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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Tennessee License Plate Lookup Tool

Anyone in Tennessee with an internet connection and a smartphone or computer can lookup license plate information with online public record websites. These resources give people access to vehicle related information on the fly from any device. The process of using this tool is simple. First, enter the full TN license plate number into the search form. Next, select an acceptable reason to perform your plate search, only certain reasons are allowed to access specific vehicle information such as Tennessee vehicle owner information, according to the state’s driver privacy laws. Then after you’ve successfully completed those couple of steps you can access vehicle information such as owner info, vehicle history reports, title checks, vital vehicle statistics and more. It’s important to note that most online public record resources offer vehicle information for research and verification purposes only.

Reasons To Run a Tennessee Vehicle Record Search

There are a lot of  reasons people want to lookup vehicle information in Tennessee. It can be a person researching a used car they want to buy,  a person that wants to know the title status of a car, and the list goes on. The most popular reason people want to lookup a Tennessee vehicle record is when they want to know more about a used car they want to buy. With a VIN check or TN license plate search a person can obtain the information necessary to make an educated decision about a used car, especially if not all the details or history of the vehicle were disclosed by the seller. Important questions can be answered discretely by the potential buyer such as, is the vehicle title clean or salvaged or junked, or if there were any major accidents or safety issues. A quick Tennessee vehicle record search answer all those questions and it can be done on the fly with any device. Here are some of the top vehicle record searches people perform in the state:

  • Tennessee used car buyers can verify the condition and history of a used car before purchasing. Often times people want to verify the vehicle is safe as well as making sure it is a good value and there are no hidden issues. 
  • Automobile Insurers use this data to assess risk and calculate premiums. They also use Tennessee vehicle owner information to determine accident fault in their own internal investigations. 
  • Law enforcement authorities may use a Tennessee license plate check to follow up on accidents or criminal activities. 
  • Private detectives often use this tool in their investigative processes, as well as using the Tennessee license plate owner information to locate someone via skip tracing. 
  • lienholders and debt collectors can locate assets if they need to repossess a vehicle for non payment on someone’s loan. 
  • Sellers can prove the legitimacy of their vehicle’s condition and history to potential buyers. 
  • Lawyers might use vehicle history in cases such as divorce settlements or accident litigation, and other various court hearings. 
  • The check helps in identifying violators of traffic rules with automatic license plate readers on toll roads or in the city. 
  • It can prevent potential fraud in car transactions. A quick plate check or VIN check can let someone know if a vehicle is stolen. This can be researched anonymously though both public record websites and the National Insurance Crime Bureau website. 
  • Automobile enthusiasts can decode the plate number or VIN to research a vintage car, truck or motorcycle. 

What You Can Find With a Tennessee License Plate Check Online

  • Owner Information For That Car  
  • A Complete Vehicle History Report  
  • Vehicle Options and Manufacturer Specifications  
  • Vehicle Title Verification  
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Vital Statistics of The Vehicle  
  • Accident and Damages Records  
  • Total Loss Records 
  • Odometer Verification 

To run a search, you’ll need the license plate number. You might also need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in some instances, especially when accessing detailed vehicle history reports. Personal information such as Tennessee vehicle owner details may be limited to only certain entities being able to resource this information. Please read through the DPPA before attempting to access any personal information.

Types of Tennessee License Plates

  • Antique and Vintage Auto License Plates
  • Clubs and Special Organizations
  • Collegiate
  • Standard Tennessee Plates
  • Emergency and Safety
  • Environmental and Conservation
  • Fraternity or Sorority
  • Tennessee Hospitals
  • Military and Memorial
  • Sports Teams
  • Tennessee Arts Commission
  • Wildlife/Animal

Car Owner Search

A Brief History Lesson About Tennessee License Plates

Tennessee began the process of making automobile owners have visible license plates in 1905 however, it wasn’t for another ten years that the state issued them. From 1905-1910 automobile owners were required to provide their own. The original TN plates were a dark blue with embossed white numbers on them and today there are a multitude of TN plates that come in all different designs and colors, such as the modern Tennessee license plate design, titled “Tennessee Treasures“. This was introduced in 2021 and features various iconic symbols of the state, including the state tree (Tulip Poplar), state flower (Iris), state bird (Mockingbird), and an outline of the state itself. 

Privacy Concerns Access Tennessee License Plate Information

While license plate checks are beneficial, they can also raise privacy concerns. The state of Tennessee states that unrestricted access to vehicle history might lead to misuse of personal information. In response, agencies have implemented measures to protect personal data, such as redacting sensitive information which is aligned with the federal DPPA. 

Perform a License Plate Lookup By State 

Tennessee License Plate Lookup


Tennessee License Plate Search FAQs

Can I run a Tennessee license plate search?

You sure can, with 3rd party public record websites, like SearchQuarry.com, you can lookup vehicle information with a Tennessee license plate number as well limited owner information as long as you have a valid reason.

Can I perform a Tennessee license plate lookup on a motorcycle?

Yes, a license plate lookup can be performed on any vehicle type as long as it has a license plate, with the exception of government and diplomat license plates.

Can I perform a Tennessee license plate lookup if the vehicle is from another state?

Yes, you can typically lookup license plate numbers from any state with online public record websites.

Can a Tennessee license plate lookup show whether a car has been involved in an accident?

Yes, you can obtain a vehicle history report from the license plate number or VIN to determine if there were any accidents, recalls or safety issues reported on that specific vehicle.

Is a Tennessee license plate lookup the same as a VIN check?

