Pennsylvania Vehicle Title Lookup

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How to Run a Pennsylvania Vehicle Title Lookup

A Pennsylvania vehicle title lookup is an easy online process that only takes a few minutes. First,  you will need the 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN) number for the vehicle you want to research. The VIN number is unique to every vehicle sold in Pennsylvania, just like a social security number is to a person, that follows that vehicle throughout it’s life and can be used to track the history of the vehicle. Next, find a reputable vehicle record website on a any major search engine, then enter the entire 17 digits into the search field and search. Then once the search results populate, make sure that the make and model match the description of the vehicle you are researching. Just one digit changed on the 17-digit VIN can bring up results for a different vehicle, so this is an important step. Then, after you’ve verified the vehicle is correct, you will want to choose to get a vehicle history report which will include the Pennsylvania vehicle title information. This report will include a lot of important vehicle metrics, previous accidents, title status, recalls and many other important pieces of information to build an accurate picture of the health of a used car. Which many people are using to evaluate the value and risk of their used car purchase. It’s also a good way to uncover any issues that may not be disclosed by the seller.

What You Can Find on a Pennsylvania Vehicle Title

A Pennsylvania vehicle title lookup can provide a lot of valuable information about a vehicle, especially those looking to verify a used car they want to purchase. The following are some of the key features that are displayed on a PA vehicle title: 

  1. The 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 
  2. The Pennsylvania vehicle title number 
  3. Make and model of the vehicle 
  4. Year the vehicle was manufactured 
  5. PA vehicle owner information 
  6. Title issuing date as well as the expiration date 
  7. Mileage at the time of title transfer 
  8. Odometer verification, it will say if the odometer is accurate or not 
  9. Lienholder information if its bank owned or personally owned
  10. Title status, if it is clean, salvaged or junked 

To run a Pennsylvania car title search you will want to run a VIN check to obtain a vehicle history report which includes most of the important PA car title information needed to make an informed decision on purchasing a used car. Most people that inquire about a PA car title are looking to verify the status of a used car they want to buy, and if there any red-flags before making that purchase. If the title was salvaged because of previous flood or accident damage then it would greatly depreciate the value of that used car. Some sellers may not disclose everything about a used car to a potential buyer, so  it’s a”Buyer Beware” situation. This risk can be mitigated by verifying the PA title is clean and there are no discrepancies with the title information.

How to Replace a Lost Pennsylvania Vehicle Title 

It is a common request to replace a lost Pennsylvania vehicle title, the following are the simple steps you need to take to receive a duplicate title in the mail: 

  1. Go to the Pennsylvania DMV website and select Driver and Vehicle Services 
  2. Download and complete the Application for Replacement Title – Form MV-38O 
  3. Provide a driver’s license, ID card or Passport for ID verification 
  4. You may be required to provide your registration card or insurance card as well 
  5. Pay the required fee for processing and shipping costs. 
  6. Main in the required documents to the address on the form 
  7. Once your application is processed, a duplicate title will be mailed within a few weeks 

The request for a duplicate PA vehicle title can be expedited by visiting a PA DMV office in person. It is also important to note that if there is the vehicle is not paid off and is still bank owned, the lienholder is the only entity that can apply for a duplicate title. Additionally, if the car has been totaled or in a major accident, you may be required to submit additional paperwork, such as a salvage title before making your request for a duplicate title. 

Pennsylvania Vehicle Title

When To Run a Pennsylvania Vehicle Title Check

A Pennsylvania vehicle history report will also give you the PA vehicle title information you are looking for. The idea behind running a report like this is to verify a used vehicle before purchasing it. A vehicle history report can offer you accident information, limited owner information, safety issues, recalls and a full breakdown of all the major vehicle information you want to know about that used vehicle you are interested in purchasing. It will give a solid objective picture of the true value of the vehicle. Then with all that information you can take that and run the Blue Book Value for that used car, truck, motorcycle or SUV. The cost of a vehicle history report is fairly cheap and can save you a lot of issues if you know the whole truth of that Pennsylvania vehicle you want to buy.

Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration Statistics

The most commonly registered and sold vehicle in Pennsylvania is the passenger car. This far outweighed all other classes of vehicles combined in 2022, according to the PA DMV registration report. Here is a breakdown of the most popular vehicles by class that were registered in 2022:

  1. Total registered vehicles for 2022 were over 10.7 million
  2. Passenger cars registered in PA were over 7.3 million
  3. There were 2.7 million trucks and SUV registered this year
  4. Motorcycle registrations were at 400,000
  5. Trailers, including travel trailer registrations in PA were 1 million in 2022
  6. Buses came in at 11,000 registered vehicles
  7. Top selling brand in the state for 2022 was Ford
  8. Top selling vehicle make and model for 2022 was the Ford F-150

These statistics change quite a bit from year to year but the overall numbers of registered vehicles in Pennsylvania, by class, stay pretty static. Meaning that the ratio of passenger cars to trucks and SUVs has stayed about the same for the last several years. The overall number of PA vehicle titles and registrations have gone up over the last decade. According to the PennDOT, the number of registered vehicles has gone up significantly since 2010, when there were 9.7 million registered vehicles. As of 2022 there are over 10.7 million registered vehicles. The number of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs have all seen an increase in ownership and vehicle titles issued by the state. 

Car Owner Search

State Vehicle Title Lookup

Pennsylvania Vehicle Title FAQs

How do I find my Pennsylvania vehicle title number

Your PA vehicle title number will be on the physical title itself. You can look at the top of the title document to find the title number, owner's name, address, title status, odometer reading and a release of liability form at the bottom of the title

Can you have 2 names on a Pennsylvania vehicle title?

