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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Missouri License Plate Lookup Tool

With millions of vehicle on the road in Missouri, the demand for vehicle related services are at an all time high. The Missouri license plate lookup tool is one of those resources that allow people to lookup vehicle records on the fly from any device that has an internet connection. Anyone can verify a vehicle on the fly, whether it’s for buying a used car or a driver safety related issue, there are a multitude of allowable reasons for someone to run a license plate search in Missouri. A Missouri license plate lookup tool is intended for verification purposes only and unofficial uses. All you’ll need is a valid reason to run this search and the full Missouri license plate number to begin. Then you’ll simply run the search after you input the plate number, then you’ll be asked to verify the make and model to insure you’ve located the correct vehicle. After that you’ll have access to a wealth of vehicle related information. If you hit a road bump on your journey to finding the vehicle information you’re looking for, you can reach out to support through email, blog or phone. Please search responsibly responsibly and abide all the federal and Missouri driver privacy laws for this type of search.

What You Might Find With a Missouri Vehicle Plate Search

While there is a multitude of vehicle information available from a plate number search or VIN check, not all information is accessible by everyone. Some of the personal information such as vehicle owner data may be limited or restricted to certain entities, and for specific reasons as outlined by the federal DPPA and state privacy laws. Make sure that your search is compliant and you use the vehicle information you obtain as directed. Below are some of the key pieces of information that can be found with a Missouri vehicle record search online:

  • Owner Information For That Vehicle
  • Complete Vehicle History Reports
  • Vehicle Title Lookup
  • Vehicle Options and Manufacturer Specs  
  • Salvage and Junk Records  
  • Vehicle Vital Stats 
  • Accident and Total Loss Records 
  • Odometer Verification 
  • Any Recalls or Reported Vehicle Safety Issues
  • Safety and Emission Inspection Records 

Car Owner Search

Why Run a Missouri Vehicle Record Search?

There are a multitude of reasons why people in Missouri want to find out more about a vehicle. A vehicle record search via license plate number or VIN is a quick process with online public record resources. One of the most popular reasons people us this tool is to verify a used car that they want to buy. A MO license plate search can reveal owner details, the history of the vehicle, savaged or junk title records, major accidents, vital vehicle statistics and more. A Missouri plate search also allows people to lookup recalls and safety issues. Other reasons people run a MO vehicle plate search is for driver safety reasons, criminal activity or suspected vehicle theft, to find out if the vehicle has been abandoned, and some are just curious and want to decode the license plate to find what specs and options are in that vehicle. Below is a list of the top reasons people in Missouri are looking up vehicle records:

  1. Accident investigations by the police and auto insurance companies. If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run incident, tracking the license plate can help identify the other party. You can report this to the relevant authorities to have them follow up. It’ll also be very helpful to provide the details to your auto insurance company as they perform their own accident investigations. 
  2. Buying a used car, truck or SUV is a top reason people lookup vehicle records. A lookup can provide vehicle history reports and verification of vehicle details, ensuring that you’re making a safe and informed purchase. Many people want to know if there are any hidden issues to get the best value and find the safest family vehicle within their budget. 
  3. Recovering a stolen vehicle by its license plate number is very helpful. Law enforcement agencies can use the plate number to help them locate stolen vehicles and locate the culprits. With newer digital license plates, this process is even easier as they can be updated by the motor vehicle department to show that the vehicle has been stolen. 
  4. Lawyers, insurance companies, and private investigators may need this information to validate claims, conduct investigations, or prepare for court cases, or use it for skip tracing to find someone that has fled. 

Can I Run a Free Missouri License Plate Search?

Many people want to research vehicles online without spending a bunch of money and there are some options to do this. To run a free plate search you will need to find an online resource that will allow you to find some vehicle records at no cost. The only caveat to free vehicle information is there might not be a lot for free, you may need to pay for premium information such as vehicle history reports, or vehicle title verifications. If you are interested in knowing more about your own vehicle then you can contact the Missouri DOR directly to request information about your vehicle however, they will not give you access to other vehicle records not owned by you. Even though most vehicle records are public domain, this department does not offer this type of service. You can also find some free vehicle information from the 17 digit vehicle identification number, there are a multitude of online resources that offer a free VIN decoder which will give you all the specifications and options from the manufacturer. While there are some free Missouri license plate search resources, the more detailed and premium records will cost you a few bucks.

A Quick History of Missouri License Plates and Registration

Missouri first started registering motor vehicles in 1907 and began issuing state license plates in 1911. Before then it was up to the owner to put some type of identifier on their vehicle. Fast forward many decades, the designs and formats have evolved quite a bit, with modern plates featuring a bluebird and hawthorn (state bird and flower) design. Specialized plates, personalized plates, and plates for various vehicle types are also available. The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) oversees vehicle registration and license plate issuance. A Missouri personalized license plate will cost you an additional $15 per year, as of January 2023. There are hundreds of different types and options for license plates you can choose from.

