South Dakota Vehicle Title Check

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How to perform a South Dakota vehicle title check

After spending a while searching to buy a used car, you finally settle on one that seems just perfect. You must do a thorough check on that vehicle before you seal any deals. Used cars come with a lot of old baggage that you do not want to inherit. For instance, a report in 2016 detailed that there were about 1,756 instances of vehicle theft in South Dakota. You don’t want to buy a stolen vehicle or one that’s been involved in a hit and run. If the car was registered in South Dakota, you should perform a South Dakota Vehicle Title Check on the car first and ascertain that it is clean.

South Dakota Vehicle Title CheckRunning a South Dakota Vehicle Title Check

To run a South Dakota Vehicle Title Check is a simple process. All you need to do is input the 17-digit VIN into the South Dakota Department of Transportation’s website or a vehicle title search website like and run a search. This search doesn’t take too long, and it produces information about the used vehicle. This 17-digit code is specific to one vehicle each, and so there is no possibility that your search will pull up details about another vehicle.

Checking to see what types of past or unsettled issues the vehicle has incurred can save a buyer from a lot of hassle like taking on pending debts. Sometimes the used cars may have debts attached to them that could be passed to you unsuspectingly. Such types of debts or loans may mean you cannot own the vehicle until they have paid off the debts.

Other types of vehicle history that you may find about a used car may include theft records, accidents, sales, vehicle specifications, and so much more.

Information listed on a South Dakota vehicle title

  • The Name and Address of the South Dakota Vehicle’s Owner
  • The vehicle’s year of manufacture
  • The model and make of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • License Plate number
  • The year the vehicle was sold
  • The title issuing date of the vehicle
  • The release of liability of the vehicle

What to look for with a South Dakota vehicle title check?

Car Owner SearchSome sites like the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System pull up more specific information about a used vehicle. This site searches out information on cars that have been recycled or have been in a junkyard. It helps you find information about theft and fraud-related issues in auto dealership. One critical piece of information to look out for is Vehicle Brand history. Often, vehicle titling companies label some vehicles with terms like salvage, junk, flood, etc., to describe those that have been damaged. Look out for used cars that have these terms so that you know the worth of the type of car you’re buying. Some dealerships may want to sell you rebuilt or damaged cars for about the same price as one in good condition. It also advises you about the safety of the vehicle in the past, and if it is capable of harming you in the future.

Statewide Car Title Search

South Dakota Vehicle Title Search FAQ

Why Do I Need to Run a South Dakota Vehicle Title Check?

It is an important step in buying a used vehicle. It briefs you about the possible challenges or issues that may come with the vehicle. Apart from the already listed information, also look out for discrepancies such as a difference in the odometer reading that was recorded at the time of transfer of the vehicle. Check if the car is listed for a special type of use, like for rental purposes only, or taxi use. See if the car has a previous theft record or is currently labeled as stolen. If the car has a total loss history, that vehicle may be unsafe as it has been severely damaged previously. Running a South Dakota Vehicle Title check arms you with all this information and more.

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    Kirt, you can run a vehicle history report to obtain South Dakota vehicle title information. Typically if there is a bank lien on a vehicle they will be listed on the vehicle title.

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    I am trying to find out if vin #1fmzu77e81ub88701 has a lien on it?

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