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A driving record is a unique storage of information about an individual’s driving history. It is also called a driver abstract, motor vehicle report and a driver’s license check. It can affect your ability to get hired and the price you pay for car insurance.

Obtaining Arkansas Driving Records

Getting a copy of your individual driving record can be done in a few different ways. You can order your record online, have it mailed to your home address, or pick it up at the Arkansas Revenue Office or the Little Rock Driving Records Office.

There are two different options for the length of record you can obtain. The first is an insurance record, which covers the previous three-year period leading up to the date you requested the record. The second is an employment or commercial driver record, which contains information that dates further back than three years.

Arkansas Driving Records Cost

You can obtain your Arkansas driving record through the online system at the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) website. For an insurance record of three years, it will cost you $10. For a more in-depth commercial driver or employment record, it will cost you $13.

If you decide to have the record mailed to you or you personally pick it up at one of the locations listed above, the prices will be cheaper than online. In these instances, an insurance record is $7 and an employment or commercial driver’s record is $10.

Who Can Obtain Arkansas Driving Records

According to the Arkansas SC 27-50-901, all Arkansas driving records are considered confidential. The only way an employer, insurance company, or anyone else can access your driving record is by explicit consent.

This explicit consent must be in the form of a release. The release form must be dated and signed by the driver. In addition, it must contain the driver’s name, their license number, and their date of birth.

Any release that doesn’t contain all of this information will not be valid. All forms which do have this information are valid for up to 5 years from the date of signing, unless a written withdrawal is received by the Arkansas Government.

What’s On My Arkansas Driving Record

A driving record contains personal information, information associated with license details, points, and past convictions.

Personal Information

All Arkansas driving records will contain personal information. This is to identify the individual the record is for. The personal information includes the driver’s full name, address, date of birth, gender, and personal appearance.

Driver License Details

Each record will contain the individual’s driving license number, the type, class, restrictions, endorsements, issue date, and expiration date. In addition, the status of a person’s license is found on the driving record. These statuses include valid, suspended, revoked, or canceled.

Driving Record Points

A driving record will specifically state the number of points the driver has accumulated at the current time the record was requested.

Conviction Details

If the Arkansas driver was convicted of any offenses in the past, meaning the time frame the record covers, these will be printed on the form. These will include the date, citation number, conviction date, offense type, and violation code.

Having a health driving record is imperative to securing a low car insurance rate and obtaining employment that requires driving. If you’re unsure what your driving record has to say, be sure to hop online and order your record today.

Arkansas Driving Records

How can I get a copy of my Arkansas driving record for a job?

To obtain a copy of your Arkansas driving record for a job you will need to either visit an Arkansas DFA office in person or make a request online at the Arkansas DFA website. You will need to fill our the form for a driver history report, show your driver's license and pay the nominal fee.

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    How do I get my Arkansas driver’s license back?

    There are a few factors to consider when trying to get your Arkansas driver’s license back after a suspension, a DUI or some other incident that cause the suspension of the AK driver’s license. To get your Arkansas driver’s license back you will need to contact the Arkansas DFA directly to find out what fines, fees and requirements are need to be fulfilled before you can get your Arkansas driving license back. You can visit an office in person or call them directly @ 501-371-5581 for more information on your Arkansas driver’s license status

  2. Johnny Lee Harris Sr. says:

    I live in Indiana trying to get my driving license back

  3. Ashley Claudette Moore says:

    This is great knowledge! I’ve been wanting & needing my own driving record for 10yrs or longer.

  4. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to obtain an Arkansas driving record for a job you will want to reach out to the Arkansas DFA directly to obtain a copy of you driving record that can be used for employment. You will want the full Arkansas driver history which will cost around $10. You will need to contact the Arkansas DFA in person, or online or by mail to obtain a copy.

  5. Larry Chamness says:

    How can I order a copy of my driving record for a job?

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have an affiliation to the Arkansas DMV and cannot complete your request. Was there a specific Arkansas driving record or driver abstract we can assist you with?

  7. Carl C Brown says:

    I Carl C.Brown am requesting my drivers licences details to be faxed to the DMV of Mankato MN,56001. Dln.903800750, ssn.36168

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