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License Plate Owner Information

License plate owner information is typically very limited when performing license plate lookup. This of course varies from state to state. Since the DMV is a state run agency each state will have different data available online. What you can expect when performing a license plate search you will most likely find vehicle information, VIN data, vehicle history, recall and safety information and possibly some limited owner information.

License Plate Records Online

Even though license plate owner information is limited however, you can still find an abundance of vehicle information online. With a license plate lookup you can find the make and model of your vehicle, manufacturing data, interior and exterior options, engine type, computer and connectivity options, recall and safety information and much more. You will be able to find the VIN number and decode all of the 17 digits of the VIN number.

VIN Number Records Online

With VIN number records you can find all the details of your vehicle. This will include; make and model, engine type, where it was manufactured, interior and exterior options, color, safety and recall information and dozens more. This is a great way to verify your vehicle or qualify a used vehicle you want to purchase.  By performing a license plate search you will automatically get the VIN results when you use the form above. It’s also a good idea to verify that all your information is accurate so check your license plate number or vin number in the above form.

Driving Records Online

License plate and vehicle information are not the only DMV related records you can find online. You can also find; driving records, traffic citations, police records, arrests, court records, sentencings, DUIs online.. This means no more waiting in line at the DMV. All these public records can access these records from any device that has internet access.

Additional DMV Related Resources

Distracted Driving Statistics

National Highway Safety Statistics

State Motor Vehicle Safety Statistics

License Plate Owner

License Plate Disclaimer

Can I find the owner of a car with a license plate number?

Yes, it is possible to find out the owner of a license plate number. You can perform this search in person at the DMV, if you have a valid reason or you can also use the resources of a private investigator or 3rd party public record websites if it's permissible.

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30 responses to “License Plate Owner

    1. Hello Alana,

      In the member’s area when you do a license plate search it will nearly always give you the information for the vehicle including VIN and the vehicle specifications. Many times, ownership information does not come up on an initial search, and when this happens you can request assistance to find a license plate owner. At the bottom of your search results you will see the option to request assistance with your search.

      Please use the help page in the member’s area quickly get answers to any questions regarding your membership.

      Thank You,

      Search Quarry Team

      1. We were in a accident earlier today and the of the other vehicle was on the wrong and he had no insurance he got a ticket for no insurance cop tow his vehicle i wanted to know to if you tell me how I could find out the owner name of the vehicle so I could find out if thay have insurance thsnk you

        1. Hello Ann,

          Were you able to get a license plate number from the other vehicle? If so you could try searching that license plate number on our website. If your initial search provides you with results then you can search in our member’s area to try and locate the name of the license plate owner. However, this may not be necessary if a police report was filed. If you filed a police report then you should be able to contact the police department where the report was filed and get the information that you’re looking for. You were involved in the accident so you should be able to retrieve the information that you are looking for from the police department.

          You can check here to locate the nearest police department:

          Best Regards,

          SearchQuarry Team

  1. I have a license plate number, vin, and make of car. I would like to get the owners name and address as there was an accident..can you help me or should I go to the DOL?

    1. Hello Myrna,

      Thanks for reaching out. I would be happy to assist you with a vehicle license plate or vin number search however I cannot gurantee we’ll be able to locate the owner information. It seems that your situation is time sensitive so my recomendation would be to to contact the police and file a police report, especially if any injuries resulted. Then I would contact the motor vehicle department to proceed. If insurance companies are involved then it’s paramount that you go through the right channels to mitigate your situation. I have included some useful links below. Please reach out if there is any additional public record searches we can assist you with.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  2. Looking for a plate number of a vehicle that was park for 20yrs i did the search nothing came up
    i do have the tag number and the vin.

    1. Hello Jose,

      If you can provide us with the VIN or plate number we can do a more detailed search for you.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Jose,

      Our record go back for quite a while depending on the state the vehicle was registered in. If you can provide us with the license plate number or VIN number we can lookup your vehicle records in our database.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  3. My son and I was hit by a vehicle and the lady fled the seen. I’m trying to find out who owns the vehicle and ive had no luck . Ohio plate GYN 6811

    1. Hello Michelle,

      You should contact the Ohio Police and file a “Hit and Run Report” immediately and then contact the Ohio BMV and do the same. This is a legal matter that will be best handled by the authorities. Below are some links to assist you in finding the relevant authorities to contact.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  4. I got the licence plate of this white Chevy that was selling a tv that some guy on offer up last minute canceled and my dumbass being in a rush thinking itd be great for my mom didn’t even open it but it was not a tv when I got home so I want to find them before this goes on and I want my money back so can you please help?

