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People Phone License Plate VIN
People Phone License Plate VIN

How To Run a Florida License Plate Lookup

In the state of Florida license plate information can be easily performed with the full license plate number of a vehicle and a valid reason for accessing this information. The Florida license plate number lookup can reveal the vehicle history, owner contact information, if the vehicle title is clean, vehicle specs and much more. With a Florida license plate search through SearchQuarry.com a person can also cross reference the owner information with a criminal record, traffic citation, background records, DUIs, arrests, jail records and active warrants. This gives people the ability to research for motor vehicle and driver safety, theft or civil and criminal processing as outlined in the terms of the license plate search for Florida. The only caveat to running this search is making sure that you abide by all the safety and privacy laws set out by the state of Florida, which SearchQuarry.com plainly outlines in our terms of search conditions. Once you verify that you’ve got the green light then you can obtain the vehicle information you’re interested in and all searches are confidential. Please make sure to use the information obtained responsibly and in a legal fashion as stated in our terms. Please note that our Florida license plate lookup resources are unofficial and are intended for verification purposes only. In our member’s area you can perform as many license plate searches as you like and there may be an additional cost for detailed vehicle history reports. This is a resource not offered by the motor vehicle dept.

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History of License Plates In Florida

Florida started issuing license plates later than a lot of east coast states in the US. It was in 1918 that this state started to issue physical license plates to everyone that had a vehicle. Before then, starting in 1905, Florida required anyone with a vehicle to provide their own identification plate for display and it was only required on the rear of the vehicle. That rule still applies today in Florida where a front license plate is not required, just the rear with the tags.

The Purpose of a Florida License Plate

License plates to every vehicle owner in Florida. Vehicle owners in Florida are required to have one license plate, which would be located in the rear of the vehicle. Having a second license plate on the front of the vehicle is recommended. However, only the rear license plate needs to feature stickers. Vehicle owners in Florida can apply for several different types of license plates. However, the most commonly used license plates in Florida include a license plate that has a combination of numbers and letters and another one that has either “in God we trust” or “Sunshine State” at the bottom. Use the above form to begin your Florida license plate lookup online. With this Florida license plate search you can view the vehicle make, model and year for free. Additional vehicle information is available in the member’s area.

It is also important to know you need to apply for a license plate in Florida within thirty days after purchasing the car. You can apply for a license plate in Florida in-person, via mail or online. If you get pulled over without completing this in the tame frame allowed, you can have your vehicle impounded if you are pulled over on the road.

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Florida License Plate Lookup


Florida License Plate Lookup - FAQs

Can I lookup a Florida license plate number?

You can lookup a Florida license plate number if you have the full plate number and a valid reason to lookup the Florida license plate according to the rules and regulations of the DMV. It's also possible to look up a license plate using 3rd party search engines as long as you have a valid Florida DPPA reason

Can I lookup someone by their Florida license plate number?

Yes, it is possible to lookup someone by their Florida license plate number if you have the full plate number and have a valid reason via the Florida DPPA. You can also obtain a vehicle history report with a Florida license plate number.

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Responses to “Florida License Plate Lookup

  1. I am trying to buy or find used parts for a 1990 GMC C7000 bucket truck as a contract job for a tree service company. GMC lists it as “incomplete vehicle”. I have a tag number but there is no VIN number on the vehicle. I do not need the owner’s name or other information, only the VIN number for parts location. I do not have the truck with me. It is down in the Florida Keys where replacement parts are limited.

  2. I am filing my 2021 tax return and do not recall what we paid for our customized license plate 2HIPPES? Can I get that info?

    1. Janice, we do not have such information in our public record search resources. You’ll need to contact the motor vehicle department in Florida to find out how much you paid for your personalized Florida license plates

  3. I need to renew the Handi-cap tag for my Mother’s vehicle. I don’t know the tag number. It is a 2016 Toyota Rav 4.

    1. Elena, in this situation, where you need to renew your Florida disabled license plate for your mother, you will need to contact the Florida FLHSMV directly.

  4. I lived in Florida in 2015. I moved out of state and did not surrender my plates. I am not sure where the plates are, most likely in my parents basement. I don’t have the license plate number.

