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The Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles issues license plates to vehicle owners in the state of Louisiana. License plates are issued to Trailers, Motor homes, Passenger vehicles and trucks and motorcycles. The Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles offers standard and specialty plates. The standard license plates show when your registration expires. On the other hand, there are several types of specialty plates including Organizational plates, personalized plates and military honor plates. Regardless of the license plate type you want, you need to apply for a Louisiana license plate within 60 days after buying a vehicle. Use the above form to begin your Louisiana License Plate Lookup online.

You can apply for the license plate in person, via mail or online. You can use the same ways to perform Louisiana License Plate Lookup as well. You can access the license plate or vehicle information you need using the vehicle?s plate, VIN or title number. The two most common ways to access Louisiana license plate or vehicle information are using online public databases and making a request for Louisiana License Plate Lookup to the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. You can make the request to the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles for the license plate or vehicle information you need in person, via mail, online or over the phone.

To make a request to the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles via mail, you?ll have to mail to:

Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles
1300 7979 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

You can request for Louisiana License Plate Lookup over the phone by calling at: 225-925-6146. To make an online request for the license plate or vehicle information you need, visit the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles? website. The license plate or vehicle information you can access includes:

  • The vehicle owner’s information
  • The vehicle?s VIN number
  • The vehicle?s registration information

Now, the other way of performing Louisiana License Plate Number Lookup is an incredibly convenient way of accessing the license plate or vehicle information you need. Once you?ve signed up with the online public databases and have the paid the fees, you?ll be able to perform Louisiana License Plate number lookup yourself. To lookup the license plate or vehicle information you need, all you?ll have to do is enter the VIN or license plate number in the search engine made available by the online database. Performing Louisiana License Plate Lookup with online public databases is that simple!

Louisiana License Plate Lookup

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Responses to “Louisiana License Plate Lookup

  1. trying to find out list of all license plates in louisiana,..different kinds as what is the one “military honors”and how would you get it

  2. I have had a ticket , showed proof of insurance got new license plate. Paid $265. FOR ALL. A year later they say we didn\’t pay . I have new license plate. State police took old plate never turned it in. We had insurance all the time . It was wrong Vin number on card. Insurer fault. Cleared and paid anyway. Not again.

    1. This sounds like a discrepancy that if you cannot resolve yourself then it may be a good option to consult with a legal professional about how to correct this Louisiana traffic citation that is linked to your Louisiana license plate number

  3. I have a Portation plate and it was stolen in Louisiana what can I do dnv in lake Charles said only tuesdays until noon just in case I get stoped

    1. In order to find out about your Louisiana apportioned license plate you will want to reach out to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety – Office of Motor Vehicles. They will be able to issue you a new apportioned license plate for your commercial vehicle.

      What is a Louisiana Apportioned License Plate

      A Louisiana Apportioned License Plate that is issued to commercial vehicles that is attached to the commercial vehicle. This type of vehicle registration is based on miles that are traveled in Louisiana and the state receives a portion of those fees to help maintain the roads.

    1. Charmaine, we cannot give out any specific driver information without you going through our terms and conditions first. This being said, you can contact the police and file a report and they will reach out to this person. Make sure to document the Louisiana license plate number and a description of the vehicle in question.

    1. Unfortunately that is not something we can assist you with. Those are vintage Louisiana license plates that we do not have in our license plate number database. You can try contacting the Louisiana DMV directly and inquire about how to lookup these LA plate numbers.

  4. I moved from New Mexico they never mail me my new title and registration do I have to file for lost title and pay 38.50 to get a Louisiana LIC. Plate

    1. Tracy, thank you for reaching out to our Louisiana license plate lookup blog. To answer your question, you may need to file for a duplicate vehicle title from New Mexico DMV. You can go to the New Mexico and download form MVD-10901. Unfortunately for a duplicate title you will need to pay the duplicate title fee, as you mentioned.

  5. How can I get a License plate number for an old car of mine? I thought I canxl the plate before I had it destroyed but I received a letter saying I didn’t but I dont have the plate number to cancel online it online. I have the VIN. Can you help me with this?

    1. In order to get a new license plate number for your old car you will need to visit the Louisiana DPS and request to get a new license plate number for an old or vintage vehicle. You can also visit their website or contact the Louisiana DPS by phone @ (318) 283-0842

      To find out more about old or vintage Louisiana vehicle statutes click here

      How to Get a New Louisiana License Plate Number

      1. Visit the Louisiana DPS office
      2. Provide the old license plate or VIN number
      3. Show the vehicle title or registration car
      4. Request to get a new license plate with new number
      5. Pay the $36.50 fee for the new licese plate
      6. Receive the plate in person or by mail if specialized

  6. I have a license dated 1917 I think it was issused to my grandfather. Does the state of Louisiana keep records that far back. Grandfather’s name was Jimmy U. Greer he lived in Lasalle parish. The number on plate is 1917.

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