New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

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New Hampshire License Plate Lookup Options

There are two primary ways to look up a New Hampshire license plate for information. The state has a website where people can search for available vanity license plate combinations. Secondly, there are third-party online services that provide free license plate lookup for New Hampshire vehicles as well. Use the above form to start your New Hampshire License Plate Lookup online.

New Hampshire License Plate Lookup For Vanity Plates

Using a plate search feature, operated by the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles, individuals can search for the availability of their desired vanity plate – a combination of letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and the dash, plus sign, and ampersand characters ( – + &). The system will then return whether that particular license plate combination is available. If it is, that person can submit a request for that vanity plate using a separate registration form, which can also be obtained online at the New Hampshire DMV website.

New Hampshire License Plate Lookup Online

A third-party license plate lookup service, accessible at this website, allows individuals to search for a particular license plate to discover specific information about the registration. This information includes the following details:

A second third-party plate lookup service is accessible here at ( use the above form )  and performs the same function – allows people to look up a license plate.

New Hampshire License Plate Lookup Limitations

Although some information is considered private, and not able to be released to the public, individuals can at the very least identify the owner of a suspicious license plate that they might see. Another instance when a lookup service might be useful is if a person is involved in a hit and run situation, and the driver happens to obtain the license plate of the hit and run driver. A license plate lookup service is a good first step to identifying the driver so that appropriate steps can be taken with the individual’s insurance company if they need to file a claim.
New Hampshire License Plate Lookup
New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

How do I search a New Hampshire license plate number?

There are a few different options to search a New Hampshire license plate number. First you can visit the DMV and make a request if you have a valid reason to search a license plate number. You can also hire a private investigator to search for you. A third option is to use an online vehicle records website to search license plate and vehicle information if you have a valid reason according to the DPPA in New Hampshire

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2 responses to “New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

    1. If you recently applied for new license plates for your car, it can take a few weeks. If it’s been quite a while then it would be good to contact the New Hampshire DMV directly about this. In order to get to the bottom of your license plate situation quickly your best option is to visit a branch in person. They can re-issue you new plates if there was an issue or they were lost in the mail.

      How to Order a New Hampshire Replacement License Plate

      1. Visit the New Hampshire DMV website
      2. Download the application for replacement plates
      3. Fill out the form and bring it into a DMV office
      4. Show your driver’s license and pay the nominal fee
      5. New plates will be mailed to you in a few weeks

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