Drivers License Points

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What Are Drivers License Points

Drivers license points, also often called demerit points, are used by most states to punish repeat traffic offenders. Driving record points can cause a number of problems, including higher insurance premiums and even the loss of your license. Below we will look at how driver’s license points work and what the consequences of them are. The DMV typically rates drivers license points in which a single traffic citation can result in a 1 to 4 points depending on the nature of the violation.

Drivers License Points

DMV Drivers License Points

Most, but not all, states utilize some form of driving records points. States that don’t currently have a DMV point system include Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Washington. Louisiana, Oregon, and Wyoming technically don’t have point systems either, but they participate in alternative programs that can see repeat traffic offenders subject to increased penalties. In the rest of the country each state has its own system whereby points are applied to your driving record for certain traffic offenses. If you accumulate enough points on your record then you could have your license suspended or revoked. Insurance companies will also often increase auto insurance premiums if a driver accumulates points

How Many Points Can You Get On Your Driving Record

The number of points you can get on your record often depends on the type of offense and where the offense occurred. The more serious the offense then the more points will be applied to your record. In New Hampshire, for example, failing to show a police officer your driver’s license will get you just two demerit points, but aggravated DWI will result in six demerit points. States also often assign extra points based on whether or not the violation led to an accident. In Texas, for example, drivers receive two points for a conviction, but three points if that conviction resulted in a crash.

Drivers License Points System

Each state has their own threshold for determining how many Drivers License Points it takes before you will lose your license. In Florida, if you accumulate 12 points within 12 months then you will lose your license for 30 days. Meanwhile, 18 points in 18 months will result in a three-month suspension and 24 points in 36 months will result in a one-year suspension.

Also, where the offense occurred may matter as well. Some states, such as Florida, use out-of-state convictions when assessing points, while other states do not. New York is a bit unusual in that it doesn’t consider convictions in other U.S. states when applying penalties, but it will use traffic convictions obtained in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. You should look up your DMV to find out how points are applied in your state.

DMV Point System

Point systems in most states are run by their respective Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent agencies) and not by the law enforcement agencies themselves. That’s an important distinction since it means that points and penalties are considered an administrative rather than a legal matter. As a result, your DMV can apply points to your record and suspend your license fairly easily and quickly without the need for a long trial. In some states, including Texas, if you get enough points then you will have to pay an annual surcharge to the DMV, which is on top of any increased premiums or fines you already paid for the conviction itself.

How Long Do Points Stay On Your Driving Record

Again, how long Drivers License Points stay on your record depends on which state issued your license. Generally, points will stay on your record for one to three years. In a handful of states, points are subtracted from your record if you go a certain period of time without another traffic violation. Some states will also let you take a driver education course to remove some of the points. You can check how many points are on your record by contacting your DMV or looking up your driving record through a third-party database, such as

Speeding, DUI, running a red light, and many other offenses can result in points being applied to your driving record. Those points can lead to higher insurance premiums, surcharges, and even a license suspension. That’s why you should check to make sure your driving record is accurate and do whatever you can to keep points from accumulating.

How can I find out how many driving record points I have?

You can find out how many driving record points you have by visiting your local DMV office and making a request to get a full driver's abstract. This will have your complete driving record and how many points you have on your record.

How many drivers license points before I lose my license?

In some states if you accumulate 4 points within a year you will lose your driving privileges. It will also depend on what state you live in as to how many points in a certain time frame you can accumulate before losing your driver's license.

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Responses to “Drivers License Points

  1. says:

    Troy, we are happy to check our driving records database to find out how many drivers license points you have. First, we’ll need your full name, including middle, as well as your state of residence and your age. We’ll let you know what we find. That being said, if you need an official copy of your driving record you will want to reach out to your local DMV directly as we cannot provide you with a certified copy of your driving record. We also have a multitude of other vehicle record resources such as VIN lookup tools and a reverse license plate search we offer in our member’s area.

  2. says:

    Need to know how many points I have

  3. says:

    Barbara, we do show traffic citations on your Idaho driving record however we don’t show how many driver’s license points you have. Your best option to find out exactly how many points are on your driving record is to contact the Idaho Driver Services and request a driving record abstract. Download the form and submit it online or via mail. You can also call the Idaho Driver services @ 208-334-8736 for more information about your driver’s license points

  4. says:

    I would like to find out how many points I have on my license I am 50 years old and live in idaho

  5. says:

    We’re happy to help you search your driver’s license points and what is still on your driving record. To continue, we’ll need to know your state of residence as each DMV monitors their own state wide driving records

  6. says:

    Mary, if you let us know what state you live in we can run a driving record search for you and find out how many driver’s license points you have

  7. says:

    I would like to know my points on my driving license?

  8. says:

    I would like to know if my points on my driver’s license have been taken off.

  9. says:

    Cassondre, we are uncertain what effective equipment means. That being said, a speeding ticket will typically stay on your driving record, meaning you will have a point on your driving record, for 3 years. This might vary depending on what state you live in. If it was considered a reckless driving ticket then it might stay on your record longer and you might have multiple driver license points on your driving record.

