enter a first & last name in the form above.

This license registration is usually aimed at keeping track of that car. They record that information so that in case the car is involved in some criminal activities the owner can be traced. License plates need to be regularly updated and this is done by ensuring your vehicle’s registration is always renewed.

There are some different types of plates in Texas depending on your needs. For example, if you own a vehicle your plates will be different from those of a motorcycle or truck. If the plates are for a particular organization, they can decide to apply for plates that are a bit customized.

People with disabilities can also apply and get special plates. These types of plates are known as the disability parking plates.

Through the Texas Public Information Act, you have the right to access accurate information from government records. If a car is involved in criminal activity or for some reasons you need to identify the owner, you can visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Texas DMV). When you place a request at the Texas DMV, they will provide you with all the information that the law allows them to give to the public.

Although some information cannot be disclosed due to the law prohibiting it, you can still access information like the name of whoever that plate belongs to. You can decide to pay Texas DMV, a visit in person. You can find them at 4000 Jackson Avenue, Building 1 Austin, Texas, at the office of General Counsel. You can also send them a mail to the same address.

Apart from visiting Texas DMV, you can also look up a plate online. This process is known as the reverse license plate search. Using this method you can access online databases that have records of all plate. These databases will usually give you an address of the owner and even his/her mobile phone number. If the owner is also registered in any social media platforms, you can access his profile information like his email.

The online platform also allows access to different records on Texas criminal charges that are associated with different license plates. If you do a reverse search and get the owners name, you can also see if he/she has a criminal record.

After you do a search and get a matching hit, you should proceed with caution since the results aren?t always right. Most of the time, cars that are stolen are usually the ones involved in criminal activities. As a result, you should do a thorough follow up before jumping into a conclusion. Texas license plate lookup data is available via the FOIA.gov.

Texas License Plate Lookup
Texas License Plate Lookup

Texas License Plate FAQs

Who can lookup Texas license plate information

Technically anyone can lookup license plate information in Texas as long as you have a proper reason outlined by the Texas DPPA regulations as well as the Texas NHTSA

Can I find the owner of a Texas license plate?

It is possible to find the owner of a vehicle by the Texas license plate number. The police and Texas DMV have this ability as well as some online vehicle record resources as long as you have a valid and verifiable reason that follows the Texas DPPA laws

How do I get a specialized Texas license plate?

To get a specialized or vanity license plate in Texas you need to reach out to the Texas DMV directly. You can go to TXDMV.gov to select what type of license plate you would like. Prices vary depending on what type of license plate you choose

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Responses to “Texas License Plate Lookup

  1. My car was stolen in 2014. My social security card was stolen as well. It was a white 1994 Acura Integra. The last location it was located in was Victoria, Texas. I even remember my SSN as well. I\’m happy to prove it. I have my birth certificate and birthplace as well. I genuinely want to get the situation resolved and get the thief taken into custody. I appreciate it, thank you. The first three letters of the license plate were CMU. It was stolen in Jacksonville, Florida. That\’s where I\’m located now.

    1. Adam, we are sorry to hear about having your vehicle stolen. Unfortunately our Texas license plate lookup does not have a vehicle trace capability. Our resources only reference the information that is on record and we do not offer tracing services. If you haven’t filed a police report then this should be done as well as letting your auto insurance company know and the Texas DMV. Our resources are solely for referencing public information online. Please reach out if we can be of further assistance.

      What to do if your vehicle was stolen in Texas

      1. Contact your local Texas police department and file a report
      2. Notify your auto insurance company about your stolen vehicle
      3. Let the Texas DMV know about your vehicle being stolen
      4. Cancel any bank cards that may have been in the vehicle

  2. Received a toll violation for a vehicle sold in 2015. Please verify what vehicle is registered with the personal Texas plate DNTTRP and who the owner is. Thank you

  3. My wife\’s car has tag #cjp 3434 and we have toll tag. Driver of a 2015 Chevy truck has tag #cpj3434 and somehow NTTA is getting them mixed up and I am paying some of his tolls. Just want to know if he lives near me to argue with NTTA.

  4. A car backed into mine at a store and I want to know the owner do the owner can deal with my insurance company cause I was told it was on private property so the police won’t do nothing

    1. Royce, you may want to consult with your auto insurance company to determine what the next step is to get your car fixed. In some cases, an auto insurance company will help guide you in a hit and run scenario if you have the license plate number of the other vehicle

  5. My neighbor snagged my bumper with his Texas pickup truck in the parking lot. The plate is…..PKW 1923 …Texas, but has no date tag on it. I would like the full name of the registree. Plus this tag used to be on a Chevy. Now it’s on a Dodge.


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