Louisiana License Plate Lookup

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Louisiana License Plate Lookup Procedure

The best way to run a Louisiana license plate number lookup for verification purposes is online. With the ability to access hundreds of millions of vehicle records on the fly, many public record resources offer Louisiana license plate searches with a streamlined to process of finding vehicle information. The first step is to enter the full license plate number of the vehicle in question and then verify that you’re using it for an appropriate reason as outlined in the Louisiana privacy laws. Then you’ll have access to a bounty of vehicle information such as vehicle specifications, vehicle history reports, title verification, junk and salvaged vehicles, owner information and more. This powerful tool is to be used for unofficial verification purposes only. Additionally this service is not offered by any motor vehicle dept. in Louisiana.

Why Run a Louisiana License Plate Search?

There are quite a few reasons people want to run a license plate search in Louisiana. Some of the top reasons in Louisiana for running a plate search is to verify vehicle information, verify ownership of the vehicle, driver safety concerns and to see if a vehicle has been abandoned. There are specific allowable reasons for running a Louisiana license plate search that should be adhered by according to local, state and federal privacy laws. You’ll see the of this type of search through the Louisiana privacy laws. One of the great benefits of using a online public record resources is you’ll have the ability to run unlimited nationwide license plate searches and get instant access to results. Below are some of the most popular reasons people run a Louisiana license plate number search:

  1. Accident Investigations often use the license plate of the vehicles involved. In the case of a hit-and-run, witnesses can record the license plate of the culprit’s vehicle. Law enforcement can then use this information to identify the vehicle and potentially locate the driver.
  2. Potential used car buyers can use a Louisiana license plate number search to find valuable information about a vehicle before making a purchase. This search can reveal the vehicle’s history, including previous accidents, recalls and accidents.
  3. Lawyers might use a license plate search to gather evidence for a case, such as validating a vehicle’s involvement in an accident or confirming vehicle ownership.
  4. Auto insurance companies frequently use this tool to verify vehicle information when processing claims or providing quotes.
  5. Fraudulent investigations can access vehicle records via license plate number or VIN to find out about the owner or if a vehicle has been stolen or involved in a financial crime
  6. Private investigators can use the license plate number for their skip tracing efforts to find fugitives or people that have fled a financial obligation

What You Can Find With a Louisiana License Plate Search

  • Vehicle History Report 
  • Owner Information
  • Manufacturer Specifications  and Options
  • Vehicle Title Verification  
  • Salvage & Junk Records  
  • Vital Vehicle Statistics 
  • Accident  Records  
  • Odometer Verification 
  • Lien Holder

It’s important to know that while a license plate search can provide data related to the vehicle, it might not provide personal information about the vehicle’s owner due to privacy laws. You will need to verify your reason according to state privacy laws and the Federal DPPA to make sure that your search is in compliance.

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A Brief History of Louisiana License Plates

License plates in Louisiana were adopted in 1915, where it was required to everyone that drove an automobile in Louisiana was supposed to have a rear plates as deemed by the governing body at the time. Today only rear license plates are required on all vehicles today, as well as current tags and a current auto insurance policy. LA license plates are also issued to trailers, motorcycles and other towable non motorized vehicles. There are two basic sizes of plates available, the standard license plates and specialty plates. There are several varieties of specialty plates including organizational plates, personalized plates, special interest plates and military honor plates. There are over a hundred different options of specialty and special interest license plate combinations available in the state, as of January 2023, according to the Louisiana DPS. With 1,288,404 vehicle registered in the state, as of  February 2023 according to the Federal Highway Administration, there are a lot of different license plate variations you’ll see on the road.

Louisiana License Plate Number Lookup Privacy Concerns 

Privacy is a top concern with any Louisiana license plate number lookup. To protect individual privacy, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, and state privacy laws, limits the access of personal information related to motor vehicle records unless the search falls under the acceptable guidelines to access this information. That said, accessing vehicle records such as a vehicle history report is publicly available. It is important to verify the reason for your search as well as the usage of the information you obtain before you begin. Additionally, you cannot share the information you obtain or use it in any illegal fashion such as intimidation or harassment. Please read through the terms of this search and be respectful and responsible with the information you find. 

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Louisiana License Plate Lookup

Louisiana License Plate FAQs

Can I lookup someone else's Louisiana license plate?

Yes, if it's public information and you have a valid reason for running a plate search in Louisiana then you can find a lot of information using resources like SearchQuarry.com

Can I run a Louisiana license plate search for free?

Yes, there are online public record resources where you can find some free information about vehicle records in Louisiana, however the information you obtain for free may be limited. You will most likely need to pay a few bucks to access vehicle history reports or other vehicle records.

Is there a fee for a Louisiana license plate lookup?

For premium vehicle records, such as vehicle history reports, there will be a fee but it's fairly nominal. Some public record websites offer access to vehicle records for as little as $20 for a report. It's important to verify the resource you are using before paying as some websites have better data than others.

