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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

When to Run a Michigan Vehicle Title Search

Most people that run a Michigan vehicle title search are shopping for a used car, truck, motorcycle or SUV. A Michigan title search will let you know if the title is clean, salvaged or totaled. To begin a vehicle title search you will need the full 17 digits of the vehicle identification number, or the VIN number as some call it. Then you will want to find a reliable online resource, like SearchQuarry.com, to run a vehicle history report, which will also contain the MI vehicle title search you are interested in. This report will also give you the full run down on all the bells and whistles your vehicle was manufactured with. The VIN also contains a security number that verifies that your VIN belongs to the vehicle in question. Running this report is a must-do when purchasing a used car, truck, SUV or motorcycle in Michigan.

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Information in a Michigan Vehicle History Report

  1. Vehicle VIN information from the manufacturer
  2. Vehicle title information and if the vehicle title is clean
  3. Recalls and Known Safety Issues as reported by the NHTSA
  4. Some limited owner information such as how many previous owners
  5. Some reports include odometer readings and if the odometer is correct
  6. Some vehicle history reports will include reported accidents

Michigan Vehicle Title SearchOrdering Michigan Vehicle Title Information From the Michigan SOS

Obtaining vehicle title information from the Michigan SOS is always a reliable resource. There are a coupe of options to order Michigan vehicle title information from the Michigan SOS. First, you can sign up with the Record Lookup Account with the Michigan Secretary of State. Another option, if you don’t have an account or don’t want to sign up with an account, is to fill out the Michigan SOS Form BVDR-154. This form is a non-account individual record request form to lookup Michigan vehicle title information, driving record and vessel searches. You must have a valid reason as outlined in this form to lookup these types of records in the state of Michigan. Then you can either drop off the form at a MI SOS office or mail it in with the proper fee for a copy of the record you are interested in. Once the form is received and accepted then processing and mailing the relevant information back to you may take a few weeks.

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Responses to “Michigan Vehicle Title Search

  1. says:

    James, if this is your Cadillac that is registered and titled in Michigan under your name then you can easily request a duplicate copy of your Michigan car title by visiting the Michigan Department of State website and submitting this request online.

  2. says:

    trying to get a title for a cadillac 2010 srx in colorado

  3. says:

    Joseph, you will need to contact the Michigan motor vehicle department directly about your inquiry. They may have a precedence that you can follow to get your motorcycle titled in your name and have the bank’s name removed

  4. says:

    How do I clear a title on a 15 year old Motorcyle that shows a lien to a bank that went bankrupt and is not owed the money. The bike is plated in Michigan, but I want to plate it now at my new home state of Florida. I have been buying plates for years on my bike in Michigan and did not know it had the bank on title too.

  5. says:

    Arthur, do you have the 17 digit vehicle identification number for the Michigan car? If so you can run a vehicle history report to locate information about the history of the car and the status of it’s title

  6. says:

    How do I get a title to a car that was abandoned 10 years ago have the vin numbers and one vehicle the police can not find a number I am trying to dispose of vehicle and no one will take Owners have both deceased

  7. says:

    Gloria, that is not something we can weigh in on. You might want to have her reach out to the Michigan DMV directly about obtaining a clear Michigan car title. Their direct phone number is 888-767-6424

  8. says:

    My sister purchased a car approximately 7-8 years ago, she defaulted on the loan, it was supposed to be repossessed but never was, she still has the car. She was sued and has a judgement against her in Michigan and they take her state income tax return every year. Can she now obtain a clear title?

  9. says:

    My nam is wardell piper and I’m the brother of Sean Shelton who is now deceased. As the executor of his estate I would like receive a copy of his title. I will be in Michigan on march 1 thru the 3rd it it possible to make an appt to pick up a duplicate title then. I have registration and pertinent documents necessary to complete this process. the bin in question is 1C6SRFJT2KN665621 2019 DODGE RAM.

  10. says:

    We lost the title and would like to get a replacement via mail. Thank You.

  11. says:

    We have lost the title for this vehicle and would like to know how to get a replacement title. Thank you.

  12. says:

    Dean, that is unlikely to be able to obtain an original Michigan vehicle title. You can contact the Michigan SOS for more information

  13. says:

    Is there a way to get a title from when the car was built and first registered. Have the existing title of the t bucket and is good but looking for a way to get original of year it was built and registered.