    1. Rodger,

      We can certainly help you out with a license plate owner search however you will need to agree to our license plate search terms before you can access any information as this information. You might also want to contact the police and file a report if you feel that this is fraud. We don’t have an affiliation to any law enforcement agency so you will need to contact them directly.

    1. Johnnie,

      You concern is understood and we can help you out with a vehicle license plate lookup however you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of our license plate search. You might also consider contacting your local police and reporting this if you feel that it’s a safety concern for your neighborhood.

  5. My husband bought a van a few months back. We went to register the van with DMV, but they need the prior owners name and address. I’ve been on a few sites but they all charge and I don’t want to just give money if I don’t get the info I need. Can’t DMV help locate the prior owner? Fresno, Ca

    1. Christina,

      Do you have the title for the vehicle or a bill of sale? If not you should go to the DMV and apply for a duplicate title for the van. This will have all the relevant information you need for the vehicle. Without a title or bill of sale the DMV will not have any evidence that the vehicle is yours so it might be difficult for them to register the van under your husband’s name.

      How To Get a Duplicate Title From The DMV

      1. Go to the DMV website or visit your local DMV office
      2. Complete the Statement of Facts Form
      3. Fill out the application for a Duplicate Title
      4. Pay the applicable fees. Processing can take several weeks

  6. I have this man about late 50s and his told me his daughter wants to come visit him and he doesn’t know where he park her car so i thought he Wants to be best dad so I gave him my parking permit and I told him bring it back when she leave and he offered me some money and I said no I’m just letting you have until she leaves its okey so then he left and I never seen him again the wholeweek and I went to the parking and took a picture of the car and the license plate im thinking she still there so the next day she left and that’s it I never seen her dad or her but they still have my parking permit with them so is that okey to find them by license plate and ask them if they can mail my permit???

    1. Unfortunately that is not one of the acceptable reasons to run a license plate owner search. If you know any additional information about this person such as their first and last name, you can perform a people search and attempt to locate their address this way.

  7. hi, i dont want any info on the owner; i only want the vehicle make/model/year/engine type/trim info from the license plate. & i want it via an API so i can integrate it into my app. what the solutions/options for this?

    1. Sorry we cannot provide you with an API for our data stream. You will have to contact a data provider for this

  8. Bought a 1967 Holiday Rambler pull trailer recently. Got a bill of sale but no title and we are trying to determine the vin number. The trailer was last registered around 88 (the expiration year is 88 on the plate) and the licence plate is WZ8855. We need to get all the info to get manuals and register the trailer currently.

    1. We would love to assist you with a license plate owner lookup however we only have vehicle record resources for cars, trucks, suvs, minivans and motorcycles. You will need to contact your local DMV directly to inquire about the additional documentation you’re looking for on your trailer. You will want to bring in your bill of sale, your driver’s license and any other documentation you received from the purchase of your trailer.

  9. I am trying to locate my 2010 Kia Forte that was abandonded in Pulaski County Arkansas. Can you please help me with this matter due to the fact that my family is now without transportation and unable to obtain jobs, etc….

    1. You will need to contact the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration in Arkansas to inquire about an abandoned vehicle. Unfortunately we do not offer this service. If you are attempting to locate the Arkansas license plate owner of an abandoned vehicle then please read the instructions below. We hope this help you in your search for your abandoned vehicle.

      How to Find an Abandoned Vehicle

      1. Visit the DMV and request a copy of a vehicle title
      2. Have the VIN number available and proof of ID
      3. Show any documentation you may have on the vehicle
      4. See if you can legally purchase the vehicle back

  10. I paid twice $5 for 7 days unlimited then an additional $15 when prompted and I still can’t find the owner of the vin# and license plate I provided.

    1. We are happy to refund your charges. Please allow a few days for this to be reflected on your bank statement

  11. This is the license plate number mhm8785.I was the recently owner of this car wanting to see who is the new owner.


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