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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Perform a New Hampshire License Plate Search

Running a license plate search in New Hampshire has become a simple online process that can be performed with a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The process starts off by entering the full license plate number into the license plate lookup tool. Then once prompted you’ll need to select a valid reason for running this plate search so that it satisfies state and federal privacy laws. Then once you’ve made it to the next step you’ll just need to verify you’ve got the correct vehicle and then you can gain access to resources such car history reports, vehicle title status, salvage records, title and odometer verification and more. There are a multitude of reasons people in New Hampshire use this vehicle record resource and one of the top reasons is when they’re in the market to purchase a used vehicle. This search tool can help identify problems with a vehicle, finding out if the vehicle title is clean, license plate owner information and fact checking what was advertised for the used car. There are many other reasons that people use this resource as it can be accessed on the fly by anyone in the United States. It is also important to note that this NH license plate search tool is not a service offered by any motor vehicle department and is intended for unofficial and verification uses only.

What Can Be Found With a New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

Whether you are in the process of buying a used car, or you’ve witnessed an incident involving a vehicle, a New Hampshire license plate lookup can be a valuable tool. There are some limitations of what can be accessed by the general public so please reference the New Hampshire driver privacy laws before performing this search. Below are some of the important pieces of the vehicle records that can be found with a an online NH plate search. 

  • A full vehicle history report
  • Specifications and options of the vehicle
  • License plate owner information
  • Vehicle title verification
  • Salvage and accident records
  • Odometer verification
  • Vital vehicle statistics
  • NHSA recalls and safety warnings
  • Emission and safety records

Popular Reasons to Run a New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

  1. Used vehicle research for potential buyers in New Hampshire. With more than 550,000 registered vehicles in New Hampshire, according to the DMV in 2023, the used vehicle market is booming. Those researching a used car, truck or SUV might want to confirm the vehicle’s history, including previous owners, any incidents or accidents, recalls, and any potential liens on the vehicle. 
  2. New Hampshire police often run plate numbers in cases of a hit-and-run accidents, as well as auto insurance agencies that run their own separate investigations. It can be helpful in finding the registered New Hampshire vehicle owners in these types of situations. 
  3. Another popular use of running a plate number is to report a suspicious vehicle near your property. Reporting the license plate number and make and model of the vehicle can be very helpful for the police to follow up on as well as the neighborhood watch, so they can keep tabs on vehicles that are potentially stalking a neighborhood. 
  4. If your vehicle is stolen, providing the license plate number to law enforcement can help in its recovery. Digital license plates also offer an added measure of enforcement as they can be updated in real time to show that the vehicle has been stolen and a digital license plate can be tracked more easily. 
  5. Attorneys or private detectives may need this information for cases involving vehicles, like traffic accidents, insurance disputes, or skip tracing those that have fled legal or financial obligations. 
  6. Vehicle insurance companies can quickly verify vehicle details like previous damage, ownership history, previous accidents and mileage to finalize policy rates. 
  7. Toll violations is another use where automatic license plate readers on toll roads can scan a license plate number to issue a citation on vehicles that have violated toll regulations or other traffic laws. 
  8. NHTSA recalls and reported vehicular safety issues can be very helpful to research. If you own or want to buy a used vehicle with a recall, you may need to look up the vehicle by plate number or VIN. 
  9. Repossession companies may use this information to locate vehicles that need to be repossessed due to non-payment of loans. With the plate number they can quickly locate the address of the registered New Hampshire vehicle owner. 
  10. Charities that accept vehicle donations may want to verify the vehicle’s condition and history before accepting it. 
  11. Lastly, vehicle enthusiasts may just want to decode a plate number to know more about a vehicle they’re interested in. 

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License Plate Rules of New Hampshire

New Hampshire requires that everyone that drives a vehicle has current registration, proof of auto insurance and a current driver’s ID on them while driving at all times. It is also mandatory that anyone that purchases a new or used vehicle get new plates and documents within 30 days of the purchase. Once you file your paperwork, such as the bill of sale and title transfer form, for the first time you will be sent new license plates and tags. One of the license plates needs to be displayed in the front and one in the rear of the vehicle, the one on the rear of the vehicle must display the vehicle tags. You will also be given a temporary license plate until your new New Hampshire plates arrive in the mail. You can also apply for personalized or specialty plates for an additional fee. As of January 2023, New Hampshire offers over 50 different types of specialty plates for various organization, non-profit charities, and veteran plates to name a few.

Driver Privacy Rules For Accessing New Hampshire Vehicle Records

While New Hampshire vehicle records can provide a multitude of beneficial information, it’s essential to understand the privacy issues that go with accessing certain parts of a person’s vehicle record. Personal information is strictly enforced and only certain permissible reasons are allowed for certain entities to access New Hampshire vehicle owner information.

New Hampshire License Plate Lookup

New Hampshire License Plate Lookup FAQ

How do I search a New Hampshire license plate number?

There are a few different options to search a New Hampshire license plate number. First you can visit the DMV and make a request if you have a valid reason to search a license plate number. You can also hire a private investigator to search for you. A third option is to use an online vehicle records website to search license plate and vehicle information if you have a valid reason according to the DPPA in New Hampshire

Can I find out if a vehicle was stolen in New Hampshire?

Yes, you can run either the license plate number or VIN number to find out if a New Hampshire vehicle was stolen

Can I lookup a New Hampshire vehicle owner by license plate?

Unless you have permission or your reasons for running a license plate owner search is allowed by the DPPA or state driver privacy laws, you cannot. Only certain permissible reasons are allowed to access personal information from the vehicle records.

Is there a free New Hampshire license plate check?

Some vehicle and public record sites offer some very basic information for free however, many of the premium vehicle records will cost a few dollars. For example, a vehicle history report may cost from $20 to $30 per report.

How accurate is the information from a New Hampshire license plate search?

The accuracy of the information depends on the source and the vehicle record website you are accessing. Some are definitely more up to date and more accurate than others. If you are doing research on a used car you may want to research multiple services to get the complete story of that vehicle you want to buy.

Is it legal to perform a license plate search in New Hampshire?

It is completely legal to run a license plate or VIN search in New Hampshire as long as you are not accessing personal information. There are only certain allowable reasons to lookup vehicle owner information in the state, as defined by the DPPA and state driver privacy laws.

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    If you recently applied for new license plates for your for your vehicle it can take a few weeks. If it’s been quite a while then it would be good to contact the DMV directly about this. In order to get to the bottom of your license plate situation quickly your best option is to visit a branch in person. They can re-issue you new plates if there was an issue or they were lost in the mail, it can take a few weeks. If it’s been quite a while then it would be good to contact the New Hampshire DMV directly about this. In order to get to the bottom of your license plate situation quickly your best option is to visit a branch in person. They can re-issue you new plates if there was an issue or they were lost in the mail.

    How to Order a New Hampshire Replacement License Plate

    1. Visit the New Hampshire DMV website
    2. Download the application for replacement plates
    3. Fill out the form and bring it into a DMV office
    4. Show your driver’s license and pay the nominal fee
    5. New plates will be mailed to you in a few weeks

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    When will new plates be mailed waiting since aug of2019 plate number is7874

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