Is it legal to run a Louisiana license plate number lookup?

Yes, there are many parts of a vehicle record that fall under public domain that anyone can search. However, some personal information may be limited or restricted depending on what is allowed by state privacy laws and what entity is searching. It is important to read through the DPPA and state privacy laws before doing your research.

How do I perform a Louisiana license plate lookup?

You can perform a vehicle record search via license plate or VIN number through any of the multitude of online public record websites that offer access to vehicle related information. You may want to verify your resource before paying for any vehicle records as some resources are better than others.

What is a Louisiana license plate search?

It's the process of finding vehicle records and vehicle related information with a license plate number. Many people use this search to find out the history of a vehicle they are interested in buying.

Can I lookup Louisiana vehicle owner information?

You can only lookup Louisiana vehicle owner information if your reasons for doing so is compliant with the DPPA and state privacy laws. Only certain entities can access personal information with a license plate search such as law enforcement, auto insurance companies, and for certain investigation purposes.

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Responses to “Louisiana License Plate Lookup

  1. says:

    You will need to contact the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles directly. You may need to go through a specific process since you don’t have a bill of sale or a title. Unfortunately we cannot directly assist you with your Louisiana license plate search.

  2. says:

    I live in Louisiana and a car was sold to my neighbor without a bill of sale. I am trying to locate the owner of the car so that I can get a title for the car in my name. Would your vin search help me to locate or identify the owner of the car?

  3. says:

    trying to find out list of all license plates in louisiana,..different kinds as what is the one “military honors”and how would you get it

  4. says:

    This sounds like a discrepancy that if you cannot resolve yourself then it may be a good option to consult with a legal professional about how to correct this Louisiana traffic citation that is linked to your Louisiana license plate number

  5. says:

    I have had a ticket , showed proof of insurance got new license plate. Paid $265. FOR ALL. A year later they say we didn\’t pay . I have new license plate. State police took old plate never turned it in. We had insurance all the time . It was wrong Vin number on card. Insurer fault. Cleared and paid anyway. Not again.

  6. says:

    In order to find out about your Louisiana apportioned license plate you will want to reach out to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety – Office of Motor Vehicles. They will be able to issue you a new apportioned license plate for your commercial vehicle.

    What is a Louisiana Apportioned License Plate

    A Louisiana Apportioned License Plate that is issued to commercial vehicles that is attached to the commercial vehicle. This type of vehicle registration is based on miles that are traveled in Louisiana and the state receives a portion of those fees to help maintain the roads.

  7. says:

    I have a Portation plate and it was stolen in Louisiana what can I do dnv in lake Charles said only tuesdays until noon just in case I get stoped

  8. says:

    Charmaine, we cannot give out any specific driver information without you going through our terms and conditions first. This being said, you can contact the police and file a report and they will reach out to this person. Make sure to document the Louisiana license plate number and a description of the vehicle in question.

  9. says:

    truck keeps parking in my driveway when i am at work it is BKR 232. can you identify owner?

  10. says:

    Unfortunately that is not something we can assist you with. Those are vintage Louisiana license plates that we do not have in our license plate number database. You can try contacting the Louisiana DMV directly and inquire about how to lookup these LA plate numbers.

  11. says:

    Can I get owner name and registration information from an Louisiana 1952 license plates ?

  12. says:

    Tracy, thank you for reaching out to our Louisiana license plate lookup blog. To answer your question, you may need to file for a duplicate vehicle title from New Mexico DMV. You can go to the New Mexico and download form MVD-10901. Unfortunately for a duplicate title you will need to pay the duplicate title fee, as you mentioned.

  13. says:

    I moved from New Mexico they never mail me my new title and registration do I have to file for lost title and pay 38.50 to get a Louisiana LIC. Plate

  14. says:

    In order to get a new license plate number for your old car you will need to visit the Louisiana DPS and request to get a new license plate number for an old or vintage vehicle. You can also visit their website or contact the Louisiana DPS by phone @ (318) 283-0842

    To find out more about old or vintage Louisiana vehicle statutes click here

    How to Get a New Louisiana License Plate Number

    1. Visit the Louisiana DPS office
    2. Provide the old license plate or VIN number
    3. Show the vehicle title or registration car
    4. Request to get a new license plate with new number
    5. Pay the $36.50 fee for the new licese plate
    6. Receive the plate in person or by mail if specialized

  15. says:

    How can I get a License plate number for an old car of mine? I thought I canxl the plate before I had it destroyed but I received a letter saying I didn’t but I dont have the plate number to cancel online it online. I have the VIN. Can you help me with this?

  16. says:

    Hello Jim,

    We’d love to assist you with a Louisiana license plate number lookup however we need the full license plate number to lookup any vehicle or owner information.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  17. says:

    I have a license dated 1917 I think it was issused to my grandfather. Does the state of Louisiana keep records that far back. Grandfather’s name was Jimmy U. Greer he lived in Lasalle parish. The number on plate is 1917.

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