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The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) serves customers online as well as it does on field to keep the transportation system organized and functioning smoothly. Regarding vehicle information & registration as well as license plate information, NDDOT provides all the information related to motor vehicle sites, holiday schedules, and the wait time for motor vehicle and driver license issuance. To begin your North Dakota license plate lookup online use the above form and enter any North Dakota License Plate Number.

The online portal has a section on frequently asked questions (FAQs) about vehicles, license plates, and permits as well. There are extensive publications and manuals to guide the users and customers on regulation, procedures, and requirements followed by the department.

Vehicles can be registered through NDDOT and their registration is renewed by the department too. This can be done online. Apart from this, you can also apply for motor vehicle registration as a non-resident on a temporary basis. The website will also provide you guidance about how to change a motor vehicle address.

Additionally, a detailed structure of fee schedules and credit is also published to help the applicants. Users can also check the status of a title through North Dakota’s department?s website.

You can apply for license plate registration through North Dakota Department of Transportation. License plates are categorized in various sections. General plates include;

  • Standard license plates
  • General Motorcycle license plates
  • Standard Trailer license plates
  • Official license plates
  • Mobility Impaired license plates

North Dakota Military License Plates

Special license plates for military vehicles are also generated by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. These include;

  • National Guard license plates
  • Veteran Air Force license plates
  • Veteran Army license plates
  • Veteran Coast Guard license plates
  • Veteran Marine license plates
  • Veteran Navy license plates
  • Gold Star Family license plates
  • Veteran Non-Branch license plates
  • Veteran Purple Heart license plates

North Dakota Special Interest License Plates

Antique and Special Interest license plates are also issued by the department. These include;

  • Collector license plates
  • Firefighters license plates
  • Future Farmers of America license plates
  • ND Cowboy Hall of Fame license plates, etc.

However, license plates cannot be ordered online. You will have to download a form from the website, fill it, and bring it to the nearest Motor Vehicle Division office/branch. You can also email them the form to request for a new license plate.

North Dakota License Plate Lookup

License Plate Disclaimer

Who can lookup a North Dakota license plate?

The police, the DMV and certain public record websites can lookup a North Dakota license plate number. If you want to find out information about the license plate owner or the vehicle then you must have a valid reason as outlined by the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

What do I need to lookup a North Dakota license plate number?

You just need the full license plate number from the North Dakota vehicle in question and then you can search for information from the North Dakota DOT, police department and certain 3rd party public record websites.

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Responses to “North Dakota License Plate Lookup

  1. I have an abandoned vehicle that I\’m pursuing to obtain ownership of an abandoned vehicle of 180 days with license plate number 614 DBD. Need to know how I can take ownership legally according to north Dakota laws or if I can go by my state laws being how it\’s been abandoned here for 180 days.

    1. How to take ownership of an abandoned car in North Dakota

      To take ownership of an abandoned vehicle is North Dakota you mush first attempt to reach out to the owner through the police or the ND Department of Transportation. If the previous owner cannot be contacted then you can proceed with transferring the car title over to your name through the ND DOT directly. You will need to fill out the required paperwork as well as sign an affidavit to your claim that the vehicle was abandoned and the owner is unreachable. The DOT office will instruct you on the next steps in the car title transfer.

  2. This vehicle came very fast in a 35mph zone and i had to speed up to 55 to prevent being hit by her. She proceeded to give me the finger and take a picture of my license plate then took off in a dangerous manner on airport road and rosser. In bismarck bd

    1. Thank you for inquiring with our North Dakota license plate lookup. Unfortunately there is nothing we can assist you with. Your best option is to file a report with your local police department of highway patrol and report this person. You will need their North Dakota license plate number in order to contact the other driver. Please reach out if we can assist you with any additional public records or vehicle record inquiries.

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Last Updated: November 17, 2020

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