    I moved back to Florida this year. My question is how do I go about getting my Florida plates? Can I reissue my old Florida plates. or should I go about getting new plate number. Please advise how I should proceed… Thank you

  5. A truck that was in my name has been transferred to another person. He said that he turned in the plate. I need to make sure that it is not in my name any more.

  6. Hello; About 2 years ago I had 2 vehicles. I sold one. I am now purchasing a second vehicle tomorrow. I’ve lived in Florida all my life. The past six years I’ve lived in Lake County and now Seminole. Just hoping I can reactive a tag. Thank you!

    1. Candice, it’s best practice to hand over the Florida trailer license plate over to the police and let them locate the owner

  7. Can I use an old plate I had on my car 3 years ago on a used car I’m about to buy from someone? Are these old plates still good or do they have an expiration date?

  8. I had my tag and registration stolen out of my truck I need new license plate number so I can put a cardboard and write the tag number on it so I have to pull over my name is Joseph j Freedman 2121 Jackson Street Hollywood FL the tag for 2002 Ford F-250 super duty

  9. I have a vehicle that struck one of my clients property causing damages, fleeing the scene. I have clear video and pictures that i can provide as proof. Can you help? Its a commercial White passenger Large Van/Limo

    1. Leo, you should call the police and file a hit and run report. Unfortunately we cannot give out Florida license plate or Florida vehicle owner information through our blog. You must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of our search as well as the privacy laws we out line for your state of residence

  10. Debating about purchasing a 1970 Chet Chevelle SS from gentleman in the UK. Cannot check with VIN numbers due to being 1970. The plates on the vechicle are Florida plates

  11. I purchased a camper with tag number AMAX55 FL tag with expire date of 08-13. It is a 2005 Forest River Salem 30bhbs. I need the registration information so I can get it registered in my name and on my insurance.

    1. Melisa, unfortunately our Florida license plate number lookup is only for motorized vehicles. We do not have information related to camper trailers, boats or airplanes

  12. Met fellow at car wash who is selling his Caddy. Have pictures and price but can\’t find where I put phone # on my phone. Burgundy 1991 4 Dr caddy.

    1. Marcia, unfortunately we cannot give out specific information with your FL license plate request. Please read through the terms and conditions of our vehicle record search

    1. You should contact the police about a person blocking or parking on private property. Unfortunately our Florida license plate lookup resources cannot be used for these purposes. Please read the terms and conditions of our FL license plate lookup resources

  13. There is an elderly man that sits in the parking lot of a vacant church and films and takes pictures of our kids playing in the park next to it. The police say they can\’t do anything because he hasn\’t touched any of them. We want to know who he is!!! His plate # is Florida Z2WID handicapped.

    1. Tracy, if you feel like there is a threat and these children are in danger you should contact the police and have them follow up on this situation

  14. I was hit in the back of the car I was in and the tag was a florida tag he would not have his insurance but I did get the tag number and he say it was a rental truck how do I get and find out who is the owner of the truck I also have his name and telephone number

    1. Katrina, in this case you will want to file a hit and run report with the police. They will follow up with the Florida license plate information you give them and find out who the driver was. Then once you get a copy of the police report, you should report this incident to your auto insurance company

  15. A truck from a company based in Florida hit my car in NY. Need to figure out the license plate. Goes by name Kenton amore. Phone number 9543940485. If anyone has any info please reply. Thanks.

  16. By my driveway I found a motorcycle tag that hasn’t expired. I wanted to return it to owner. Tag number MNFM76. Florida.

    1. Joni, your best bet to get these Florida vehicle registration tags back to the original owner is to hand it over the police or to an FLHSMV office

  17. Who is the owner of license plate number 283-HHF? He said he’d pay us money and hasn’t. Needing an address to take him to court.

    1. Margaret, you will want to file a police report and let them follow up on this for you. We cannot give out Florida license plate owner information. Please see our terms of search and the privacy laws associated with Florida

  18. I sent away for renewal tags for my Vehicle on plate # IAB F651..I haven’t heard anything back so I wanted to check if you received the payment and when will I get the tags?

