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Arkansas DFA – Motor Vehicle Department

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, commonly known as the Arkansas DFA, is a government entity that handles aspects of many different areas that are part of the lives of citizens and business owners in the state. These range from tax-related issues to child support payments and employment interests. However, most people in Arkansas are going to visit an Arkansas DFA office in person or online to obtain motor vehicle and driver services records.

Not sure what the Arkansas DFA can help you with? Use this guide to learn more about the Arkansas DFA and how they can be of service to you.

Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)

For business owners involved in the sale of new vehicles, the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is an important entity that you need to be aware of. In the state of Arkansas, you’ll need to be registered with the MVC to do business. Supported by Arkansas license fees assigned to auto sellers, the goal of the MVC is to:

  • Prevent unfair and discriminatory practices related to auto sales in the state
  • Promote competition and healthy business practices
  • Keep monopolies from forming
  • Promote public safety and general welfare amongst the car-buying population

The Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission is a separate entity outside of the Arkansas DFA. Offices for the MVC can be found in Little Rock, Arkansas. Average citizens do not need to visit the Arkansas MVC unless filing a complaint against an auto seller.

What Is Included In Arkansas Driving Records

Your Arkansas driving record is a literal record of anything you’ve done as a driver, including licensing dates, getting traffic tickets and more. Reports related to accidents and incidents like DUI are part of your driving record as well.

Traffic ticket and accident information are the most common reasons people get their driver’s record, but being able to compare auto insurance rates may be easier if you have your record in front of you as well. You can even obtain dates related to traffic school and paid fines this way.

In the state of Arkansas, driving records are confidential and can’t be released unless a certain process is followed. This includes providing information to prove your identity and paying associated fees. Here’s how you can get yours.

How to Get a Copy of Your Arkansas Driver Record

Arkansas Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in the state of Arkansas takes place through the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, which is a specific branch of the Arkansas DFA. Through the DMV, you can register a new vehicle or maintain current registration on a car you already own. Here’s how you can register your car in the state of Arkansas:

  • Go to the Arkansas DMV website. You can fill out an application and pay fees related to your vehicle online.
  • Visit an Arkansas DMV office in person. In some cases, this may be faster if you need to register a new car or straighten out registration issues on a current vehicle. You can find a location near you online.

Arkansas Driver’s License Renewal

Renewing your driver’s license is typically a simple process if you don’t have any issues like traffic tickets to clear up. In general, the best way to renew your driver’s license is to send back the paperwork mailed to you or follow the instructions provided for online renewal. Included codes and numbers will make the process easier.

However, if you do not have this paperwork, you can renew your driver’s license by visiting a local Revenue Office in the state of Arkansas. Here’s a list to help you find one that’s convenient to you. Note that not all locations provide driver’s license renewal services, so it’s best to call ahead if you’re unsure what a specific office provides.

Arkansas Vehicle Title Transfer

Transferring a title in Arkansas is a special procedure that requires an in-person visit. However, there are some things you can do online to make the process faster. Here’s how to transfer a title in the state:

  • Complete form 10-315 and form 10-313. You can obtain these and other related forms from state DMV websites.
  • Bring your completed forms to an Arkansas DMV office.
  • Pay the associated fees. Penalty fees may be tacked on if you don’t complete this process within 30 days.

Arkansas DFAArkansas DFA Online Services

The Arkansas DFA provides a wide range of services not listed above online. For many drivers in the state, online services are the fastest, easiest way to handle vehicle-related business without making an in-person appointment or waiting in long lines.

Arkansas DFA Services Include

  • Vehicle tag renewal.
  • Access to car and boat related forms.
  • Motor boat registration.
  • Information regarding specialty plates and placards.
  • Driver exam information and study guides.

Getting your driving records, registering your vehicle, renewing your license and more are all fairly simple procedures in the state of Arkansas. While you may need to visit an office in person for certain processes, more and more things can be done online today. In general, this is the fastest route if it is available to you.

While going through a government agency is often best for finding records and information, it’s important to remember that third-party sites are available as well. Sites like SearchQuarry can help you obtain information even if you still seek out official documents from the correct government entity down the road.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it online through the Arkansas DFA, at an in-person office or through a third-party provider.

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