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Our Free Nationwide DMV Finder is easy to use and no signup is necessary. DMV or Deparment of Motor Vehicles may have different names depending on what state you’re looking in. Simply select the state, and then the city or county you live in and we’ll show you all the relevant DMV information. Our DMV finder will list the address, phone numbers and websites so that you can find and locate the information you’re looking for in one simple step.

Our Free DMV Finder Tool is mobile friendly so it will work seamlessly on any device. You can also use this tool on our free app available at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box )

DMV Tips

It is recommended that if you have to physically go into a DMV that you first make an appointment online or via phone. This way you won’t have to wait in the long lines and you can save yourself the frustration.

If you need to download DMV forms to submit online or via the mail then try our DMV Driver Request Forms tool. By downloading the appropriate driver related forms you might be able to accomplish what you need to do without standing in line at the DMV.

Additional DMV Finder Information

The DMV or Departnmet of Motor Vehicles, is a state run agency.  The primary function for the DMV is driver licensing, vehicle titles and registration. DMV is the most common acronym for this agency however many states have a different name for the DMV such as; Division of Motor Vehicles, Office of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, etc..  Hawaii is the exception where local governments, not the state government, handles driver licensing and vehicle registration. In Canada this is handled at the provincial level. ( see the Wikipedia DMV Page for more info about different DMV agencies )

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