  19. I dropped my tag (DAFF51) in Osceola County Tax Office Drop Box and I need to know if that has been processed?

  20. Good morning I\’m Dave from Middlefield Ohio I\’ve been seeing a young woman that was from that came up from Florida to Ohio and I\’m starting to get serious with her but she\’s met like four or five different people up here and gave all four of them different names and I\’m just wondering if I can find out her legal name by her license number which is k d e f 51 Florida plate 2008 Ford focus SE

    1. David, you will need to first read through the terms and conditions of our search and the privacy rules that apply to the state of Florida before receiving any vehicle related information. Unfortunately we cannot give out any information unless you go through this process. Please reach out if we can be of further assistance.

    1. Vicki, if there was an accident you will want to file a police report and report this to your auto insurance company. Was there a specific Florida license plate lookup question we can answer for you?

    1. Shirley, unfortunately we cannot lookup a Florida license plate number by name. You will need to reach out to the FLHSMV directly to find out what your Florida plate number is. Their phone number is 850-617-2000 for your convenience

    1. Nancy, we are uncertain the reason you’ve requested to perform a Florida license plate lookup for. If you go through our process you will be directed to the DPPA and Florida state regulations for acceptable reasons to perform a license plate lookup. You must determine if your reason is legitimate to perform this search and select a corresponding reason from the selection.

  21. My gaughter suspitious van driving slow and when he saw her, it took off. Checking if its bogus. I checked the name on the van and it doesnt show. im concerned

    1. Teresita, you may want to contact the police department if you’ve noticed a car creeping around your house and family. They can better assist you with your situation. Just document the Florida license plate number and any other identifiable information you can recall.

  22. I would like to contact the person whose vehicle lis # is…FLAKS2Z. They have parked on our private ROW. I do not mean to cause them any grief, just let them know.

    1. Richard, unfortunately we cannot assist you with a Florida license plate search for those reasons. If you read through our disclaimer, you must have a valid reason according to the DPPA and state regulations to run a Florida license plate lookup. That being said, many time just leaving a not is effective. If that doesn’t work then you can file a complaint to property management or the police if the problem persists. Good luck and please reach out if we can assist you with any public record related questions in the future

  23. I live in the uk and many years ago brought a Florida plate just wondered what type of car it belonged to as I love american cars

    1. Ian, if you know what your Florida license plate number was you can run through our license plate lookup tool

  24. Somehow a stranger/thief in Southern Florida aquired a duplicate of my huabands expired motorcycle licence plate and went through a toll. We received the bill in my husbands name with a photo of what looked like a woman riding a scooter with the same plate #. My husband keeps all of his old plates and hangs them in the garage. We\’re sitting there scratching our heads wondering how in the world this is even possible, he went to check and see if he had saved it and there it hung, Screwed into his work bench since 2014. How is this possible?? The DMV website states that it\’s been expired since 2014 and he doesn\’t even own a motorcycle anymore. Has his identity been stolen? How did the stranger get the tags renewed and how do we retrieve the plates? What do we do????

    1. That is a good question, you will want to report this to the DMV and make your inquiry with them as to how this could have happened. That being said, you should be able to contact the Florida toll roads and dispute this Florida traffic citation fairly easily since there is photo evidence this is not your husband and the Florida license plate is not longer registered to a motorcycle that he owns.

  25. my husband sent me pic of car and tells me its for our son. can i find out who its tagged to? i dont believe he owns it.

    1. How to Verify a Florida Vehicle Title

      To run a vehicle title verification you can visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department website and use their free Vehicle Information Check. It’s good practice to use this tool as well as the SafeCar.gov resources to make sure you’re informed about any used vehicle you’re purchasing. Please reach out if we can assist you with any future questions about Florida license plate information or vehicle title information.

    1. If you are interested in checking on the availability on a Florida specialty license plate, or personalized license plate, you will need to inquire with the FLHSMV directly.

      How to Get Florida Personalized License Plate

      To obtain a Florida personalized license plate you will need to fill out Form 83043 and brought to a local FLHSMV office for processing. If your request is granted and the personalized license plate is available then you will pay a $15 fee and your new Florida personalized license plate will be mailed to you.