Yes, 2 people can be listed on the title. It is called holding a title as joint tenants and is commonly used in case one of the owners passes away then the other person listed on the title will be the sole owner. Both parties will need to sign the title document if the vehicle is sold.

How to apply for an abandoned vehicle title in Pennsylvania

Download the form MV-38A from the PennDOT directly. Fill out the form and bring it into an office in person in case there are any discrepancies. You may also need to fill out and sign an affidavit to sign the abandoned PA title over to yourself. The transfer fees will be determined by the DOT once all the requirements are fulfilled.

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Responses to “Pennsylvania Vehicle Title Lookup

  1. says:

    Avian, you will want to talk to someone at the Oregon Department of Transportation directly to inquire about transferring the PA car title into your name. They will most likely have a procedure on how to go about doing this. If you run into difficulties, you can reach out to the PA – DMV and let them know about your situation. There is most likely a precedence for your situation.

  2. says:

    I bought a vehicle from a person in NJ – I moved to Oregon- the person I bought it from had given me the signed title, but it all got stollen when I moved. It was never registered to me – I have since tried contacting the person with no avail, I have the title number how do I get a duplicate title or how do I register it in Oregon- it still says titled in PA ..

  3. says:

    Pamela, the NJ DMV should not have whited out your signature, that is not standard procedure. You should talk to the NJ DMV directly to inquire how to go about transferring the PA car title into your name with your current situation. If you have the bill of sale that will help but in your situation you will need to discuss this with the DMV directly.

  4. says:

    I purchased a car from someone in PA who moved out of the state. I live in NJ and made a mistake signing the PA title when trying to register and title in NJ. The NJ DMV whited out my signature and it’s now a voided fitle! I can’t get in touch with original owner to get a duplicate cause they moved somewhere I don’t know. Can you help me?

  5. says:

    Mark, we are happy to help in any way we can but we are uncertain of how we can help exactly. If you have paid off your vehicle and need the Pennsylvania car title transferred into your name there is another process you need to take. Please advise and we are happy to do some research for you.

  6. says:

    I don’t have the money to afford a new physical title at the moment n I’m junking my vehicle. I need the title verification number in order to get more money for my car. How do I go about this?!

  7. says:

    Steven, you are correct that since this is a classic/vintage PA vehicle with fewer than 17 digits in the VIN, it will be challenging to look up the PA car title information. This is mostly because many older vehicles did not get digitally transferred into modern electronic databases. Your best option would be to hire a private investigator, or find someone that deals with vintage vehicles.

  8. says:

    How do I find a 1967 Dodge Charger I used to own when I was 16, I have an old title and registration from the eighty’s when we got Classic Car Tags on it. I sold the car in the early 2000’s when times were tough; I would like to know if it might be for sale by contacting the current owner about purchasing the car, I owned from 1981 until 2006 or 7. I have tried asking a cop to search for it, as well as tried myself, the problem being, it does not have 17-digit Vin. I do however have the title number from 1981 when it was titled. Thank you for any help, Steven Matula

  9. says:

    Scott, you’ll need to reach out to the PA DMV directly to inquire about requesting copies of your motorcycle titles

  10. says:

    i do do not know what it the vin numbers are on the motorcycles they can’t be found they were just bought last year and i can’t get the one bike insured till i have the vin and i want to sell the other one but i will need that title also if you can you can email them to me, thanks

  11. says:

    James, you will want to reach out to the Pennsylvania motor vehicle department directly to inquire about the lien holder release, which is your bank, and the title being transferred into your name

  12. says:

    I had a debt cancellation on my vehicle loan thru a bank. How can I get the title for the car?

  13. says:

    Katherine, you should be able to obtain a copy of your PA vehicle title from the DMV however you can also try the Department of Transportation, either way you can do this online

  14. says:

    Hi, I financed my SUV through Ally. It was paid off this past July 7th. I received a letter from Ally dated July 26th stating that because my title is an electronic title, Ally has submitted a request to the state in order to release their secured interest in my vehicle and that my local motor vehicle department will issue & mail me a clear title. It is almost 2 months & I have not received my title. My VIN # ja4ap3au4gz024854—2016 Mits. Outlander.
    When I renewed my driver’s license a few weeks ago at my local DMV, I asked about getting my title. I was told they didn’t handle titles.
    Where do I go from here? Please HELP!

  15. says:

    Barbara, in this case, you should visit the PA motor vehicle website and apply for a duplicate PA car title through them. They will be able to mail you a duplicate PA vehicle title for a small fee

  16. says:

    I need to request a copy of my Vehicle Title I am in Florida and cannot visit the PA DMV directly.
    What should I do to obtain a certified copy of my Vehicle Title ?

  17. says:

    How To Get a Replacement Vehicle Title in Pennsylvania

    You can visit the Pennsylvania DMV directly and request a duplicate title for your vehicle title by filling out PA Motor Vehicle Form MV-380. There will be a nominal fee for a new title to be mailed to you. Your new PA vehicle title will be mailed to the address listed on the original PA vehicle title

  18. says:

    paid my car off title sent but never received lost in mail

  19. says:

    I’m trying to find out the status of my title application. The Vin# is 1A9HS74A23A329116. I had sold this bike to a friend in NH which he received a title for. He did some work on the bike but, couldn’t handle the operation of the bike do to the amount of pot holes in NH. I bought the bike back from him and have applied for a title here in PA it’s been quite a while since I applied. The warm weather is here and I’m looking forward riding it.
    Please provide me with any information you can find. If you need any more information please contact me. Thank You for your help.

  20. says:

    Elanor, here is a link to the Pennsylvania DMV website where you can complete the appropriate form to obtain your PA car title history

    PA DMV Forms

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