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People Phone License Plate VIN
People Phone License Plate VIN

License Plate Owner Information

License plate owner information is typically very limited when performing license plate lookup. This of course varies from state to state. Since the motor vehicle departments are are state run agencies, each state will have varying rules and regulations on what owner information is available with a license plate search, this may include the vehicle owner’s name and contact information. This information may be available upon request if you meet the criteria for what is allowed when looking up this information. You will need to read through the terms of the license plate owner search, and select a valid reason, before obtaining any information. Other vehicle information that you can expect when performing a license plate search will be general vehicle manufacturer specifications, VIN data, vehicle history, recalls and safety information.

Even though license plate owner information is limited however, you can still find an abundance of vehicle information online. With a license plate lookup you can find the make and model of your vehicle, manufacturing data, interior and exterior options, engine type, computer and connectivity options, recall and safety information and much more. You will be able to find the VIN number and decode all of the 17 digits of the VIN number.

VIN Number Records Online

With VIN number records you can find all the details of your vehicle. This will include; make and model, engine type, where it was manufactured, interior and exterior options, color, safety and recall information and dozens more. This is a great way to verify your vehicle or qualify a used vehicle you want to purchase. By performing a license plate search you will automatically get the VIN results when you use the form above. It’s also a good idea to verify that all your information is accurate so check your license plate number or vin number in the above form.

Driving Records Online

License plate and vehicle information are not the only DMV related records you can find online. You can also find; driving records, traffic citations, police records, arrests, court records, sentencings, DUIs online.. This means no more waiting in line at the DMV. All these public records can access these records from any device that has internet access.

Additional DMV Related Resources

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License Plate Owner

License Plate Disclaimer

License Plate Owner Search - FAQs

Can I find the owner of a car with a license plate number?

Yes, it is possible to find out the owner of a license plate number. You can perform this search in person at the DMV, if you have a valid reason or you can also use the resources of a private investigator or 3rd party public record websites if it's permissible.

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Responses to “License Plate Owner

  1. I am trying to locate my 2010 Kia Forte that was abandonded in Pulaski County Arkansas. Can you please help me with this matter due to the fact that my family is now without transportation and unable to obtain jobs, etc….

  2. My husband bought a van a few months back. We went to register the van with DMV, but they need the prior owners name and address. I’ve been on a few sites but they all charge and I don’t want to just give money if I don’t get the info I need. Can’t DMV help locate the prior owner? Fresno, Ca

    1. That sounds like a very suspicious operation if you cannot get a hold of a business owner that has possession of your Florida car. You should think about filing a police report and explaining your situation. Perhaps the Florida police department can assist you with the recovery of your car or perhaps look into the situation more for you

  3. I would like to find the true owner of a travel trailer left on my property in Florida.
    The tag number is all I have.
    Will running your search provide me with the owners Name and any info?

    1. Joseph, our license plate owner resources only work on motorized vehicles, unfortunately we do not have records on a travel trailer. You may want to reach out to the DMV directly to inquire about this trailer

  4. Purchased a camper lost the paperwork need to locate previous owner to get new copy of title so I can register it. Please advise what I can do
    Thank you

    Vicki cherico

    1. Josefa, we cannot lookup license plate numbers by person. You will need to contact your local DMV directly to inquire about your license plate number


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