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Check Police Records

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Check Police Records Online

If you want to check police records there are a couple ways to go about doing this. The traditional way to check police records is to go to the county or city police department, fill out a form and wait in line to talk to a clerk who might ask you why you want this record and then pay for a copy of that record. This is of course if they can find the correct record for the correct person. You might need to have multiple types of identifying information to do this, such as; full name, date of birth, and current residence. Even then there is no guarantee you’ll locate the police record you’re looking for … For example, the police record you’re looking for might be from a different county or city and not all police departments coordinate. A much easier means of finding a police record, which might also be listed under a person’s criminal record, is to check police records online to find out what records are available. This information might vary depending on what state and county the police records were issued in. Police records may include any criminal records that have not been expunged, including traffic offenses, arrests, felonies, misdemeanors and infractions. In some counties this might only include actual convictions where that person was declared guilty by a court of law. In any case by checking online first you can cross-reference multiple fields of data to verify that you’re looking up the correct person and the correct record before going to a police station to procure an official copy of their police records. A great place to start online is to use a record retrieval service such as ( see link below ) where you can check police records with a simple name search. It’s best to know as much information as possible so you can cross reference multiple fields of data to insure you’re finding the correct record for the correct person.

Check Police Records by Name

Click Here To For the National Police Department Directory


Tips For Checking Police Records:

  • Know the person’s full name, including middle and sur names
  • Know the person’s date of birth or age
  • Know the current or previous residence of the person
  • Know if the person has had any prior criminal records
Check Police Records

Check Police Records

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