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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Vermont License Plate Lookup Online

License plate lookup services are useful tools for Vermont drivers for a few reasons, and with online vehicle public record websites, this can be accomplished online from any device that has an internet connection. The process is simple, start out by entering the full Vermont plate number into the search form followed by selecting a valid reason for performing the search, when prompted. Then once the vehicle information is populated there will be a few options to choose from. Depending on the reason for running the can run a vehicle history report, find out details about the vehicle owner, check on the status of the title, find junk and salvaged records, verify vehicle options and vital statistics and more. Most people accessing vehicle records are typically looking to do research on a used vehicle they want to buy but some are looking for Vermont vehicle owner information. It’s important to note that there are many privacy restrictions to access vehicle information from a license plate number and only certain entities for specific reasons are allowed to access personal information. It’s important to review the Vermont driver privacy laws before attempting to access Vermont license plate owner or driver record information.

Why Perform a Vermont Vehicle Record Search?

There are of course many reasons people want to know more about a vehicle or the vehicle owner. One of the top reasons people of Vermont run a vehicle record search is when they’re in the market to buy a used car, truck, van, SUV or motorcycle. A quick search via the VIN or license plate number can reveal the history of a used car, vehicle specs and options, owner details, title information, salvage and junk records, to name a few. Being able to access this information on the fly gives people confidence with their used car purchase, or can illuminate issues that were previously unknown. Has the vehicle been in a major accident and the title is salvaged or junked? Are all the reported features listed by the seller accurate? Is the odometer reading accurate? … and the list goes on. There are other reasons that people use this resource for such as driver safety related situations, if the car was involved with some criminal activity or to find out if a car has been abandoned. There are many reasons that are acceptable searches via the state and federal privacy laws, so make sure your search satisfies those directives. Here are some of the main reasons people inquire about Vermont vehicle records:
  • Verifying a used car seller’s claims. A Vermont vehicle record search allows potential buyers to check if the seller’s claims about the vehicle match its history, if the vehicle is a good value and if the vehicle is safe to drive. 
  • Fraud prevention for buying a used car is a top concern for many as there are a lot of scams and fraudulent deals that are posted online. A quick plate number look up, or VIN check can help in verifying the vehicle’s information to avoid scams. 
  • Automobile insurance companies may require this information to set premiums or validate claims as well as in their internal investigations of accident. 
  • Legal reasons that are permissible by the DPPA where lawyers often use this information in cases of accidents or disputes. 
  • Private Eyes may use these details for their work which can include investigating someone, a vehicle, or locating someone through skip tracing their vehicle records. 
  • Banks, lienholders or finance companies may need this information to repossess a vehicle where the Vermont vehicle owner hasn’t paid their loan in a while. 
  • Stole vehicle recovery by the police. A police ALPR, or automatic license plate reader, can quickly find a vehicle that is stolen with their on-board vehicle technology. 
  • Recall information checks, which allow people to find out if the vehicle was ever recalled by the manufacturer or was listed by the NHTSA as having a vehicle safety issue. 
  • License plate collectors and enthusiasts. Hobbyists may use this information for their collections or may want to decode a plate number to find out more about a vintage vehicle. 

Information That May Be Available With a Vermont License Plate Search

  • Owner Details of a Vehicle
  • Vehicle Options and Specs
  • History of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle Title Status 
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Vital Statistics of The Vehicle  
  • Accident and Loss Records
  • Reported Recalls and NHTSA Safety Concerns
  • Verifying Odometer Accuracy

A Vermont license plate check, also known as a vehicle record search, is an effective way of accessing the history of a vehicle and its associated details. The information that can be found through these checks can provide an individual with valuable insights, particularly when making a used car purchase or for other related reasons. Some information may be limited on what is available as well as what is restricted by the Vermont DPPA.

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A Fun Fact About Vermont License Plates

Vermont, as most east coast states, started requiring automobile owners to have visible vehicle registration plates, aka license plates, on their vehicles in 1905. There were one 3 digits on the license plate, which means there were less than 1000 vehicles on the road at that time. Then in the 1940’s Vermont adopted the slogan “Green Mountains” that was proudly displayed on their license plates. As of 2023 there are many dozen options for Vermont specialized and custom plates.


A Vermont license plate look up is a very useful tool for uncovering vehicle history, verifying vehicle information, and much more. Whether you’re buying a used car, conducting an investigation, or simply interested in the history of a particular vehicle, this process can provide key insights. However, Vermont privacy laws, as well as the federal DPPA, are in place to protect individuals and their information, so it is extremely important to abide by these laws and to use this tool responsibly and within the boundaries of the law.

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Vermont License Plate Lookup


Vermont License Plate Check FAQs

Can I run a search on a Vermont license plate number?

It is possible to run a Vermont license plate search if you contact the DMV directly and have an appropriate reason to do so. Other options to run a Vermont license plate search is hiring a private detective or using an online vehicle records website that offers license plate and VIN information.

Can I run a Vermont license plate check for free?

Yes but you may not get a lot of information with a free search. If you are looking to obtain a vehicle history report or verify some other specific vehicle information then you will most likely need to pay for those premium reports.

Are older Vermont vehicle records still available?

Sometimes, it depends on how old the vehicle and what resource you are using with your research. Many vintage or older vehicles have a limited amount of information available as not all their original vehicle records were digitally transcribed where they can be easily resourced.

What does a Vermont license plate check to see if the title is clean?

Yes, a comprehensive vehicle history report will most likely show your the title status and if it is clean, salvaged, junked or has a lien holder on it.

Is it legal to run a license plate check in Vermont?

Absolutely, as long as you use the information as intended and you are not trying to access personal information. State privacy laws restrict what information is available, but if you are just trying to lookup the vehicle history then you are all good.

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    Harold, the best way to find out about a motorhome in Vermont is to run a vehicle history report. You can do this with either the Vermont license plate number or the 17 digit vehicle identification number of the RV.

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    I’m looking for information on a used motorhome owned by Delbert Bebee of Vermont. Vehicle is an Endeavor with VT license plate ESK- 316

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    Hello Maureen,

    That is a very scary scenario, especially with children present. I would advise taking a picture of the vehicle next time and attempting to get the Vermont license plate number and then contacting the police. If they are endangering the lives of others and children then this matter is best left to the police. I have listed a couple helpful links for you below. Please reach out if we can assist you with a Vermont license plate lookup or VERmont VIN number lookup.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

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    This very careless person drove up Barre Street in Montpelier today this morning and passed my sons car that I and his two small children, 3 years and 1 years old were passengers in. At the time there was a car coming toward us and PAULIE was travelling at a speed of at least 60 miles per hour. He almost lost control on the bridge (before the VFW) and then ran a red light going onto River Street then tailing a pickup truck. We then ended up in back of him where he was also speeding again and without a blinker turned up Sherwood Drive and turned around screaming??? and showing us hand gestures. I don’t understand what was wrong with this maniac but every Sunday I treat my two grandchildren to McDonalds where they can eat and play. They have hard working parents and they are quite impoverished. I do not want to be or see any more of these horrific accidents where innocent people are killed or maimed. Thank you for allowing me to leave a reply. Maureen A. Doyle

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