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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

The Importance of a New York Vehicle Title Search

New York being the fourth largest state by population has a lot of vehicles on the road. Many more used cars are sold in New York than new cars each year. Those that are interested in purchasing a used vehicle should know a few things. With the VIN, or vehicle identification number, anyone can lookup the vehicle history, vehicle title information, accidents, recalls and safety issues. There are a multitude of online resources that will decode your New York VIN number for free however, if you need a vehicle history report or NY vehicle title search, that will cost a few bucks. The information in a New York vehicle title search is much more detailed and include very important details if someone is looking to purchase a used vehicle. Vehicle ownership information, such as maintenance records, are typically not on file so a vehicle history report is the best option to objectively evaluate the true value of a used vehicle in NY.New York Vehicle Title Search

How to Run a New York Vehicle Title Search

A New York vehicle title search is a simple process, which is the same process as running a vehicle history report. You will need the 17 digit vehicle identification number, or VIN, of the vehicle you want to lookup. Then, find a reputable online vehicle record resource, like, and purchase a vehicle history report. This report will also include the New York title information you’re interested in. One of the most important features of running a NY vehicle title search is finding out if the title is clean. If the vehicle title has been salvaged then it probably means it was in a gnarly accident, and totaled according to the auto insurance company. Another thing to consider when purchasing a used vehicle is if there are any current liens on the vehicle which would mean there is an unpaid loan on the vehicle and it’s still owned by the bank which means the vehicle can be repossessed. You will want to verify the information on the physical vehicle title as well to make sure the name matches the seller’s name, to avoid and fraud and loss of money. There are a lot of vehicle scams to be wary of. It’s considered best practice to run a vehicle history report on any used vehicle that is purchased in New York

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Responses to “New York Vehicle Title Search

  1. says:

    Robert, if your car that is registered in NY has a 17 digit VIN then we can assist you with your NY car history search

  2. says:

    How do I find Car information on a car that is older than 1981

  3. says:

    When can I expect to receive my NY car title?

    If you recently applied to receive your New York car title, or a replacement NY car title, you can expect to wait several weeks for processing and mailing of the new title. If you feel that your title was lost in the mail or it has been too long, you can call the NY DMV directly @ 800-698-2931

  4. says:

    When will we get the title to our car

  5. says:

    If a friend co-sign for me for a car but I moved and the car is still in her name and I need the title to change my plates but I’m still paying for the car I moved to South Carolina what can I do the insurance is under my name in South Carolina.

  6. says:

    Orlando, you will need to inquire with the New York DMV directly about the status of the NY car title. There have been noticable delays over the last year with processing times because of COVID. You can use our FREE NY DMV Finder to locate an office near you.

  7. says:

    In this situation you will want to contact the NY Motor Vehicle Department directly about your Salvaged Vehicle Title status. Their direct phone number is 718-966-6155 for your convenience. Please reach out if we can assist you with a NY vehicle history report or other vehicle related information

  8. says:

    hi i recently apply for salvage title un fortunately my check was return for the tax what should i do

  9. says:

    I mailed a $20.oo check to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles on 3/4/21. I included the “ release Teachers Credit Union as Lien Holder” on the Certificate of Title for a 2017 Honda CRV, 2HKRW6H32HH207706(vin number). I haven’t received the Title for my car! Why??

  10. says:

    Steven, unfortunately we do not have an answer for you. You’ll need to go through the DMV channels to see if you can mitigate your NY car titling situation

  11. says:

    Hey i was lied to about a car having a salvage title I purchased and the box on the back wasn’t checked. The car was registered afterward multiple times after being salvaged in 2015 but when I went to dmv in ct they said it’s a salvage title instead of a rebuilt one and I can’t register the car even though it’s been registered in New York after the accident what can I do ?

  12. says:

    James, if you are looking to obtain a duplicate NY motorcycle title then you will need to contact the NY DMV directly. For your convenience, their phone number is 518-486-9786

  13. says:

    I have an M perfected title for a 2011 CLK350. I believe the original title came out of New York which I need to find in order to sell this car. I hope you can help me. I am in California

  14. says:

    Robert, you will need to contact the NY DMV directly about your inquiry for a duplicate NY vehicle title.

  15. says:


    I am in need of obtaining a vehicle title to my car purchased in 2013.

    My car has been classified as “Totaled” after it was destroyed January 07, 2021 after a tractor trailer’s rear metal bumper area struck my parked car and dragged it into the intersection of Forest Avenue and Menahan Street, in Ridgewood, Queens, N Y. during a turn at intersection.

  16. says:

    Paul, you will need to contact the NY DMV directly about receiving your new vehicle title

  17. says:


  18. says:

    David, we only offer NY title search information for highway legal vehicles. You will want to reach out to the NY DMV directly to inquire about your boat title and the status of them sending you a NY boat title

  19. says:

    Never received a title for this Bennington Tri Toon boat? can you help?

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