While similar, a license plate lookup and a VIN check are not exactly the same. A license plate lookup uses the license plate number, while a VIN check uses the Vehicle Identification Number. Both can access similar information, but a VIN check often provides more detailed data and is typically used to get a vehicle history report.

How much does a Tennessee license plate lookup cost?

The cost varies based on where you perform the lookup. Some public record websites may provide the service for free but you may be limited on what you can find for free. To access premium vehicle records such as vehicle history reports, that will cost anywhere from $20 to $30

Is a Tennessee license plate search legal?

Yes as long as you are not attempting to lookup Tennessee license plate owner information. There are privacy restrictions that limit what personal information is available

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Responses to “Tennessee License Plate Lookup

  1. says:

    This TN car license plate #, seems to be just the type of vehicle I have been looking to buy. I don’t know the owner but I want to make a good reasonable offer. I also need to make sure it is not a lemon.

  2. says:

    Jett, your best option would be to have the owner apply for a duplicate title for the motorhome so that you will be able to transfer it without any hassle. It can be complicated to buy a motorhome in Tennessee without a title. It’s a simple process if he goes to the Tennessee Department of Revenue website.

  3. says:

    I want to buy this motor home but the owner never registered it now he can’t find the title

  4. says:

    Scott, you may want to contact the Tennessee DMV to discuss this or perhaps legal counsel since this sounds like it could be a situation where someone might have a fake license plate that you’re getting in trouble for so that you can have your parking violation removed.

  5. says:

    I have received a parking violation from a parking company in Nashville. I’ve never been to the parking facility. The picture of the violator is a completely different vehicle than mine but the Tennessee standard plate has the same number as my ‘American Eagle Foundation’ plate.
    The parking company refuses to dismiss the ticket and associated fines. Just trying to find the legit owner of this SUV.
    My tag is registered to a older model pickup. Thank you for any help.

  6. says:

    John, we only allow certain reasons, as outlined in our terms of service and according to the PA state privacy laws. You must first read through this to verify if your reason is within the guidelines provided for you in our Tennessee vehicle record resources

  7. says:

    As an HOA board of directors’ member, I get many complaints of vehicles parking on our public streets. Our city codes and our covenants allow only 4 vehicles per single family dwelling….some have as many as seven. I would like to run the tags to determine the registered address of the owner to determine if the vehicle belongs to a household member or a person who rents a room. Do you provide such service?

    thank you

  8. says:

    Brian, unfortunately our Tennessee license plate lookup resources only work on vehicles that were manufactured in the last 30 years. You will need to contact your local motor vehicle department to inquire about your question

  9. says:

    I found an old picture of an individual leaning against an old car (40s?) with the license plate of the car in view. We have tried to identify the individual but no luck so far. The license plate # is 55-791. The ’55’ identifies it as a car registered in Smith County, TN at the time.

    Is it possible to ID the car owner from the license plate to possibly identify the person in the picture?


  10. says:

    Beth it is unclear how we can assist you with this Tennessee license plate lookup? It sounds like you should leave this matter to the police as it can be potentially very dangerous. Please reach out if we can assist you with a public record search in the future.

  11. says:

    I know someone who is selling drugs from her home. She has moved from the address I have in my phone book. I know for a fact she smokes marijuana in her car and she is transporting drugs from Columbia to to Nashville and the surrounding areas. She has two children and I worry about their safety. I want to give as much information to the police as possible and I don’t know if the license plate number will help track her down more quickly.

  12. says:

    Christopher, how exactly can we assist you with your Tennessee license plate lookup? If you are concerned about someone stalking you then you might want to reach out to the police and report this SUV and it’s TN license plate number to them so they can follow up

  13. says:

    The SUV has been watching my house

  14. says:

    Our VIN check resources need 17 digits, which is standard on newer vehicles, in order to decode the VIN and give you any Tennessee license plate or vehicle information. That being said, there are other resources you might want to reach out to such as Carfax that can decode older VIN numbers

  15. says:

    Can someone help me with vin number D7fh394307 . I have a copy of a Tennessee title with this vin number and title number 28870682 and control number 2883531. The date of issue was 03-11-82 in Hendersonville, Tn. It has Conway Twitty’s name on the title. Can you please verify this for me.
    Thank you, Terry

  16. says:

    In Tennessee you can have up to 7 characters on your personalized license plate. Click here for more information about Tennessee Specialty & Personalized License Plates.

    Tennessee Personalized License Plates

    1. Fill out Tennessee personalized license plate form
    2. Select your top 3 choices for personalized plates
    3. Enter your name, address & current plate number
    4. Pay the $70 annual fee for personalized plates
    5. Processing may take several weeks

  17. says:

    What is the specific number of digits and or letters in a TN license plate? I just moved from CA and see different kind of plates. Im getting a new car in about a month and wanted a personalized license plate. In california the plates have 7 spaces to personalize a license plate. Is there an option like that here in TN? If so how many spaces on the license plate..?

    Hard to get a hold of the DMV. I call and wait for 40 minutes until they just hang up, so i call over and over again..

  18. says:

    Hello Kenneth,

    If you have the Tennessee license plate number or VIN number we can assist you with a license plate lookup. Unfortunately we cannot locate a vehicle by your name. The other option is to contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue ( Motor Vehicle Department ). Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance to you.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  19. says:

    Hunting number on a car I owner took it thru Panamanian canal on a navy ship I believe it in Florida

  20. says:

    Hello Scott,

    We don’t offer these types of services however I did some research for you and found what you are looking for. I have included a link below for you to apply for the “Donate Life” license plate in Tennessee. Please reach out if there are any other Tennessee license plate number questions we can answer for you.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

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