  26. Hello! I’m a tourist in Florida. I bought a Can-Am motorcycle to use for 3 weeks. can I rent a dealer license plate with insurance for 1 month?
    I’m looking for someone to rent a Florida license plate !

    1. If you’re looking to find out the status of your Florida tags, or Florida vehicle registration, on a new vehicle you will want to reach out to the Florida FLHSMV directly to inquire. They will be able to let you now what your status is on your tags and registration. If you have not received your new Florida vehicle tags then it’s best practice to call or inquire with them directly. You can get pulled over and have your vehicle impounded potentially if they are not up to date.

  27. The car dealer I bought my car from ordered the special plate that I wanted over three months ago and I have not gotten it yet how can I track this plate ? BOBC7. It is a Florida special plate it is the one to protect the Dolphins

    1. Robert, unfortunately we cannot check on the status of your Florida specialty license plates as we do not have a direct affiliation with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department. Your best option is to contact the Florida FLHSMV directly and inquire about when your plates were ordered and when they were sent out. It is possible there is an issue with the Florida specialty license plates or the mail service but, inquiring with the FLHSMV directly will probably be the fastest course of action. You can also contact this Florida motor vehicle department to setup an appointment @ 850-617-2000

  28. I received in the U S Mail at my Florida residence a Toll Due Notice issued to Christopher P Beckner. I keep getting mail for him even though I have owned the house for almost 10 years. I would like to know who he is & why I keep getting his mail. Can I get his license registration info or trackdown his updated info?

    1. Denise, your best course of action would be to forward his mail and visit your local post office to insure his US mail is forwarded so that you don’t have to be bothered by this anymore. As far as a Florida license plate lookup, unfortunately we cannot assist you with tracking down his license or vehicle registration information.

    1. Suzanne, you’re complaint is quite common. The Florida DMV can take several weeks to send out new Florida license plate tag renewal at times. Your best course of action would be to call the Florida DMV ( aka Florida FLHSMV ) about your Florida vehicle registration @ 850-617-2000 or visit them in person.

  29. Hi, I\’m not sure I competely understand. If I buy a car and I dont have a licence yet do I still have to get a plate and tag if I\’m not driving it?

  30. Other people have made comments dating back to 2017, yet you still have incorrect information. Florida only issues ONE license plate per vehicle. You should really change your information.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Jim, we will look into what you said and make any necessary updates to the information on our Florida license plate lookup post.

  31. I bought a motorcycle in Florida and did not get bill of sale or title, but it had a tag on it (MFNS88) and it also had a tag under the seat (MDVK69).. and I just trying to find out who last owned it so I can get it registered to me!!..

    1. Paul, your best option is to visit the Florida FLHSMV ( Motor Vehicle Department ) and show them the bill of sale and any additional information you have on the purchase of this vehicle to obtain registration tags for your motorcycle. It will probably be faster to go in and talk to someone at the FLHSMV about your situation to get your motorcycle registered and on the road ASAP.

    1. G Gilbert, you must read and agree to our terms of use before receiving any Florida license plate or vehicle information. We cannot freely give out that information without there being a valid and legal reason for using our vehicle records resources or our license plate lookup or VIN check resources.

  32. I am having difficulty with kids in are neighborhood and I mailed my payment for tags and I. haven’t hear anything .i was. Just wondering if you got my check
    License number 511QXW

    1. In order to verify the status of your registration stickers or “tags” for your license plate then you will want to contact the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department directly @ FLHSMV.gov. They are the only agency that can verify the status of your license plate registration. If you feel that your registration was lost then you can easily replace your Florida vehicle registration at any Florida County Tax Collector Office.

