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Louisiana OMV Offices

City Zip Details
Abbeville 70510 Abbeville OMV Offices
Alexandria 71303 Alexandria OMV Offices
Allison 50602 Allison OMV Offices
Amite 70422 Amite OMV Offices
Arcadia 71001 Arcadia OMV Offices
Baker 70714 Baker OMV Offices
Bastrop 71220 Bastrop OMV Offices
Baton Rouge 70806 Baton Rouge OMV Offices
Baton Rouge 70810 Baton Rouge OMV Offices
Bedford 50833 Bedford OMV Offices
Belle Plaine 52208 Belle Plaine OMV Offices
Bogalusa 70427 Bogalusa OMV Offices
Boone 50036 Boone OMV Offices
Bossier City 71112 Bossier City OMV Offices
Breaux Bridge 70517 Breaux Bridge OMV Offices
Bunkie 71322 Bunkie OMV Offices
Cedar Rapids 52404 Cedar Rapids OMV Offices
Cedar Rapids 52402 Cedar Rapids OMV Offices
Chalmette 70043 Chalmette OMV Offices
Charles City 50616 Charles City OMV Offices
Clinton 70722 Clinton OMV Offices
Clinton 52732 Clinton OMV Offices
Colfax 71417 Colfax OMV Offices
Columbia 71418 Columbia OMV Offices
Coushatta 71019 Coushatta OMV Offices
Cresco 52136 Cresco OMV Offices
Creston 50801 Creston OMV Offices
Crowley 70527 Crowley OMV Offices
Davenport 52806 Davenport OMV Offices
DeQuincy 70633 DeQuincy OMV Offices
DeRidder 70634 DeRidder OMV Offices
Donaldsonville 70346 Donaldsonville OMV Offices
Dubuque 52001 Dubuque OMV Offices
Eldora 50627 Eldora OMV Offices
Eunice 70535 Eunice OMV Offices
Farmerville 71241 Farmerville OMV Offices
Franklin 70538 Franklin OMV Offices
Franklinton 70438 Franklinton OMV Offices
Garner 50438 Garner OMV Offices
Golden Meadow 70357 Golden Meadow OMV Offices
Gonzales 70737 Gonzales OMV Offices
Gramercy 70052 Gramercy OMV Offices
Greensburg 70441 Greensburg OMV Offices
Grundy Center 50638 Grundy Center OMV Offices
Hahnville 70057 Hahnville OMV Offices
Hammond 70401 Hammond OMV Offices
Harvey 70058 Harvey OMV Offices
Homer 71040 Homer OMV Offices
Jena 71342 Jena OMV Offices
Jennings 70546 Jennings OMV Offices
Jonesboro 71251 Jonesboro OMV Offices
Jonesville 71343 Jonesville OMV Offices
Kinder 70648 Kinder OMV Offices
Lafayette 70508 Lafayette OMV Offices
Lake Providence 71254 Lake Providence OMV Offices
Leesville 71446 Leesville OMV Offices
Leon 50144 Leon OMV Offices
Livingston 70754 Livingston OMV Offices
Mandeville 70448 Mandeville OMV Offices
Mansfield 71052 Mansfield OMV Offices
Many 71449 Many OMV Offices
Maquoketa 52060 Maquoketa OMV Offices
Marengo 52301 Marengo OMV Offices
Marksville 71351 Marksville OMV Offices
Marshalltown 50158 Marshalltown OMV Offices
Mason City 50401 Mason City OMV Offices
Metairie 70003 Metairie OMV Offices
Minden 71055 Minden OMV Offices
Monroe 71203 Monroe OMV Offices
Montezuma 50171 Montezuma OMV Offices
Morgan City 70380 Morgan City OMV Offices
Mount Ayr 50854 Mount Ayr OMV Offices
Muscatine 52761 Muscatine OMV Offices
Napoleonville 70390 Napoleonville OMV Offices
Natchitoches 71457 Natchitoches OMV Offices
Nevada 50201 Nevada OMV Offices
New Hampton 50659 New Hampton OMV Offices
New Iberia 70560 New Iberia OMV Offices
New Roads 70760 New Roads OMV Offices
Newton 50208 Newton OMV Offices
Northwood 50459 Northwood OMV Offices
Oak Grove 71263 Oak Grove OMV Offices
Oakdale 71463 Oakdale OMV Offices
Osage 50461 Osage OMV Offices
Osceola 50213 Osceola OMV Offices
Oskaloosa 52577 Oskaloosa OMV Offices
Pineville 71360 Pineville OMV Offices
Plaquemine 70765 Plaquemine OMV Offices
Port Allen 70767 Port Allen OMV Offices
Port Sulphur 70083 Port Sulphur OMV Offices
Rayville 71269 Rayville OMV Offices
Reserve 70084 Reserve OMV Offices
Ruston 71270 Ruston OMV Offices
Saint Francisville 70775 Saint Francisville OMV Offices
Saint Joseph 71366 Saint Joseph OMV Offices
Shreveport 71118 Shreveport OMV Offices
Sigourney 52591 Sigourney OMV Offices
Slidell 70458 Slidell OMV Offices
Springhill 71075 Springhill OMV Offices
Tallulah 71282 Tallulah OMV Offices
Thibodaux 70301 Thibodaux OMV Offices
Tipton 52772 Tipton OMV Offices
Toledo 52342 Toledo OMV Offices
Vidalia 71373 Vidalia OMV Offices
Ville Platte 70586 Ville Platte OMV Offices
Vivian 71082 Vivian OMV Offices
Wapello 52653 Wapello OMV Offices
Waverly 50677 Waverly OMV Offices
West Monroe 71291 West Monroe OMV Offices
Westwego 70094 Westwego OMV Offices
Winnfield 71483 Winnfield OMV Offices
Winnsboro 71295 Winnsboro OMV Offices

Louisiana OMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles looks after the issuance of licenses, and is responsible for all motor vehicle registration and titling matters. The official site for Louisiana OMV lists the location of different DMV offices near you, phone numbers for these establishments, and the holiday schedule. Louisiana OMV offices can be found in the above directory.

The good news is that you can now complete a good number of the different tasks online without needing to travel all the way to a DMV office just to learn about the status of your vehicle registration. Louisiana is one of the states that provide tons of different services to its residents online so that they may not have to go through the tedious ordeal of waiting in lines.

The most common driver services sought out and offered at the official Louisiana OMV site are application for driver’s permit and license, application for motorcycle license, application for commercial driver’s license, and renewal of the LA driver’s license online, replacement of damaged or lost driver’s license, online payment for a traffic ticket, updating your information with the OMV office.

Apart from filling out forms for registration and making transactions online through the official site, it also has different resources for the educational and testing programs for drivers. You can use the site to sign up for the driver’s education program to prepare for the license test, sign up for the driver’s training program that takes you behind the wheel, take the practice test, take the CDL (commercial driver’s license) practice test, take the motorcycle license practice test, and enroll in the driver’s license prep course. Another convenience the Louisiana OMV site provides its users is the facility to sign up for notifications on upcoming plans that they might be interested in.

Louisiana OMV Offices
Louisiana OMV Offices

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