Delaware Car Title Check

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Running a Delaware Car Title Check

If you want to check a car title, you will be glad to know this is easy to do in the state of Delaware. All you are going to need is the car identification number or VIN number. This is going to consist of 17 digits. You can enter this VIN number online using a car history report service. In order to run a car title check, you can also do this through the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV. This is going to allow you to run a check on any car when you have the VIN number. You can download the forms online and you do not have to do this in person.

How to Run a Car History Report in Delaware

Would you like to purchase a used car? You will want to know all about that car first. A good way to do this is to get a Delaware car history report. This is easy to obtain on the internet with a lot of different websites you can use. You will normally have to pay a small fee for this. When you run a car history report in Delaware, this can also involve a car title search. This is a good thing and it is going to let you know if the car has a clean title before you purchase it. You will know if there are lien holders. For instance, you will find out if the car has ever been involved in an accident or it has been recalled for a safety issue. You can also know how many owners the car has had. So, while a car history report in Delaware will cost you, it can actually save you money later on.

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What You Will Find on a Delaware Car Title

  1. The name and address of the Delaware car owner
  2. The model, make and year of the car
  3. The VIN and license plate number
  4. First sold date
  5. The car issuing data
  6. The release of liability form

Delaware Car Title CheckThe Importance of Your Delaware Car Title

Remember that your Delaware car title demonstrates that you own your car. This is why it is a very important document that you must keep safe and secure. This can be in your home and somewhere that you know it will not get lost. It is advised that you do not keep your car title inside your car. This could give someone access to your personal information. They could even sign over the car in an attempt to steal it.

You always want to know where your Delaware car title is in case you want to sell your car, truck or SUV. You will be able to sign over your car to the buyer by showing this as proof of your ownership and the attached release of liability form. If you cannot find your car title, it is possible to obtain a certified copy. This can be given by the Delaware DMV for a fee. They will mail this copy to the address that is listed on the title.

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Car Title Search in Delaware – Question and Answer

How do I obtain a copy of my Delaware car title?

You can obtain a copy of your car title. This can be done by going to the Delaware DMV website. They will have a form that you can download and complete with your personal details so that you can make a copy request. You should mail this to the appropriate address and pay the fee. In a few weeks, you should be sent an official copy of your Delaware car title.

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Responses to “Delaware Car Title Check

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Frances, to get a Delaware car title replacement you will need to contact the DE DMV directly. You can order a replacement online for a small fee and have the duplicate DE car title mailed to you

  2. Frances Menten says:

    Lost car title need replacement

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    Robertt, you will need to contact your local Delaware about your inquiry. Their phone number is 302-434-3200

  4. Robertt Bechaver says:

    I want to buy a used enclosed trailer, 10′, from a guy who bought it used from someone else some time ago. He did not get a title with it and has used it only occasionally and now wants to sell it. It has an old tag on it and he does not know who was the name on the tags, nor does he know the vin number. He said he would give me a bill of sale when I buy it, but I am using it to move to another state and need to know how to get a new title on it as I need to have it legal to cross state lines. How do I go about obtaining a title and making it legal?

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