Illinois Vehicle Title Check

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How to Run an Illinois Vehicle Title Check

In the state of Illinois, running vehicle title search is very simple. It’s as easy as entering the 17 digit VIN number from any vehicle into a vehicle history report service online. You can also run an Illinois title check by visiting an Illinois SOS – Driver Services Office or the website to run a VIN check on any vehicle identification number. The legacy system of running an Illinois vehicle title check, by visiting a Driver Services Office in person, has been replaced by their website. There are a few reasons to visit an office in person but running an IL title check is not necessarily one of them.

Illinois Vehicle TitleRunning an Illinois Vehicle History Report

An Illinois vehicle history report is typically run on those interested in purchasing a used vehicle. It’s a simple process online, there are a multitude of website that offer this services for a small fee, both private website and government website like An Illinois vehicle history report check may include a vehicle title search which will tell the buyer if the vehicle has a clean title and if there are any lien holders. The report might also have major accidents listed, how many previous owners there have been, recalls and known safety issues and all the features of the vehicle. Running an Illinois vehicle history reports will cost a few bucks but can save the buyer a lot of money down the road if there were any surprises such as a previous accident that may have potential safety issues with the vehicle.

Information Found on an Illinois Vehicle Title

  1. The Illinois vehicle’ owner’s name and address
  2. The year, the model and make of the vehicle
  3. The VIN and license plate number
  4. The date the vehicle was first sold
  5. The issuing date of the vehicle
  6. The release of liability form

Keep Your Illinois Vehicle Title Safe

Car Owner SearchAn Illinois vehicle title is a very important certified document that shows ownership of a vehicle. It’s best practice to keep a vehicle title in a safe at home or a safety deposit box so that it will not get lost or misplaced. A vehicle title should never be kept in the car, truck or SUV you own as someone will have all your personal information and can sign over the vehicle to themselves if they have direct access to the original copy of the title. It’s also important to have on hand if you ever want to sell your vehicle as it can be signed over directly to the buyer as as well as provide evidence that the vehicle actually belongs to you and not someone else. There is also a release of liability form and bill of sale feature attached to the Illinois vehicle title that is necessary when selling a vehicle. If for some reason you lose your vehicle title you can have the Illinois DMV send you a certified copy for a nominal fee but they will typically only mail it to the address listed on your vehicle registration for security reasons.

Nationwide Vehicle Title Search

Illinois Vehicle Title Search - Q&A

How do I get a copy of my Illinois vehicle title?

You can get a copy of an Illinois vehicle title by visiting the Illinois DMV website and downloading and filling out the form for a duplicate vehicle title and mailing in the form with the appropriate fee. Processing takes a few weeks and you'll receive your new title in the mail

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Responses to “Illinois Vehicle Title Check

  1. Dan C Weilbaker says:

    I have a Factory Five Kit Classic Cobra Car with a (non-car manufacturer) VIN of FFR1869K. Registered in the State of IL with Title #T0307345021 and Control # of D22365129 but it does not show up on any Title Search. What do I have to do to get a valid VIN? Thanks You .

    1. squarryadministrator says:

      Dan, you might want to contact the Illinois SOS – Department of Driver Services to inquire about your vintage cobra. Unfortunately we cannot lookup any Illinois vehicle related information with the IL car title number you provided. You can call them directly @ 312-793-1010

  2. Derek Santiago says:

    My question is I paid my 2010 charger off from a finance company! My title was supposed to be in Missouri where I purchased the car from what I was told. I live in Washington state now and went to a licensing place here. They informed me that it was in Illinois. So how can I take the steps of getting my title sent to me.


    BOUGHT A 2009 HONDA CIVIIC ( Hybrid ) from
    CARR’S HONDA ( now owned by LEADER AUTOMOTIVE ) in Chicago, which was financed with/via HONDA FINANCIAL
    & was never sent the “CERTIFICATE OF TITLE” when it was PAID IN FULL , sometime in 2016 or 2017
    HAVE ORDERED & PAID for a DUPLICATE COPY with IL SECRETARY OF STATE, but have NOT, yet received that copy, to date‼️ IT has been more than weeks, already, & nothing received

    1. squarryadministrator says:

      Johnathan, you will need to contact the Illinois SOS directly about your Honda car title status

  4. PATRICIA KEIM says:


  5. Zachary Greenwood says:

    Got a vehicle with no title last registered in different state than now located by a different owner who also didn\’t have title. Basic vin comes back clean and do have a bill of sale. how do I get a title?

    1. squarryadministrator says:

      Zachary, did you get a bill of sale from this purchase? That will be very important to have at least some evidence of your used car purchase in Illinois. Then you will want to reach out to the Illinois DMV directly to inquire about how to proceed with changing the Illinois car title over to your name. Their phone number is 815-933-1713 for your convenience

  6. Laqueisha says:

    Hey I was trying to see if I can get an track on my tittle , have it been mailed?

    1. squarryadministrator says:

      Laqueisha, you will need to contact the Illinois Motor Vehicle Department Directly to inquire about the status of your Illinois vehicle title check

  7. Sarah E. Jenkins Yates says:

    I am in possession of a “Small Estate Affidavit” completed form, (Notarized) by the estate owner of a vehicle (VIN # above)-Deaundra Lucas, for Walter Lucas (Deceased). I would like to know what is my next step in applying for a Car Tile on this vehicle.

    1. squarryadministrator says:

      Sarah, you will need to take this document into an Illinois Secretary of State Office – Motor Vehicle Department to complete the Illinois vehicle title transfer process

  8. William L Hogan says:

    I’m trying to find out, what’s wrong with a motor camper going up for sale. I have the VIN#, the drive shaft is laying on the floor of the camper. I just want to find out if its the transmission, or axle, or the universale joint thats bad. I don’t care which one it is. Thanks for letting me ask. My name is William (Bill) Hogan.

    1. squarryadministrator says:

      William, we are not sure how we can help. Our resources for an Illinois vehicle title check won’t be able to find that information for you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

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