  14. says:

    Tom to obtain a duplicate Michigan car title or Florida car title, you will need to contact the relevant DMV office and order one through them. There will be a nominal fee and a duplicate car title can be mailed to you within a few weeks

  15. says:

    I bought a car in Michigan in September 2019 where are used to have a residence
    and titled it in Florida where I have a residence. The auto dealer said that he would send me a title. I never received it. I am ready to trade this car but I cannot without a title. It is a JeepWrangler. Vin # is:
    1C4-HJXDGXKW-641768. I hope you can help me. Thank you. Unfortunately I no longer have proof of payment but only my Florida license plate: CVH2A.
    Single owner , 6500 mi. No liens.

  16. says:

    How to order a duplicate Michigan car title?

    1. Visit the Michigan SOS website
    2. Download Michigan SOS Form BVDR-154
    3. Mail in the form with proof of ID and payment
    4. Receive the duplicate Michigan car title in a few weeks

  17. says:

    My name is Beverly Richardson, registered owner of vehicle 1N4AA5AP3CC851809 2012 Black Maxima bought in Michigan. The vehicle was totaled, I lost the title, and need instructions on applying for a duplicate title.
    I will apply registered mail so that I can get it to Geico Insurance.

  18. says:

    Jason, you will want to contact the California DMV to inquire about how to transfer the title into your name since it’s an out of state purchase. There is most likely a precedence for your situation that they can offer you insights to managing this title transfer

  19. says:

    I just bought a scooter for from someone who bought it in Michigan and registered it when they moved us up to Las Vegas they lost the title he said he applied for duplicate but I would never was able to get one that they wouldn’t answer them how do I get the title and have it transferred into my name I’m in California.
    2020 maddog ice bear scooter.

  20. says:

    Paris, in order to obtain a duplicate Michigan car title you will need to contact the Michigan SOS – Motor Vehicle Department directly. You can go online and order a duplicate car title from them online for a nominal fee and you new car title will be mailed to you within a few weeks

  21. says:

    I need a new title I lost my title my vin is 2GNALCEK3F6334134 I was in an accident I need the title for the insurance company my name is Paris Le Monte Rowley,Sr 2540 Altoona st Flint,MI 48504 need it asap

  22. says:

    Renee, we do not have Michigan vehicle title information on vehicles that are older than 30 years. You will need to reach out to the Michigan SOS – Motor Vehicle Department directly. For your convenience their phone number is 231-922-5220. They will be able to better assist you with obtaining a duplicate Michigan vehicle title for your father’s vintage vehicle

  23. says:

    My father passed away in Detroit Michigan and left me a vehicle. I had the vehicle transported to the state where I reside. The vehicle is considered a “Historical” vehicle. No one knows where the title is. The state where I reside says I need a duplicate title from Michigan. How do I obtain it?

  24. says:

    Bruno, the answer is yes, you will need to change the Michigan car title into your name which should be fairly simple since you have all the documentation. You can contact the Michigan SOS motor vehicle department by phone to inquire about the logistics of changing the car title into your name without having to visit an office in person since Covid has shut down many government operations. Their phone number is 888-767-6424 for your convenience

  25. says:

    I have a car in Michigan, with full rights of survivorship. My brother passed away. Do I HAVE to change the title ,by law ,to my name. Since my brother passed, I am the rightful owner anyway.With Covid-19 I am going to have to wait forever anyway.

  26. says:

    Cory, unfortunately our Michigan title search only works for vehicles manufactured in the last 30 years that have a 17 digit VIN number

  27. says:

    Good morning I am looking for an old car my wife had as a child. It’s an old short VIN how can I run that report?


  28. says:

    Sandy, you can absolutely order a duplicate Michigan vehicle title from the Michigan SOS website. See below for more detailed instructions on how to proceed with ordering a duplicate Michigan car title

    How to order a duplicate Michigan car title

    Visit the Michigan SOS website and fill out the form to replace a lost or duplicate title form. You will need to provide your driver’s license number and current address and pay the $15 replacement fee. Once you submit the duplicate Michigan duplicate car title form, processing may take a few weeks and a duplicate car title will be mailed to you.

  29. says:

    Can you order a replacement LOST title on line?

  30. says:

    Ellen, you will first need to obtain a duplicate Florida vehicle title and then transfer the title over to your current address in Michigan. You can also try contacting the Michigan SOS directly about expediting this process through their services as long as the vehicle title was transferred into your name.

  31. says:

    We have misplaced the title to our 2010 1Chevy Terverse/. How do we get a duplicate copy of the title to this car which is now licensed in Florida but was purchased in Michigan in 2011?

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