Florida Vehicle Title Search

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How to run a Florida vehicle title search

A Florida vehicle title search is a simple process that will require you to have the 17 digit VIN, or vehicle identification number. A Florida vehicle title lookup will let you know if the vehicle has a clean title, if there are lien holders on the vehicle, if the vehicle has ever been in a major accident and the title was salvaged. Running a Florida vehicle title search is a “Best Practice” procedure before purchasing any used vehicle. Most of the vehicle title information you’ll need will also be in a vehicle history report which suffices for a title search as well as giving you valuable information about that used vehicle you are interested in buying. You can also find out how many owners that vehicle had and any known safety concerns or vehicle recalls.

Florida Vehicle TitleIs this Florida vehicle title clean?

Finding out if that Florida vehicle has a clean title is very important when looking to buy a used vehicle. Finding out if a vehicle still has a lien on it from an unpaid loan, or a salvaged title because it was in a major accident can a deal breaker. Without running a Florida vehicle title search these issues might not be obvious or revealed by the previous owner. A vehicle title search, or a vehicle history report, will tell you most everything you need to know about that used car before making taking ownership. Most of the time it’s up to the buyer to do their homework and learn about the vehicle’s history for themselves. Once finalizing the purchase of a used vehicle, especially if the condition is listed “As-Is“, then there is no real recourse unless there was fraud. By performing a simple vehicle history report you can find out all this important information, about the condition of the vehicle as well as the title information, before making your used car purchase and insuring that you are getting a good value for your money.

How do I get my Florida vehicle title?

If your vehicle is paid off and you don’t owe anything on your vehicle loan and their are no lien holders on the vehicle title, you should have access to your vehicle title. If for some reason you did not receive your Florida motor vehicle title, or you need a duplicate vehicle title, you can contact the Florida Highway Safety Motor Vehicle Department to get your title. You can visit their website and download and mail in the forms to obtain a duplicate vehicle title or you can visit a branch in person, which will expedite the process. You will need to provide your Florida driver’s license and pay a nominal fee, then your new title will be mailed to you on the address listed on the existing vehicle title. If you have never received your Florida vehicle title in the first place then you might want to visit an FLHSMV office in person so that there is no confusion on where to send the title and to verify all the correct information is listed on your Florida motor vehicle title.

How to run a Florida vehicle history report

Car Owner SearchRunning a Florida vehicle history report is a very simple online process that only takes a few moments. You’ll need to get the 17 digit VIN number from your Florida vehicle and enter it into any number of online resources that offer vehicle history reports. These types of services will break down and decode the 17 digit vehicle identification number and provide you with all the manufacturing information about that specific vehicle as well as the vehicle report offering insights into the history of the vehicle since it’s been on the road. You might be able to find out how many previous owners there have been, accidents, recalls and known safety issues with the vehicle. You can also find out if the vehicle has a clean title, which is a very important detail to know otherwise you might not be able to transfer the vehicle title into your name until the lien is removed or the previous loan is paid off. This is a very simple and inexpensive procedure to follow before purchasing any used vehicle.

National Vehicle Title Search

Florida Title Search - Questions & Answers

What can I find out from a Florida vehicle title search?

A Florida title search will let you know if the vehicle title is clean, possible lien holders, accidents, recalls and some previous owner information

How do I get a duplicate Florida vehicle title if I lost mine?

It's relatively simple to get a duplicate Florida vehicle title if you've lost yours or you never received one. Simply visit the Florida Highway Safety Motor Vehicle Department website, download and fill out the duplicate vehicle title forms and mail them in with the nominal fee for the duplicate title. Your new Florida vehicle title will be mailed to you withing a few weeks after processing

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Responses to “Florida Vehicle Title Search

  1. says:

    You probably won’t find out directly about that but what you can do is submit your “Release of Liability” to the Florida FLHSMV. You can do this online so that it takes effect the same day. Here is a link to the online Form HSMV 82050 for your convenience

  2. says:

    I just sold a car. How can I know when the new owner has registered the car in his name so I can cancel the insurance?

  3. says:

    Elizabeth, you will need to contact the Florida FLHSMV directly to inquire where your Florida vehicle tags are. They are the issuing agency for vehicle registration, vehicle titles and tags in Florida. Their phone number is 305-229-6333 for your convenience.

  4. says:

    Car paid for. Need my title. Have a DMV213923678

  5. says:

    If the vehicle was originally purchased in Connecticut then your neighbor will want to reach out to the Connecticut DMV directly to inquire how to transfer the title into their name

  6. says:

    I have a neighbor who stopped making payments on a used vehicle in 2014 at which time the title holder (a Connecticut used car dealership) stated they were going to repossess the vehicle. The vehicle was produced in 1998. The dealership never came to pick it up. As far as my neighbor can tell, the non-payment was never reported to a credit bureau either (I’m guessing because the vehicle was aged and probably not worth much…my neighbor does not remember how much they owed on the vehicle…I’m assuming the dealership wrote it off). The vehicle was registered in Florida. Upon a title search on the VIN, none is on record in Florida. What are their options are this point if they want to sell the vehicle? The used car dealership in Connecticut may be out of business at this point as the phone number they had is no longer working. Can they get a title issued to it for the purposes of selling it?

