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People Phone License Plate VIN

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The Georgia Department of Transportation issues a Georgia license plate to every vehicle owner in the state. The Georgia Department of Transportation offers two types of license plates: standard Georgia license plate and specialty plates. The former is required for all passenger vehicles, trailer, motorcycles, and trucks in the state of Georgia. On the other hand, specialty plates are issued for vehicles owned by organizations or groups. You can apply for the Georgia license plate you need in-person, via mail or online. Georgia License Plate Lookup can be performed in the same manner too. You can access the license plate or vehicle information you need in person, via mail or online.

The most convenient way of performing Georgia License Plate Lookup is using online public databases. Run by private companies, these public databases allow you to lookup the license plate and vehicle information you need easily and quickly. Not much effort is required to perform Georgia License Plate Lookup using these online public databases. All you have to do is sign up with these databases, pay the required fee, and enter the relevant license plate number or vehicle owner?s name to get the information you need. The information you can obtain includes:

  • vehicle owner information
  • The registration information of the vehicle
  • The VIN number of the vehicle

Another way of accessing the Georgia license plate or vehicle information you need is making a request for it to Georgia Department of Transportation. You can make a request to Georgia Department of Transportation in-person, via mail, over the phone or online. To make a request via mail, mail to:

Georgia Department of Transportation
1300 One Georgia Center, 600 West Peachtree NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

If you choose to request the license plate or vehicle information over the phone, call: 404 631-1990. Finally, make an online request for Georgia License Plate Lookup by visiting Georgia Department of Transportation?s website. Accessing the license plate or vehicle information you need is easy. You just need to know the rights ways of performing Georgia License Plate Number Lookup. Therefore, by using the aforementioned ways, you can obtain the license plate or vehicle information you require. Performing Georgia License Plate Number Lookup is that simple!

Georgia License Plate Lookup

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Responses to “Georgia License Plate Lookup

    1. Betsy, you should notify the police if you feel that you are in danger or being stalked or harassed. Unfortunately we cannot assist you directly with a Georgia license plate number lookup for the reasons you have mentioned.

  1. I was tooling around in some woods the other day wth a metal detector and I discovered an old license plate. I am excited to maybe learn some more about what kind of vehicle it came from (because either way its kinda a classic 44 years later) and also I am in Athens (Clarke county) and the plate I found here is from coffee county.
    It’s exciting to me to uncover a story behind the things I find. All of the license plate lookups stop at 1981. Can you help? The tag was purchased thru 1979, according to the plate stickers.

    1. Thank you for reaching out about our Georgia license plate lookup blog. Unfortunately that is an older Georgia license plate that we do not have information for. You might try contacting the GA DMV to inquire about any information they can offer you. It is uncertain if they will be able to offer you that information or if they archive GA license plate numbers that far back, but it is a good place to start.

  2. 1970 GA tag husband purchased for his 1970 Ford F-250 camper special. He was hoping it had previously been registered to a truck.

    1. In order to find the history of this registered vehicle you will want to contact the Georgia DOR – Motor Vehicle Department about this. If this is your husband’s vehicle, and you’re also on the registration, you can request the registration history of this vehicle from the Georgia Motor Vehicle Department. Unfortunately our Georgia license plate lookup will not give you the entire history of the vehicle and how it was registered in the past.

  3. How long does one have to change their license plate when they move from on county to another? Is it illegal not to do so and if so, what are the consequence?

    1. As long as you’re residing in the same state you shouldn’t need to get a new Georgia license plate or Georgia license plate number. You will however need to update your registration information. If you are living in a different state then you will need to contact the DMV in that state as license plates and vehicle registration are managed by each state independently.

  4. Please, please, PLEASE – Stop referring to the “VIN” as “VIN Number (#).” It’s V.I.N. or Vehicle Identification Number. Why do 99% of people want to say what’s actually “Vehicle Identification Number Number?” People are so sheep-like and brain dead. That’s the same mentality that guides the vehicles on our roads too. Bunch of mindless robots that can’t think… Yes, I mean YOU!

    1. You are correct however it is very common for people to call it a VIN Number instead of a Vehicle Identification Number or just VIN.

      That being said, you are being a little harsh with your verbiage. We try and accommodate what most people refer to when discussing vehicle information.

    1. That is a matter for the Georgia Police. You should contact them to resolve this issue. Take down their Georgia license plate number and take a picture so you can document the issue.

  5. I searched for a tag # on a truck I see often. Georgia UGE073. It came back to a 2007 Tahoe but it is displayed on a 2014-2016 4 door Black Silverado. I’m not certain your records are accurate.

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