    How Long Do Speeding Tickets Stay on Your Record

    A Speeding Ticket will typically stay on your driving record for 3 years, depending on what state you live in. If the speeding ticket was considered reckless driving then you will have multiple driving record points and it can stay on your driving record for up to 10 years

  10. says:

    I got a ticket, speeding 80 in 70, it was reduced to effective equipment
    How long does that stay on your record?

  11. says:

    Debbie, we do show there are a multitude of traffic citations but not all are for the same Debbie Boland of Pennsylvania and we don’t have the ability to filter by license number. Can you also verify your middle name and we can let you know what traffic citations you have on your record.

    Common Reasons for Driving Record Points

    1. Speeding Citations
    2. Red Light Tickets
    3. No Seat Belt
    4. No Signaling
    5. Texting While Driving
    6. Not Stopping for Pedestrians
    7. Driving in the HOV Lane
    8. DUIs / DWIs

  12. says:

    I would like to know how many points I have against my license. Pa. license # xxxxxxx

  13. says:

    Ernest, we are happy to assist you with looking up your driver’s license points but we’ll need some additional information first. We will need your middle name as well as the state you live in. Another option is to contact your local DMV and request a driving record abstract or 10 year driving report, both of which will list your drivers license points.

  14. says:

    I would like to know how many points I have

  15. says:

    Drivers license points vary from state to state in what is allowed before your driver’s license is suspended. It also depends on the nature of the driving record points. For example, if you get a DUI in many states you automatically lose your driver’s license and need to get an SR22 in order to obtain a probationary driver’s license. There are many circumstances where you can have multiple points on your driving record for traffic citations and still keep your driver’s license. Another thing to note is that every 18 months you are eligible to take a driver safety course, or online traffic school, where you can have a point removed from your license.

    That all being said, we are happy to run a driving record report for you. We just need your full name and the state of your residency and your age to proceed

  16. says:

    would like to know if and how many point on my license how many are you aloud

  17. says:

    We can certainly assist you with a Driver’s License Point search , we will need your full name ( including middle name ) and state of residence. Then we can perform a driver’s license search for you. If you need to lookup of you driving record points for official purposes, such as; job applications, rental agreements, academic applications, security clearances, etc.. then you will want to reach out to your local DMV directly. They can offer you a certified copy of your driver abstract, including driving record points, that you can use for those official purposes.

  18. says:

    I would like to know how many points I have in my driving license.

  19. says:

    In order to lookup your driving records and determine how many driver license points you have on your record, we will need your full name and state of residence to perform a drivers license points search for you

  20. says:

    How many points on my license

  21. says:

    We can certainly assist you with looking up driving record points and citations on your driver record but we’ll need your full name, age and state of residence to continue

  22. says:

    Check my points on license

  23. says:

    We are happy to assist you with looking up your Driver’s License Points and obtaining a copy of your driving record but we will need more information to proceed. Can you provide us with your full name, middle name as well, your age and state of residence, and we can perform a Drivers License Point Search for you.

  24. says:

    Cling points on drivers license

  25. says:

    In order to obtain a copy of your driver’s license you will need to contact the relevant DMV in the state in which you were issued your original drivers license. We do not have a direct affiliation with the Department of Motor Vehicles so you will need to reach out to them directly and inquire about having a duplicate driver’s license mailed to you.

    How to Get a Duplicate Driver’s License

    1. Visit your local DMV office
    2. Fill out a Driver’s License Application
    3. Show proof of your ID and SSN
    4. Pay the fee for the duplicate license
    5. Processing by mail may take several weeks

  26. says:

    Hi ‎
    This is Alattas, Majda from Saudi Arabia. We are now allowed to drive in our country at last. I just have ‎question if you can please issue for me my expired driver lichens. The reason why I am asking this is to ‎facilitate the process of getting driver license here by submitting the expired one and unfortunately I ‎discard mine long time ago. So can you please email me copy and is it possible to have hardcopy as well ‎by mail
    This is some information might help to retrieve my license ‎

    Columbus, GA ‎

    Thank you and waiting for your answer ‎

  27. says:

    We can certainly assist you with a driving record search and help you to find out how many points you might have on your driver record. We will need your full name, age and state of residence to proceed. In order to get points off your driver’s license record you will want to take a traffic school course. Depending on the state, you can typically have one point removed every 18 months by taking a driver safety course, also known as Traffic School. The good news is you can do this online and it’s definitely worth it, it can help to make you a safer driver and you can save a bunch on your car insurance.

    Click Here To Take Traffic School Online

  28. says:

    I want to know how much point I have in my driving license. And when I m going to get my points back

  29. says:

    It sounds like your case has a special circumstance and you can fight your traffic citation in traffic court in order to avoid those extra driver’s license points. Your best bet would be to document as much information as you can, provide evidence of the day’s weather and road conditions via or your local news station. Then when you have a chance to appeal the traffic citation you might have a chance to have the citation removed or reduced. 3 points on your drivers license record is a lot so it might be worth fighting these charges.

    That being said, if you do not win this case in traffic court then you might also have the chance to have a point removed from your driving record by attending an online traffic school.

