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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

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With over 2 million vehicles on the road in Wisconsin there is a high demand for vehicle services. One of these vehicle services is being able to lookup vehicle information online. With online public record websites, anyone can perform a license plate search  on the fly from any device that has an internet connection. Results of a plate search may include the vehicle owner details, the history of the vehicle, specifications and options, title status and more. The begins by entering the full Wisconsin license plate number into the search form, followed by selecting an allowable reason for performing your search. Only certain WI plate searches are allowed via the Wisconsin driver privacy laws. Most vehicle records are public domain however, if you are trying to access Wisconsin vehicle owner information, you will need to see if your reason is acceptable within the state’s DPPA guidelines.

What You Can Find With a Wisconsin Vehicle Record Search

  • Vehicle Owner Information
  • Vehicle History Reports
  • Vehicle Options and Specifications
  • Vehicle Title Check
  • Salvage and Junk Records
  • Vital Statistics of The Vehicle
  • Accidents and Major Damages
  • NHTSA Recalls and Reported Vehicle Safety Issues

By providing the unique license plate number assigned to a specific vehicle, one can access detailed information about the car’s history, ownership, and other important Wisconsin vehicle records. However, personal information is restricted in the state to only certain entities for specific reasons, such as Wisconsin law enforcement, auto insurance companies, legal investigations, and legitimate business uses.

Why Run a Wisconsin License Plate Lookup?

There are many reasons why people in Wisconsin run a license plate or vehicle record search. It can be for vehicle or driver safety concerns, vehicles that have been involved in criminal activities, abandoned vehicles, theft or fraud relating to the vehicle and many others. People also like to use the vehicle record resources for verifying a used car when they’re in the market. It can allow people to verify the validity of a used car such as the history of the car, the options and manufacturer specs, the title status, if the odometer is correct and if the seller is the same person on the title. This vehicle information can be accessed by both a VIN and license plate number. There are a multitude of reasons that people use vehicle records, here are a few of the most popular reasons in the state:

  • Buyer verification of a used vehicle. If you’re planning to buy a used vehicle, a Wisconsin license plate check can help verify the car’s history, making sure there are no hidden issues. 
  • Stolen vehicle investigation by Wisconsin police. Law enforcement and private detectives can use these checks to investigate potentially stolen vehicles. 
  • Insurance claims and accident investigations. Insurance companies often run vehicle record checks to validate claims and check the history of a vehicle involved in an accident. 
  • Debt collection by banks. Debt collectors use this information to locate the assets of debtors. 
  • Traffic violation enforcement. Traffic police and traffic cameras use this information to enforce traffic laws and penalties. 
  • Legal court case proceedings. Legal professionals use this information for proceedings related to traffic accidents, insurance disputes, divorces and other related matters involving a vehicle. 
  • Recall notices and major vehicle safety issues. Vehicle manufacturers might use the VIN number or license plate number to send recall notices to car owners. 
  • Vehicle valuation for selling a used vehicle. Used car dealerships and auction houses may use this information to establish the vehicle’s value. 
  • Residential parking management. Some residential buildings use license plate checks to manage their parking lots. 
  • Historical research of vintage cars. Automobile enthusiasts and historians use these checks to decode the history of specific vehicles. 

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Fun History Facts About Wisconsin License Plates

Wisconsin was one of the first states in the Nation to start requiring automobiles to have license plates in 1905 however, in the first few years of this new law, automobile owners were required to provide their own plates. This changed in 1911 when Wisconsin began issuing state-made plates. Over the years, the designs of these plates have changed multiple times, reflecting various aspects of Wisconsin’s culture, statehood, and history. Today, as of 2023, the Wisconsin DOT offers dozens of different specialty plate options. These represent special causes, organizations, non-profit charities, veteran plates, collector plates and much more. Some of the specialty plate revenue go to the charitable causes they represent.

Wisconsin Vehicle Record Privacy Concerns

Wisconsin vehicle records can be useful for many reasons however, they also raise privacy concerns for those attempting to access Wisconsin license plate owner information. It’s important to ensure that the information obtained is used responsibly and within the legal bounds of state and federal privacy laws. The state does have an open public records law that allows most non personal vehicle information accessible by the general public but it’s a good idea to review those rules and regulations before running a Wisconsin license plate lookup or VIN check. 

In conclusion, a Wisconsin state license plate check is a powerful tool when used responsibly. Whether you’re purchasing a used vehicle, researching vehicle history, or doing some historical resource. 

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Wisconsin License Plate Lookup FAQs

Does a Wisconsin custom license plate cost more than a standard plate?

Yes, in Wisconsin customized and specialized plates are at a premium to the standard plates and that additional fee must be paid every year

Can I run a Wisconsin license plate search?

Yes, most Wisconsin vehicle record inquiries are public domain which means anyone can research vehicle records. However, state privacy laws restrict what personal information is available.

How accurate are the results of a Wisconsin license plate or VIN search?

These vehicle searches are generally accurate, but they rely on reported information. Unreported accidents or other issues may not appear.

Can I use a license plate or VIN search to verify a Wisconsin vehicle's mileage?

Yes, odometer verification are often included in the vehicle's history. You many not be able to view the exact mileage but a vehicle history report can tell you if the odometer reading is accurate.

Will a VIN search show if a vehicle has been recalled in Wisconsin?

Yes, a VIN search can provide recall information about a vehicle. You can also research recalls with a license plate number

Is there a free Wisconsin license plate search?

There are a few free online vehicle record resource but they may not have many results. Often times the free information is somewhat limited and you'll need to pay for vehicle history reports or vehicle title verification.

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  1. says:

    Jennel, that is a predicament indeed. You can contact the Wisconsin DOT directly with the Wisconsin license plate number and VIN to perform a title transfer. If you have a bill of sale that will help. They can help guide you on the Wisconsin car title transfer process

  2. says:

    I bought this car a few months ago. I didn’t sign it. The car needs to be fixed so I wasn’t thinking about registering it.
    I had the title in my purse and my ex-friend sold it and signed her into it. I tried to contact the previous owner to get a lost title but he was acting all crazy and he did not make any sense. And then he blocked me on Facebook. So I’m sitting here with the keys the car and no title.

  3. says:

    Holly, your best option is to notify your property management company to let them know someone is illegally parking in your spot. If this is not an option then you can call your local police to find out what they can do to assist you

  4. says:

    Need to know the owner of a car which is parked in my apartment parking lot.

  5. says:

    Looking for license plate “ALFA”

  6. says:

    Unfortunately we cannot assist you with this Wisconsin license plate search however, you can try and make this request through the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles. The Wisconsin DMV phone number is 608-264-7447

  7. says:

    Don’t know if I have the correct department or not. If not possibly you could direct me to the correct place.

    Trying to locate a vehicle I owned in 1963 as it has collectible and sentimental value and I would like to track it down. I do not have and need the Vin number and the latest owner if possible to try and locate it.

    I recently found a picture I had of the vehicle and the license plate on it when it was last registered to me. The plate was 1963 Wisconsin License number J78-032 registered to me at that time. My name is Arling Minzlaff. The vehicle is a 1960 Corvette, white in color with red interior. I sold it and went into the US Air Force in 1964 and lost track of the vehicle. I will place my info below if you need to contact me. Thank you in advance.

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