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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How to search a vehicle title in Arizona

Purchasing a used vehicle in Arizona can be risky business, especially when it comes to private sellers. As a buyer, you need to know whether the car, motorcycle, truck or bus you want is safe and legal to drive, and there is no guarantee that the person selling the vehicle will be honest about its history. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from rogue sellers quickly and easily, by running a vehicle title search on the used car you are hoping to purchase. In this article, we explain how this is done.

How does an Arizona vehicle search work?

Every new vehicle in Arizona and elsewhere in the United States is marked with a 17-digit identification number when it comes off the factory line. This unique code is known as a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Throughout the vehicle’s life, every owner, accident, repair and insurance claim associated with that vehicle is logged in a database called the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). All the information recorded in this database is available to be viewed by the public, to help prevent unsuspecting consumers being conned by dishonest sellers. If a vehicle has been stolen or is being wrongly advertised as roadworthy when it is in fact salvage, conducting an Arizona vehicle title search to access the NMVTIS will bring this information to light. All you need to get started is your intended vehicle’s unique VIN.

Arizona Vehicle Title SearchWhere to find your Arizona vehicle VIN

Vehicle identification numbers are printed on small metal plates that are installed inside the vehicle. When you go to view a used car, look for the VIN plate under the windshield on the driver’s side of the dashboard, or on the jamb of the driver’s side door. If viewing the vehicle in person is not an option, ask the seller to send you the VIN instead. They will be able to find the number on the vehicle’s registration certificate. Keep in mind that it is an offense to withhold information about a vehicle’s history from potential buyers when selling a used car.

What to look for on an Arizona vehicle title search

First and foremost, buyers should confirm that the VIN they have been given for the vehicle is legitimate. You can do this by checking that the make, model and year listed on the vehicle’s title match that of the car they are seeking to buy. Then, you should make sure the name of the seller matches that on the title. If the information brought up during your Arizona vehicle search suggests that somebody else owns the car, it may be stolen. Finally, check the vehicle title to see if any “brands” are listed. Vehicle brands disclose important information about the vehicle’s history, such as whether it is has been rebuilt, flood damaged or salvaged.

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Start your Arizona vehicle title search

Your vehicle title search can be run entirely online and should only take a few minutes. Have the vehicle’s VIN and a credit card to hand, as most search facilities charge a few dollars to access the data. It’s considered a “best practice” procedure before purchasing any used car, truck or SUV

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Arizona Vehicle Title Questions & Answers

Are Arizona vehicle title searches free?

Typically only a VIN lookup, or VIN decoder is free. A vehicle history report and vehicle title search will cost a few dollars, which is considered a good practice before purchasing any used car in Arizona

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Responses to “Arizona Vehicle Title Search

  1. Diane Gerlach says:

    What is a bonded title?

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Scott, we have approved your post about your Arizona vehicle title question to see if anyone can weigh in on this for you. Unfortunately there is nothing we can help with directly with this matter but perhaps someone else reading our Arizona car title blog will. You may also want to check out other vehicle related forums to find out what other people might be saying about “Biohazards” when pertaining to vehicles in Arizona

  3. Scott Hicks says:

    hello…i am trying to find out some information about this vehicle i may be planning to purchase in ohio…vin no. is 5GTDN136768131695…only reason i am inquiring on this is because i ran a car-fax on this vehicle and one of the reports says “Biohazard vehicle disclosed by seller”…the title no. was listed as is an arizona title no. 0U94017226025..if someone can assist me in what this meant, it would be appreciated…i would hate to own a vehicle knowing that someone had passed in this vehicle or if some kind of fluid kust got spilled onto the floor (etc)…my email address is

    thank you,


  4. JULIO GUDINO says:

    Hi, i get my vehicle like 10 year ago in calexico california from the last owner.
    I export it to mexico, all legal and with out a problem, i got my Arizona Certificate of title from the 1st owner but my car got stolen last month and my car insurance need a Verification Number from my title. This number doesn\’t appear in the title, only my VIN, Inventory Control, title Number and the info of the 1st owner.
    How can i get this Verification numeber? I saw a title from California and the number appears in the bottom right of the title, but mine don’t have it.

  5. William Witthuhn says:

    I made a purchase of a unseen auto from Marcopia County, Phoenix Ariz. It is a 1968 Chev. El Camino VIN #13880Z140186 When the shipper delivered the auto all he had was a Bill of Sale. Here in Nebraska they will not let me title it with only a Bill of Sale. I am hoping you can duplicate the title and get it transferred to me. The seller was Hammys Hot Rod Engines of Phoenix, Ariz. I have tried numerous times to reach the seller to no avail. I am hoping you can help me solve my problem. Many Thanks

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Robert, our Arizona vehicle title lookup resources only work for modern vehicles that have 17 digits in their vehicle identification number

  7. Robert DECKER says:

    Could you please check if VIN : XS29L8B355769 was registered in Arizona prior to 1996 ? (1968 Dodge Charger RT)

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards from Luxembourg (Europe)

  8. squarryadministrator says:

    Tammy, unfortunately we cannot assist you with putting a lien on an Arizona car title. You will need to contact the Arizona MVD directly @ 602-255-0072

  9. Tammy Laneville says:

    I have 2 title for vehicles that the borrower owns free and clear. How do I put our lien on title and how much is the fee?

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    To get a copy of your AZ vehicle title you will need to contact the Arizona DOT website or visit an office in person to make your request for a duplicate Arizona vehicle title

  11. Eric Wesley Green says:

    I have an offer to buy our Mobil home in Saguaro Su Mobil lea home park. I cannot find the title so will need to search and get a duplicate replacement.

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