    How To Fight a Traffic Ticket

    1. Show up to court and do not plead guilty
    2. Make sure you wear professional attire
    3. Address the court with professionalism and courtesy
    4. Set a new court date to fight your traffic ticket
    5. Show up for your court date and plead your case

  30. says:

    i slid on ice through a stop sign and ended up in the middle of the intersection and i also got 3 points. ridiculous.

  31. says:

    You will want to contact the DMV directly about this. We were giving you a general example of what we’ve found to be true about driving record points.

  32. says:

    When & how will they put the 2 points on my traffic record, will they send a notice to me to come into the DMV?
    How long do the points stay there?

  33. says:

    Typically with 2 points on your driver’s license record you will notice an increase in your auto insurance rates. That being said, most auto insurance companies will allow your to have one point on your record without increasing your rates. This means that you can attend a Driver Safety course ( i.e. Traffic School ) and have a point removed from your record. This should result in you maintaining your good driver status and you should be able to keep your auto insurance rates low.

  34. says:

    On 12/1/17 I was issued a citation from the Burbank Police Dept. for an exhibition of speed , which is a misdeamenor! I just went to court today in Burbank & they reduced it to an infraction with 2 points & a $500.00 fine with all the court costs. By the way, I have a clean record & am 73 years old!
    1) How does this affect my drivers license & when & how will they put the 2 points on?
    2) What will these 2 points do concerning my insurance?
    3) How long will they be on my driver license?
    4) Anything else that I need to know?

  35. says:

    If you were not issued a citation then there will not be any points added to your driving record. This means that you shouldn’t encounter any issues as long as the hiring criteria is that you were not in any accidents.

  36. says:


  37. says:

    Typically drivers license points are added to your driving record any time you receive a traffic citation. Your best bet would be to go to a driving traffic school to remove a driver’s license point from your record. You can go to traffic school every 18 months in many states.

  38. says:

    I had my license suspended for 6 months due to a super speeding ticket in Georgia. I am supposed to get my license back next week, but I got pulled over today for going 14 mph over the speed limit. I am 20(almost 21) years old. Would this result in my suspension again? According to the point system, points are only assigned when the speed limit is 15 and over.

  39. says:

    If there is a discrepancy with your driving record and your driver’s license points you will need to contact the DMV directly to clear this up

  40. says:

    I have 2 points ..2016..check yestarday 2/15/18 my licence record and this points still there.dmv supposed take out..

  41. says:

    It sounds like you will need to contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle to resolve this. Unfortunately we do not have an affiliation with any state or federal government agency. Since the FLHSMV is a state run agency you will need to resolve this with them directly. It’s possible there are some 3rd party services that can go to the FLHSMV in your stead but we do not know of any off hand.

  42. says:

    I have a class A CDL license in 2014 I received a ticket in North Carolina for failure to maintain Lane zero points in North Carolina..
    In 2015 I got a speeding ticket in Indiana 0 points access to my license in Indiana
    In 2015 I got a ticket in Illinois following too closely one point
    However during this time I was license out of the state of Florida for each of these tickets they gave me three points total of 9 when I contact Florida in reference to do something about getting them off or reduced they say they cannot discuss my personal Motor Vehicle Record on the phone or online I would have to do it in person I live a thousand miles away in Virginia any suggestions who I can contact in Florida that can help me resolve this issue it is messing up me getting another truck driving job

  43. says:

    You will have to contact the DMV directly about the points on your driving record. Unfortunately we don’t have a direct affiliation with the Motor Vehicle Department so you will need to contact them directly to resolve the Driver’s License Points on your driving record.

  44. says:

    I have a class a License with tanker endorsement,I have been driving company truck for 10 months,Not one accident,My Creep of a boss put my name on insurance,And fired me because he said his insurance went from $3000 to.$8000 ,In my personel,A car ran into me the cop said it was my fault,But this was in 2014, question(IS THIS ACCURATE TO HOLD THIS POINT,IF I STILL HAVE ON LICENSE PREVENTING ME FROM GETTING A GOOD DRIVING JOB,I’ve been driving trucks since 2000 ! AND NEVER HAD ACCIDENT IN TRUCKS MY ENTIRE TIME TO PRESENT 12-9-2017 ??? IS BOSS LIEING AS HE SOMTIMES DOES ?

  45. says:

    That is very unfortunate. How can we assist you with your driver’s license record? Would you like us to verify your driver license points or perhaps assist you with a driver abstract?

  46. says:

    This is ridiculous i made a partial stop at a stop sign it was clear to go and i was on my way to the hospital this was an emergency and i got three points this system is ridiculous

  47. says:

    How Many Driving Points Do I Have?

    In order to find out how many active driver license points you have you will want to contact the DMV directly. Some of the traffic citations and driving violations you receive have different point values and many times they drop off your record without it being reflected in your driving abstract. This is also important since auto insurance companies run a CLUE Report to determine what you insurance rate and premiums will be.

  48. says:

    I would like to know how many points l have please?

  49. says:

    Cking my points on my driver’s license

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