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People Phone License Plate VIN

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The Michigan Department of Transportation issues a Michigan license plate to every vehicle owner in the state. The Michigan Department of Transportation offers two types of license plates: standard Michigan license plate and specialty plates. Most vehicle owners in the state use the former. On the other hand, specialty plates are issued for vehicles owned by organizations or groups. You can apply for the Michigan license plate you need in-person, via mail or online. Michigan License Plate Lookup can be performed in the same manner too. You can access the license plate or vehicle information you need in person, via mail or online.

The most convenient way of performing Michigan License Plate Lookup is using online public databases. Run by private companies, these public databases allow you to lookup the license plate and vehicle information you need easily and quickly. Not much effort is required to perform Michigan License Plate Number Lookup using these online public databases. All you have to do is sign up with these databases, pay the required fee, and enter the relevant license plate number or vehicle owner?s name to get the information you need. The information you can obtain includes:

  • Vehicle owner information
  • The registration information of the vehicle
  • The VIN number of the vehicle

Another way of accessing the Michigan license plate or vehicle information you need is making a request for it to Michigan Department of Transportation. You can make a request to Michigan Department of Transportation in-person, via mail, over the phone or online. To make a request via mail, mail to:

Michigan Department of Transportation
425 W. Ottawa St.
Lansing, MI 48909

If you choose to request the license plate or vehicle information over the phone, call: 517-373-2090. Finally, make an online request for Michigan License Plate Lookup by visiting Michigan Department of Transportation?s website. Accessing the license plate or vehicle information you need is easy. You just need to know the rights ways of performing Michigan License Plate Lookup. Therefore, by using the aforementioned ways, you can obtain the license plate or vehicle information you require. Performing Michigan License Plate Lookup is that simple!

Michigan License Plate Lookup

License Plate Disclaimer

Am I allowed to lookup a Michigan license plate number?

To find out if you are allowed to lookup Michigan license plate numbers you will need to either contact the Michigan DMV directly or follow the guidelines set by the Michigan DPPA rules and regulations.

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Responses to “Michigan License Plate Lookup

    1. How to replace a damaged Michigan license plate

      You can replace the license plate as well as your tags on a damaged Michigan license plate by visiting a Michigan SOS in person. You will need to bring in your vehicle registration and your driver’s license and pay the nominal fee for replacing the damaged license plate and obtaining duplicate tags. You will then receive your new license plate in the mail in a few weeks.

    1. Chris, we do still offer a Michigan license plate lookup service however our resources are for more modern cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles from the last 30 years

  1. Purchased 1969 plate for my 69 Chevy Comaro was rejected because it is still in use.would like to find previous owner of plate to see if he will sign a release of plate!! Not sure how to do that?

    1. Robert, unfortunately we cannot help you out with your Michigan license plate lookup. You must read through our terms and conditions before obtaining any vehicle related information as well as verify your state’s privacy laws

    1. Juanita, if you are being sexually harassed you should call the police and file a report with the hotel concierge as well. Unfortunately there is not much we can do for you as we are a public records website. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with any Michigan license plate lookup or vehicle record inquiries.

    1. Stacy, thank you for reaching out about our Michigan license plate lookup blog. In order to obtain any vehicle information from a license plate lookup or VIN check, you will need to read through our DPPA privacy act as well as your state’s privacy laws to find out what information is allowed.

    1. Patrick, you will want to contact the Michigan SOS directly about your tags, we cannot lookup that information with our vehicle record resources

    1. If you found a lost Michigan license plate you should either hand it over to the Michigan SOS or your local police department as they can track down the vehicle owner for you.

    1. In order to use our Michigan license plate lookup resources you must go through our process and read and select an applicable reason according to the DPPA regulations of your state. Then you can proceed with your license plate lookup

    1. Robert, we would like to assist you with a Michigan license plate lookup however, our license plate resources in Michigan are for highway legal motorized vehicle only. Your best option is to visit the Michigan SOS office and obtain a duplicate registration for your trailer.

      Lost Michigan Trailer Registration

      If you have lost your Michigan trailer registration and need a duplicate registration card you can visit any Michigan Secretary of State office. If your registration is current then there is no fee for a duplicate trailer registration in the state of Michigan

  2. See something Say something
    Suspicious behavior
    May be drug lab in house.
    Plate number BYRS229
    I need to document info for report

    1. This sounds like a matter you should report to the police. In order to use our Michigan license plate number lookup, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of use.

    1. You will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of our Michigan license plate lookup before we can further assist you with any vehicle records search.

    1. We do not show that Michigan License Plate Number in our vehicle records database. You will want to contact the Michigan SOS – Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm this license plate information

  3. It was a compact or small silver older model car. The license plate was a Michigan one but had a UofM symbol on it followed by GT28F

    1. Unfortunately we cannot run partial license plates. You will want to contact the police about this vehicle. They have the ability to run partial license plates with the information you mentioned.

  4. A car followed me out of my neighborhood this morning all the way to my mother in-law’ driveway and then sped off. I couldn’t see the driver’s face just that it was a man with light skin, dark clothes and dark hair. This made me very nervous.

    1. If you are concerned for your safety or that of your mother-in-law you should contact the Michigan police. If you were able to get the license plate number that would definitely be good information to offer the police so they can look into this situation for you. We are a public records website so we don’t have an affiliation with Michigan law enforcement. Follow the link below to find the nearest Michigan police department.

      Click Here For a Michigan Police Department Listing By County

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