  7. says:

    Thomas, are you looking to run a vehicle history report or something specific about the title status? If so, you can run a FL title search through our website and select the vehicle history report option

  8. says:

    need information on a 2012 dodge challenge vin#2c3dyagoch145555

  9. says:

    Since this vehicle was imported out of country, you’ll need to contact the Florida FLHMSV directly to find out what you need to do in order to have the car titled in Florida

  10. says:

    Hi I just imported a Car from Colombia, I’m living in North Carolina. can I get it titled in Florida?

  11. says:

    where can I find if I have any cars titled in my name in Florida?

  12. says:

    I need to get the name and address of the prior three registered owners of the vehicle set forth below. There are keys and records of maintenance available from the prior owners before the owner i bought the vehicle from and the person who sold me the vehicle won’t assist in running those records down for me. Vehicle vin is 3C3EL55H3WT232231. Thanks for any help.

  13. says:

    I would like to buy a car titled in florida, the owner died and would like to know what I need to ensure proper title transfer on sale, the sister has possession of the car and is executor. Does FLorida need any paperwork as the car will be registered aftewr sale in Delaware.

  14. says:

    I paid off my car loan in July and am trying to get the title so I can register it in Iowa where I now live.

  15. says:

    Would like to find lien holders name on title 138378a117126

  16. says:

    Okay I just bought a car with no bill of sale or title and can’t get ahold of owner but I got proof on my phone like message from me and him how can I get it tagged

  17. says:

    I would like to get my Boat Title. The Boat is paid in full. VIN# AGC66029J607

  18. says:

    Lost title and need to verify I have the correct VIN number.

  19. says:

    Barbara, our Florida vehicle record resources are only for motorized vehicles, we do not have the ability to lookup Florida title information on mobile homes

  20. says:

    I need to find person owning mobile home at Elmwood MHC Title 8884279

  21. says:

    Richard, if this was an RV or vehicle registered with the Florida FLHSMV then you will need to contact them directly to order a duplicate Florida car title

  22. says:


  23. says:

    To Whom It May Concern at the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles:

    I bought my 1967 Austin Healy 3000 (AH 3000) car back in 1982. That same year my car was stolen. Of course, I do not have my title today from 39 years ago. Having moved multiple of times in boxes, etc., I have misplaced my AH 3000 title. Now a days, I see AU 3000s being sold privately and on Ebay. Recently, I saw one AH 3000 which looks just like mine. I was wondering how I could get my title/VIN for my 1967 AH 3000 car from the Florida DMV registry. The 1982 VIN numbers for these 1980s AH 3000s are not as long as the new VIN numbers (~11 numbers). Lastly, the last time that I contacted you a few years ago, you informed that you had transferred from microfilm to an electronic format only older car titles/VIN numbers down to the early 1990s. You informed that prior to the early 1990s, you had not transferred the titles with VINs from microfilm to a searchable electronic format. I have several questions to ask you: 1) have you gone further back than the 1990s on your microfilm-to-electronic format transferring process, 2) can you get my AH 3000 title and VIN number from the 1982 Florida DMV car registry, my name, and my Florida address, 3) if you do not have Florida DMV registries going back to the early 1980s yet, do you have someone or know of some company that will do this?, 4) if you do not, may I come into your Florida DMV office in person and look up my 1982 AH 3000 title/VIN?, and 5) do I have to go to State of Florida DMV in Tallahassee to do this or may I look this up at any of your State of Florida DMV offices?

    Thank you for your time and considerations in this personal request.

    AJ de Armendi

  24. says:

    Don, our Florida car title search resources will only work with newer vehicles, that were manufactured in the last 30 years, that have 17 digits in their VIN

  25. says:

    I purchased a vehicle from a dealer in MI and the title that came with a xerox copy of a FL title. The VIN # on the title is only 10 digits. and it also shows a Title number. How can I search for this title on your system? I am trying to confirm previous ownership history and if the original title was issued in FL. I would like to register this vehicle in CA.

  26. says:

    How to lookup a boat title in Florida

    You can run a Florida boat title lookup by visiting the Florida FLHSMV.gov website. You will need to have the vessel registration number and the name it’s registered under. You can also call the Florida FLHSMV directly @ 850-617-2606

  27. says:

    You will need to contact the seller or dealership to obtain this letter to get your FL car title transferred

  28. says:

    I am California resident , I purchased vehicle in Florida from dealership( paid in full) , title was Ca state. When I try to register my car in CA dmv the agent asked me to get proof of letter from FL : “ Title was never issued in my name in Florida” . How I can get this letter and who should I contact.
    Please help , thank you .

  29. says:

    Which service in Florida should I address my inquiry about my boat? Can you tell me since I live in Québec,Canada and I do not know who to contact for the past registration of my boat in Florida.
    Thank you.

  30. says:

    Marc, our Florida vehicle title resources are only for cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. Unfortunately we don’t have any information on Florida boat titles

  31. says:

    Is it possible to have history about my boat a Hunter 28 (previous owner, designated port, date of sale,etc) registered under number FL3434DJ in Florida?

  32. says:

    Ronnie, you can obtain a duplicate Florida car title by contacting the Florida FLHSMV directly. You can order a copy online through their web portal or contact them directly @ 727-464-7777

  33. says:

    I moved to Indiana and brought my Jeep which is titled in Florida now I seem to have lost my title in the move.Can I please get a duplicate and how do I do this? All information is appreciated Thank you.

  34. says:

    Thomas, to obtain a duplicate Florida RV title you will need to contact the Florida FLHSMV directly. You can make an appointment to visit them directly or call them @ 352-754-4230

  35. says:

    I bought a used RV and only got a bill of sale would like a title if one is available thank you for your help

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