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Idaho Driving Records Search

Idaho keeps a record on every driver that they issue a license to. This record contains information about the driver’s past violations, offenses, and other important information. Driving records can be used for different purpose.

Individuals may want to obtain a copy of their driving record to verify all the information on it is correct. When you are applying for a job that requires commercial driving, a potential employer will obtain a copy of your record to see your driving history. Insurance companies regularly obtain driving records to decide on a premium to charge their customers. There are many reasons your driving record could be of use, however, there are restrictions on who may obtain your record.

What’s On My Idaho Driving Records?

Your Idaho driving record is a full history of your previous accidents, convictions, violations, license suspensions, revocations, deferred prosecutions, failures to appear notices, and any actions taken by the Idaho DMV against you. These are formally referred to as the Abstract of Driving Record or ADR.

In addition, each driving record will contain your personal information for identification purposes. Your personal information is considered private and includes your photograph, full legal name, address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number and physical appearance traits.

Who Can Access My Idaho Driving Records?

There are parts of a driving record that are considered private and others that are considered public. Public information includes past offenses, accidents, and points, but omits any personal information for the driver. Some examples of personal information include full name, address, and phone number.

All public information can be obtained by anyone who pays for the record. Complete driving records with both private and public information have restrictions to who is able to access them. Every driver is legally allowed access to their own driving record. Any driver may give written consent for another business or individual to access their driving record. The Drivers Privacy Protection Act outlines entities that may access anyone’s driving record without consent.

Idaho Driving Records Copy

You can obtain your driving record via three routes. You can stop by any of your local Idaho state DMVs and receive a copy of your record. You can mail in a request form that is available at the Idaho Transportation Department’s website. Lastly, you can get quick access to your record online at the Idaho Transportation Department Website. You will just need to fill in the requested information and provide a credit card for payment. Certified records are not available online.

In any of these scenarios, you will need to supply your name, driver’s license number, payment, and date of birth. Non-certified records cost $4, while certified records cost $8. Certified records are required for use as legal evidence in court and many other entities will require any record submissions to be certified.

Idaho Driving Records

Can I lookup my Idaho driving records online?

Yes, it's very easy to lookup your Idaho driving records online. You can visit the Idaho Transportation Department Driver Services website and make a request to view your driving records online. Another option is to use the resources of an online public records site to search Idaho driving records anonymously.

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