      Replace a Lost Florida Vehicle Registration

      Your Florida vehicle registration can be replaced at any Florida county Tax Collector Office or the FLHSMV for a small fee. You will need to show proof of ownership or prior registration and your Florida driver’s license

  33. I was hit on my bicycle by a gold jaguar on 12/13/2018. The driver(female’s) car was badly damaged from the impact of my body. I am seriously injured. The driver jut took of heading north on Dixie highway in Oakland Park Florida. I was really hit bad and hurt but i reached for my phone, called 911, the operator picked up and asked what my emergency was, I just kept repeating the plate, over and over knowing it was being recorded. Unfortunately, the next day I was informed the letters, all letters in a un customized plate were wrong, KMF-ALG. I now see all plates have letters and numbers. The police cant help, Oakland park is a small town in fort Lauderdale. I have yet to ever seen a gold jaguar. It is a rare car. Can the DMV run a search on gold jaguars in this city? Her car is probably being repaired now, and i cannot walk. Can you please help me?

    1. We are truly sorry to hear about your accident. Unfortunately we cannot assist you without a full Florida license plate number. Since the police can’t seem to help you might think about hiring a private investigator to assist you. It’s possible you might be able to find one on contingency but that will be up to you to be determined. Best of luck and sorry for your injuries.

    1. You should contact the police if you feel you’re being stalked or in danger. Make sure to get as much information from that vehicle as possible, such as the Florida license plate number, make and model and color of the vehicle and any description of the driver

    1. Your feedback about our Florida license plate lookup is much appreciated and we will look into the information you provided. In many states the front and back license plates are required but there are exceptions depending on the state and what type of vehicle you’re talking about. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with a Florida license plate search or a Florida public record search. We have over 2 billion public records in our United States public record database.

      Florida Custom License Plate Options

      1. College Universities
      2. Environment & Wildlife
      3. Sports Teams & Athletics
      4. Special Interests
      5. Military or Veteran

    1. This sounds like a matter for the Florida police. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with a Florida license plate lookup with the reasons you specified. Your best option would be to file a police report and give them as much information as possible.

    1. To get a custom Florida license plate and see what your options are you should visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. There you can search for FAQs on Specialty Florida license plates and find out if there is a good fit for your car accessories.

      How To Get a Custom Florida License Plate

      1. Visit the Florida FLHSMV.gov website
      2. Choose what specialty license plate you want
      3. Check to see if your choice is available
      4. Pay the $25 annual fee for the specialty plate
      5. Receive the license plate by mail in a few weeks

    1. To find out if you have a hold on your Florida vehicle registration tag , you will need to contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

      How to Find Out If There Is A Hold on My Florida Registration

      1. Visit the Florida FLHSMV.gov website
      3. Contact them directly via their online form
      4. Visit the FLHSMV office in person
      5. Call the FMHSMV phone number: 850-617-3000

  34. where can i get a new license plate. the one on my car has the paint coming off. so ulgy. and is there a charge to replace old plate?

  35. Looking for driver in Yellow F250 or My F350 with DV (disabled veterans) plate
    Anyway to find without knowing whole tag number?

  36. what is required to delete your middle NAME and just use middle INITIAL. Also, what different types of license plates are available for purchase when renewing

    1. June,

      To clarify, are you interested in changing your information on your Florida vehicle registration?

      How Do I Change My Name on My Florida Vehicle Registration

      1. Visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Office
      2. Request a name change for your vehicle registration or driver’s license
      3. Show proof of identification and change of name information

      For the second question, are you asking about Florida vanity license plates or are you looking for Florida specialty license plate designs?

    1. D,

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s always helpful when we get valuable feedback like this. We will be sure to mention this.

      Does Florida Require a Front License Plate?

      No, Florida doesn’t require a front license plate on vehicles. There are 19 states in total that don’t require a front license plate. They include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

    1. Hello James,

      We can certainly help you with a Florida license plate search. We will need the full Florida license plate number to lookup the information in our database. We can also lookup vehicle records by VIN number.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  37. Hello, I lived in Florida in 2010 for awhile but can’t remember if I got a tag at that time for a car and was wondering if there is anyway I can find out.. I do have my Florida license

    1. Hello Maria,

      I would be happy to help you with a Florida license plate lookup. We will need the full Florida license plate number to proceed. If you’re trying to lookup your license plate number by your name you will have to contact the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department. I have provided a link to their website below. Please reach out if there is anything else we can assist you with.


      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team


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