Privacy Concerns Related to Vehicle Record Inquiries

In Missouri, as every other state in the US, driver privacy laws apply from both the state and federal level. The US Driver Privacy Protection Act was the first to become law which followed with each state adopting their own privacy laws as well. These laws frame what information is acceptable to access by the public. Simply stated in these laws are the restrictions that apply to certain individuals and entities when running a vehicle record search. There are only certain acceptable reasons to access a driver’s personal information and it can only be used for specific purposes. It is paramount to review this framework before attempting to access any sensitive information as there are strict penalties for misuse of this information. Please search responsibly and follow the guidelines of these privacy laws. 

State License Plate Searches

Missouri License Plate Lookup

Missouri Vehicle Record FAQ

How do I run a Missouri license plate search?

You can contact the Missouri license plate search a few ways. You can contact the DMV and run a license plate search if you have an acceptable reason. You can also hire a private investigator to find license plate information and lastly, you can use an online vehicle record website to search Missouri license plate numbers.

How much does a license plate search cost in Missouri?

It can cost as little as a few bucks but if you are interested in obtaining a vehicle history report then you'll pay a bit more. Premium vehicle records can cost anywhere from $20 to $30 but it can vary greatly depending on what service you are using.

Can I search a Missouri license plate to find out if it is stolen?

Yes, you can search stolen vehicles with both the license plate number and VIN number. There are many online public and government resources that can be used to research if a vehicle has been stolen.

Can I search a Missouri license plate owner?

State and federal privacy laws restrict personal information from being accessed by the general public. That said, there are some allowable reasons for a legitimate use of a license plate search where owner information can be obtained. Such as by insurance companies, law enforcement and legitimate B2B uses.

Can I research vehicle records through the Missouri DOR?

You can as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle however, you cannot access another person's vehicle records through the DOR directly. The best option to do research on another vehicle is through third party public record websites. Many people use these third party resources to research used vehicles they intend to buy.

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  1. says:

    How to search available personalized plates in Missouri

    1. Visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website.
    2. Then select the Personalized Plate Reservation System.
    3. Select the type of plate you are interested in
    4. Check the availability of the personalized message you would like
    5. Provide an explanation of what the personalized message means
    6. Submit your request online to be reviewed

    Please note that personalized license plates in Missouri will cost an extra annual fee and must first be approved. You cannot have any offensive language on the personalized message you are interested in. Processing may take several weeks

  2. says:

    Is there a free way to research available historic personalized plate availability

  3. says:

    Robert, first, hopefully everyone is ok. You’ll want to follow up with the police and file a police report. It’s unclear what will happen since the other driver did not actually hit you

  4. says:

    A driver with these license plates almost hit me on the highway, causing my accident avoidance sensors to lock up my brakes on road.

  5. says:

    Pam in this situation you will want to contact the police directly to file a Missouri police report as well as giving them the Missouri license plate number and the information you share with us

  6. says:

    This car sitting on side of my house taking pictures of my house with Missouri plate numbers

  7. says:

    Michelle, you can drop off a Missouri license plate to your local DMV office or hand it over to a police department so that they can send it to the vehicle owner

  8. says:

    I found this plate in carwash I\’d like to return it to owner

  9. says:

    You might consider contacting the Missouri police and reporting the suspicious vehicle and the license plate number information.

  10. says:

    parked on street for 2 weeks with no plates, suddenly sat it has what looks like a brand new plate but only on the back. hasnt moved in 3 weeks

  11. says:

    You will want to contact the Missouri Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle Department and inquire about your disabled veteran license plate. You should be able to receive disabled veteran license plates for all your vehicles as long as they’re in your name. Since we do not have a direct affiliation with the Missouri DOR, you will have to contact them online, via email or visit the Missouri DOR office in person when applying for any specialty license plates.

    Here is a link to the application for Missouri Disabled Veteran License Plates

    How to Get Missouri Disabled Veteran License Plates

    1. Visit the Missouri DOR website, license plate renewal
    2. Fill out the application form DOR-4601 for disabled veterans
    3. Provide a disability statement from US Veteran Affairs
    4. Submit the form and send in the required documents
    5. There is no fee for Disabled Veteran License Plates
    6. License plates will be mailed to you after verification

  12. says:

    I’m a retired u s army vet and I have two retired license plates, can I have a disabled veteran license plate for third car?

  13. says:


    Do you have a specific question about a Missouri license plate number on a vehicle on your property? Was the vehicle abandoned?

    What is an Abandoned Vehicle?

    1. A vehicle left on the side of the highway unattended for more than 48 hours
    2. A vehicle parked on private property more than 24 hours
    3. A vehicle left on public property for more than 30 days

    There are some exceptions to these rules depending on the state and county vehicle laws. You might want to contact the Missouri police or Missouri DOR ( Department of Revenue) for more information.

  14. says:

    Currently sitting on property

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