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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Perform a Wyoming License Plate Lookup

If you want to run a Wyoming license plate lookup for another vehicle the process is relatively simple. As long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can access vehicle information from anywhere in the United States. The WY license plate search is very helpful to many people for a multitude of reasons because of it’s accessibility. People can research owner information, the history of a car, if the title has a junk or salvaged status, if the odometer is correct and the specifications and options of a car. Make sure that if you’re attempting to access Wyoming vehicle owner information that you’re in compliance with the Wyoming driver privacy laws, some searches are limited and can only be accessed for specific reasons.

A Wyoming License Plate Check May Reveal

  • Owner Information For That Car
  • The Entire Car History
  • Vehicle Specs and Options
  • Vehicle Title Check
  • Wyoming Salvage and Junk Records
  • Vital Statistics and Information
  • Accident and Damages Records
  • Verification of the Odometer Accuracy

Researching Wyoming vehicle records has become very popular over the last decade, especially in today’s world where transparency and safety are of important to all Wyoming vehicle owners. There are various reasons why individuals or organizations may need to run this kind of plate record search, and thankfully, accessing this information has been made easier than ever. It’s also important to note that some Wyoming license plate owner information and vehicle registration information may be restricted to only certain entities such as law enforcement, insurance companies, business to business inquiries. Make sure that you read through the state’s privacy guidelines as well as the federal DPPA to make sure that if you are attempting to access any personal information that you are eligible, these laws are strictly enforced. 

Why Do People Run a Wyoming License Plate Search?

People run a license plate search in Wyoming for many reasons including verifying the validity of a used car, finding out owner information, looking up a vehicle that might be abandoned, driver and vehicle safety related reasons, fraud and theft checks, to name a few. All the vehicle information that is available to the general public in Wyoming is dependent upon what is allowed by state and federal privacy laws. The benefit of using online public record websites, to find vehicle information, is it can be accessed by anyone and from anywhere with any device. Most online vehicle record searches can be accessed by a license plate number search or a VIN check, they are both tethered to the vehicle records of a specific car, truck, or SUV. Here are some of the main reasons people in Wyoming resource these type of records:

  • Vehicle History Inquiries: A Wyoming license plate lookup can reveal the full history of a car, including previous accidents, safety and emission records (if available), and title status. 
  • Fraud Prevention and Vehicle Verification: By verifying the legitimacy of a car’s license plate, you can avoid purchasing stolen vehicles or falling prey to other fraudulent activities. There are a growing number of online scams in Wyoming for vehicle purchases. 
  • Legal Requirements, Research and Requests: For legal cases involving motor vehicles, a Wyoming license plate look up may be necessary for evidence or litigation purposes. 
  • Insurance Policy Purposes: Insurance companies frequently use license plate lookups to verify the vehicle’s history before providing coverage. 
  • Vehicle Road Safety: With a license plate number or vehicle identification number, you can find out if a car is roadworthy, as it would show if it has undergone essential safety checks, as well as being able to lookup recalls and important safety issues. 
  • Purchase Decisions and Vehicle Research: Potential buyers can run a vehicle record check to ensure they’re making a sound investment and avoid future troubles and costly repairs. 
  • Vehicle Recovery Regarding Law Enforcement Investigations: In case of theft, a license plate number search can aid in vehicle recovery. Police vehicles are equipped with Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) and this technology can automatically alert a police officer if a vehicle on the road has been reported stolen. 
  • Police Investigative Work: Wyoming law enforcement agencies often use this service for investigations related to vehicular crimes and accidents that involve personal injuries. 
  • Private Investigation: Private investigators also utilize plate or VIN searches in their operations. They sometimes use the Wyoming vehicle registration information for skip tracing an individual that is wanted. 
  • General Vehicle Research and Information: Lastly, anyone may wish to run a lookup for general information purposes or out of curiosity, or auto enthusiast that want to know more about a vehicle of interest. Running the plate number can decode vehicle specs and options.

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Fun Facts About Wyoming License Plates

Wyoming was a little late to the party when requiring license plates on automobiles in 1913. Many states started adopting registration plates starting in 1905 . The first Wyoming plates were simple embossed aluminum plates that had red numbers on a white background. Today, Wyoming plates come in a variety of flavors and customizable options that are called specialized plates as well as the standard issue plates.

Some Fun Historical Facts about Wyoming State Plates

  • The bucking horse and rider symbol on Wyoming’s license plates was trademarked in 1936. It’s the most iconic of all of the states plates. 
  • The rider on the state’s iconic plate is often thought to be based on the rodeo star “Stub” Farlow, but this has never been verified. 
  • The first Wyoming plates were homemade, often of leather with painted on numbers 
  • In 1920, Wyoming plates were made with reflective which made them more visible at night. 
  • Starting in the year 2000, Wyoming switched to a 5-year replacement cycle, which replaced the annual replacement of registration tags. 
  • Wyoming plates have displayed county codes since 1930. These plates begin with a prefix that identifies the county of registration. 
  • The colors and design of the standard plate have changed over 30 times since 1913. 
  • The 2000 Wyoming license plate was voted as the best-designed license plate in the United States by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association. 

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Wyoming License Plate Lookup

Wyoming License Plate Check FAQs

How can I find the owner of Wyoming license plate?

There are a few ways to lookup a Wyoming license plate number. You can have the police run a license plate search, visit the DMV or use a public record website. You need to make sure you have an acceptable reason, according to the Wyoming DPPA, to find out any owner information from a license plate search.

How can a Wyoming license plate lookup help in a hit-and-run incident?

If you have the license plate number of the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run, law enforcement can use it to trace the vehicle and possibly the driver, aiding in the investigation.

Can a Wyoming license plate lookup help me with purchasing a used car?

Yes, Absolutely. A Wyoming license plate lookup will provide you with the vehicle's history, including accidents, recalls, and title information, as well as all the vehicle options and manufacturer specs, which can be very helpful in deciding whether to purchase the vehicle.

Is it legal to perform a license plate look up in Wyoming?

Yes, it is legal. Anyone can view vehicle records however, looking up personal information is restricted under the state's privacy laws and the DPPA.

Is there a way to run a free Wyoming license plate search?

You can certainly find some free vehicle information online but those free license plate searches may only give you very basic information. You will most likely need to pay for a detailed vehicle history report.

How much do Wyoming license plate lookups cost?

For premium vehicle record reports, you may pay anywhere from $20 to $30 which is the cost of a typical vehicle history report. There are some cheaper services but they may not have very detailed information.

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    We are happy to assist you with a Wyoming license plate lookup or a vehicle record search by VIN check however, finding out if a vehicle is stolen is not something we can assist you with. You will want to reach out to the Wyoming Department of Transportation directly and inquire about this vehicle via it’s Wyoming license plate number or vehicle identification number.

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    Im about to buy a car abd beed ti know that its not stolen.

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