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People Phone License Plate VIN

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License plate lookup services are useful tools for drivers for a few reasons. If they are interested in registering their vehicle with a vanity plate, it can be helpful to know which combinations are available and not already taken by other drivers. Many states have lookup tools, where drivers can search for a possible combination and check its availability. Unfortunately, Vermont does not have a lookup service. For Vermont drivers, they can register their vanity plate and hope for the best. If it turns out that someone else has already registered that license plate, they can choose a different combination at the DMV.
Another reason a driver in Vermont might use a plate lookup service is if they are involved in a hit-and-run accident. If the driver is lucky enough to catch the hit-and-run driver’s license plate, they can then give that information to the police, their insurance company, or look up the plate themselves to try and find information about that person.

Vermont Vanity License Plate Lookup

As mentioned above, Vermont does not have a vanity plate lookup service. They do have a website with informationon what characters are acceptable for a vanity plate and links to the appropriate forms to fill out when registering a vanity plate.
The Vermont DMV website also includes a list of state license plates available, including specialized plates corresponding to different charities, such as conservation and Building Bright Futures.

Vermont License Plate Lookup Online

This third-party license plate search site maintains that it will return information about the vehicle that the license plate is registered to, as well as the owner of the vehicle. Specific information includes:

  • The status of the vehicle registration
  • The name of the vehicle’s owner
  • The last odometer reading
  • The approximate value of the vehicle the last time it was sold
  • Any major accidents associated with the vehicle

This information seems most helpful for someone considering whether or not to buy a used car that they see available for a private sale.

A second third party site, available at, allows the driver to enter the license plate number, specify the state, and then it will return information about the vehicle and its owner. Specifically, it includes:

  • Name, Address, and any phone number of the owner
  • Vehicle’s VIN number
  • Vehicle registration information

Vermont License Plate Lookup

License Plate Disclaimer

Can I run a search on a Vermont license plate number?

It is possible to run a Vermont license plate search if you contact the DMV directly and have an appropriate reason to do so. Other options to run a Vermont license plate search is hiring a private detective or using an online vehicle records website that offers license plate and VIN information.

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  1. This very careless person drove up Barre Street in Montpelier today this morning and passed my sons car that I and his two small children, 3 years and 1 years old were passengers in. At the time there was a car coming toward us and PAULIE was travelling at a speed of at least 60 miles per hour. He almost lost control on the bridge (before the VFW) and then ran a red light going onto River Street then tailing a pickup truck. We then ended up in back of him where he was also speeding again and without a blinker turned up Sherwood Drive and turned around screaming??? and showing us hand gestures. I don’t understand what was wrong with this maniac but every Sunday I treat my two grandchildren to McDonalds where they can eat and play. They have hard working parents and they are quite impoverished. I do not want to be or see any more of these horrific accidents where innocent people are killed or maimed. Thank you for allowing me to leave a reply. Maureen A. Doyle

    1. Hello Maureen,

      That is a very scary scenario, especially with children present. I would advise taking a picture of the vehicle next time and attempting to get the Vermont license plate number and then contacting the police. If they are endangering the lives of others and children then this matter is best left to the police. I have listed a couple helpful links for you below. Please reach out if we can assist you with a Vermont license plate lookup or VERmont VIN number lookup.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

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