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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Search Digital License Plate Numbers

Searching a digital license plate number is the same process of looking up standard, or legacy license plate numbers. The process is simple, enter the full digital license plate number into the search field to begin. Then you’ll be prompted to select a valid reason for running this search, which varies from state to state. After you’ve completed those two simple steps you’re ready to view the vehicle information you’re looking for. Results can include the owner information of the vehicle, the complete history of the vehicle, verifying the title is clean, vital statistics of the vehicle in question and manufacturer options and specifications. The digital license plate search offered by is an unofficial plate search that is intended for verification purposes only and this service is not offered by any motor vehicle dept. in any state in the US. Please use the information you obtain in accordance with the relevant privacy laws. You can also reach out to our expert support team through the blog section at the bottom of this article if you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for.

What is a Digital License Plate?

A digital license plate, also know as an electronic license plate, is a new generation of license plate that emits a signal that identifies information about that vehicle for law enforcement, motor vehicle identification and tracking purposes for various reasons, such as theft or expired tags. The electronic license plate is a screen with all the relevant vehicle information digitally displayed. There are a lot of benefits of having an electronic license plate such as not having to wait for your new tags, they’re automatically updated once you pay the fees. If your vehicle is stolen, as soon as you report it your license plate can say “STOLEN” on it to make aware to other people and law enforcement. If you remove your digital license plate from your car, the plate might say “License Plate Removed” which can help with fraud or someone who stole your license plate. This is the future of license plates for vehicles, not every state has yet adopted these new electronic license plate options.

Why Run a Digital License Plate Search?

People run a digital or the same reasons people run a standard license plate search, to find out more about a vehicle or it’s owner. The process is exactly the same and the information you can find is no different. You can find details of the owner of a car, the history of that car, the car options and specification and if the title is clean. You will need to verify your reason to run a digital license plate number search with the relevant state and federal privacy laws before obtaining any vehicle information. Every state has different regulations on what vehicle information is allowable. Make sure that when you’re ready to perform a digital license plate search that you have the full plate number and the state of registration before beginning your search.

Benefits of a Digital License Plate

  • You can connect your digital license plate to an app on your phone
  • Get notified if your vehicle is towed or stolen
  • Register and renew with an app that’s connected
  • Change the background color from light or dark mode
  • A digital license plate can be wired or battery operated

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Digital License Plate Search FAQs

What does an electronic license plate look like?

An electronic license plate, or digital license plate, looks virtually the same as a regular license plate except that everything is digitally displayed on a license plate screen

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